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State your job title and everybody, including oneself, will have a mental image of what this means. It is a convenient sound-byte. Retiree even exists.

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The man should help her fin financially for a settling period of no more than two years. Tom Sightings runs the site. Sound advice. You are not pardoning or excusing what happened. Sets of these is fast succession will work the heart and the vascular harder than running because blood needs to be supplied to the entire body, not just the legs.

My father suggested rentier , which is pretty descriptive although I would put it in other and more flattering terms than the wiki-page, but I doubt many people know what the term means. Maybe I should just use capitalist. Problem solved: It is a job. Perceived standard of living Show me one person who is excited about extreme early retirement and I will show you five that thinks it is all about sacrifice and making your own toilet paper, something which they are not particularly excited about and even fairly judgmental about.

To avoid this it is prudent to pick up something which is highly visible and desirable to Joe Average. Traveling is a sure hit.

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An alternative belief is that as long as one can support oneself, that is good enough: This is the individualistic approach. Game theory is the mathematical description of the structure of strategic decisions when the choices of two agents directly influence the other. Much work has been dedicated towards finding optimal strategies; in fact much military and political strategy is built on mathematical foundations, but it also governs economic decisions.

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The simplest way to describe a game is by using a payoff matrix. Suppose player 1 has strategies A and B and player two has strategies C and D. Here is the payoff matrix. What is the optimal strategy? It turns out that the optimal strategy for the individual is to rat on your partner. Ratting on your partner is a so-called Nash equilibrium after John Nash who was portrayed in the movie A Beautiful Mind. In other words it is the choice of strategy where the payout of the individual can not be improved by changing strategy. In the case of the prisoner, since 0 years is better than 3 years and 5 years is better than 10 years, a prisoner can not improve his position by keeping quiet.

This is an interesting case where the global optimum will not be chosen. This is what makes it a dilemma. People with too much sparetime can now make a game theoretic model of whether for two hostile nations it is in the best interest to for a non-nuclear nation to pursue a nuclear program given the idea of a Nash equilibrium answer: it is.

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Now, bripblap asked if the same holds in terms of wealth. Price is the objective measure of at which a trade took place. If I traded 10 hogs for 10 cows, the price of 10 hogs is 10 cows and vice a versa.

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Value is wholly subjective. The person I am trading with believes the opposite. Drawing a payoff diagram in terms of value shows that the optimal strategy in a free market is to only accept a trade when I believe that I am receiving more value wealth than I am delivering. The trade does not take place unless both counter-parties think the same. Hence, value is always created.

Wait, what did you say irrelationship protects us from?

That is the beauty of a free market system. Conversely, if the trade was coerced taxation , at least one party would think he is getting less value than he is receiving. This can lead to zero-sum or even negative-sum games. So why do we do this? The reason is that payoff is not strictly linear. Most humans, for empathetic reasons believe that a situation where a majority of people are slightly discomforted is optimal if it means that one person avoids severe pain disutility.

In other words, when it comes to extreme hardship, the needs of the one outweighs the needs of the many. Although a rational person would base decisions on all available information at the time of the trade, few people are rational.

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Hence people will often choose suboptimal strategies. This, as well, can lead to zero or negative sum games. This does, however, not necessarily mean that the other person gets more value, but it is often so. Includes example budgets. Paperback on amazon Kindle version. Why so few succeed My list of financial freedom books A startup curriculum for finance, economics, and investing My 4 hour work week How little do you need to retire?

Cash flow diagrams for the poor, the middle class, and the investor class Stranger in a strange land The minimalist kitchen Myths and the future How to live out of a suitcase. Buy the paperback from amazon. Free on kindle unlimited. Mann Bamboo Fiber Tableware. Sada Steam Autoclave for Hospital Sterilization. Early Retirement Extreme — a combination of simple living, anticonsumerism, DIY ethics, self-reliance, resilience, and applied capitalism.

Getting in shape without paying a dime Published on June 30th, Posted by Jacob in fitness , frugal. The three biggest challenges following extreme early retirement Published on June 30th, Posted by Jacob in Early Retirement. Originally posted Zero-sum games Published on June 29th, It was just a dull thud. Maybe that was the worst part. Irrelationship is a chronic two-person defensive enactment of a delicate oscillation between enmeshment and distance.

It may be seen as a demonstration of how attachment trauma may make itself felt over the lifespan. After four years of marriage, they were both feeling indifferent and devalued. Absence of passion may not be remarked upon, but it is certainly felt. But relational analyst Stephen Mitchell challenges this view with his observation that.

T he fading of romance over time may have less to do with the inevitable undercutting of idealization by reality and familiarity than with the increasing danger of allowing oneself episodic, passionate idealization in a relationship that one depends on for security and predictability. Intense excitement about another is a dangerous business pp. This is why lack of passion is a key characteristic of irrelationship. Worse, because attention to the other by definition takes precedence over attention of any other kind, irrelationship routines prevent self-knowledge.

As Mitchell says,. Sustaining desire for something important from someone important is the central danger of emotional life… Desire for someone unknown and unobtainable operates as a defense against desire for someone known and obtainable, therefore capable of being lost. But Will may have been starting to get it when he remarked on his surprise that he and Kimberly fell apart with a thud rather than an explosion.

Irrelationship is a jointly created unconscious defense system that enables two or more persons to protect themselves from awareness of the anxiety that surfaces as they become close to one another. Irrelationship provides a hiding place from the vulnerability driving this anxiety — specifically, from empathy, intimacy, emotional risk and emotional investment. Irrelationship is often seen in people drawn to one another romantically, but can as easily affect friendships, the workplace, and even international relations. Irrelationship: Using Dysfunctional Relationships to Hide from Intimacy explores how disquiet in early childhood relationships with caregivers teaches us to distance ourselves from those close to us even as adults.

Case histories illustrate how people trapped in irrelationship learned tools for building satisfying connection with others. Subscribe and get a free book excerpt!

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