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German prize for wood buildings The winners of the World Habitat Awards. By Deborah Rae Cota. By John Mccrary. By Alexis Donkin. By Mark Lay. By Frank Lee Jackson. By Dalton Chad Everett. By George Monroe. By Nalo Hopkinson. By Jack London. By Claudia Geib. By Lloyd Jones. By Ben Inglis. By Chuck Hoyle. By Frank Richard Stockton. Lamar Kilgore. By David Jon Peckinpaugh. By George Evans. By Diane Meholick. By Buffy. By Roland Kessler. By Richard J.

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By Theodore Roszak. By Greg Turner. By Caren Rubin-brown. By Harry A. By John Vigna. By Edward Lee. By Quinn Dalton. Landmark Update: We are still fighting at the grassroots level and need your support! Home Books Fiction. Items Per Page: 15 30 60 Year Newest Pub.

Items - of Check box to include out-of-stock items. View: Grid List. This sampler pack brings together three stories by Hugo and Nebula nominee Nancy Fulda. An ancient prophecy foretells that Kitjaya will protect her kin from a malevolent destroyer, but as the day of reckoning approaches, she finds herself unwilling to play out the role demanded of her. Sacia's struggle to smooth the conflict between man and machine revisits questions initially posed by Asimov and Clarke, and casts the HAL story in an intriguing new light.

As the sole remaining bearer of the Gift of Perception, the task of unraveling this mystery falls to young Aesva. But she is uncertain; inexperienced; and the woman most able to assist her has already died. Breath of Magik By W. In , Jamie Fraser is asked by the governor to help protect the colonies for King and Crown, but thanks to his time-traveling, twentieth-century wife, Claire, Jamie is aware of the ultimate result of the American Revolution. One pursues technological advances while the other genetically enhances the power of the mind.

The technologists enslave the mentally superior pacifists and alter them into a perpetuating workforce. Time passes and production continues until a minor mechanical malfunction sets the stage for the Awakening. The Brethren By H. Brian Nine By Craig L. Despite his social awkwardness, Brian forms an unlikely friendship with Will Star, a charismatic, popular and fearless athletic dynamo battling his own demons and living on the edge.

The boys discover an Earthlike planet inhabited by the Chimera, a technically advanced race that has already enslaved the people of two worlds and which has their sights set on Earth. When Will joins the rebels, Brian must choose between retreating to the security of his ship or joining Will and giving the rebels their only real chance of toppling the Chimera, and thereby protecting Earth.

It is said that only death comes to those who brave the mysterious depths of The Darkwood!

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Brianna has escaped the clutches of her cloud pirate captors, but now she wanders , lost and alone, through the deadly domain of the dreaded Darkwood forest. Surviving the forest is not her only problem. The armies of the sinister Silent King still search for her and the warlocks of the Black Circle pursue her every step!

To escape their clutches she must overcome the perils of The Darkwood! The third book in the Legends of Midralon saga, this novel follows the adventures of Brianna and her quest to be reunited with her family. The Brickweavers By J. Thujwa is a desert city, built from clay and mud, surrounded by walls, secretive, thirsty, and desirous of wealth. But it is also a place of cool breezes, improbably tall towers, plentiful water, bountiful farmland, and vehicles that traverse great distances in a few hundred heartbeats. That is because the Thujwani long ago discovered the secrets of brickweaving: the laying of bricks in special patterns that manipulate the forces of magnetism and gravity.

They have used this knowledge to gouge a world of comfort out of the desert, and to enslave others. Jeppo is a brickweaver but a social pariah who rejected status for love. Nonetheless, Thujwa's highest holy man chooses him to complete a cryptic mission outside the city walls. Joining him will be his new apprentice, a hapless youth named Kulkulla who had washed out in the other guilds. What they find on their trek will only be the first of many discoveries, including the secret of Thujwa's founding, the origin of brickweaving, the nature of the mud-clothed people who speak in a clicking language, and, ultimately, the parts the two of them will play in a centuries-old struggle against injustice.

Number Ten Ox brings Master Li Kao back to his village of Ku-fu to find the cure for a mysterious sleeping plague that has struck the villagers' children.

After his sister, Glorianna Belladonna, is threatened by wizards, Lee sacrifices himself by becoming an asylum inmate in the city of Vision in this follow-up to the New York Times best-selling Belladonna. The Bridge of Light By A. But Tom soon discovers that his safe haven is the portal of a tunnel through time.

At one end is the present. At the other end--New York City, His journey back to the early s seems to offer him the chance to start over in a simpler, safer world. But he finds that the tunnel holds a danger far greater than anything he left behind: a human killing machine escaped from a bleak and brutal future, who will do anything to protect the secret passage that he thought was his alone.

To preserve his worlds, past and present, Tom Winter must face the terrors of an unknown world to come. The Bridge to Nowhere By H. He was an old man, who in a state of an un-dead, has lived for centuries. He had no eyeballs in his sockets, was completely deaf, and unable to talk. He was feared and reviled by all in the village. Yet, in order to escape from the eternal state of the un-dead, he had to befriend two little boys, gain their trust and love, and persuade them to cross with him, in a violent storm, the Bridge To Nowhere.

Bridgetown tales is collection of Australian country family stories told down through the generations about all the events - funny, sad, and at times loving - in the lives of family members from the early pioneers to the present, including relations with the Aborigines, life in the depression and humorous stories about cattle, sheep, kangaroos and parrots and about the strange things that can happen in the bush. In these stories, Dianne Nelson illuminates that vast territory of pleasure and pain created within modern families.

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Whether it is a father trying to kidnap his young son from his estranged ex-wife or a woman celebrating her ability to produce babies without any help from men, Nelson's characters reveal the dark, haunting and sometimes comic dilemmas of kinship. In the title story, seventeen-year-old April is an involuntary witness to the seemingly endless parade of lovers who frequent her mother's bed.

Opening a book and trying to find her peace in "facts, dates, the pure honesty of numbers," April is overwhelmed finally by the sounds of lovemaking from the adjoining room. The issue at hand is the fate of Franklin, their husband and father, who lies in bed in a near comatose state, oblivious to the nurturings or pleadings of either woman. The past, with its countless repercussion on the present, tugs relentlessly at many of the characters. In "Chocolate," the lingering pain of an impoverished childhood plagues Janice; she recalls, in particular, the birthday and Christmas celebrations, the meager gifts wrapped in the same brown twine that was used to hold the door shut.

Hillary, the narrator of "Dixon," is spurred into action by the memory of her dead brother. When a local barfly with "silt for brains" persists in telling outlandish lies about Dixon, Hillary takes up karate training with an eye to defending her brother's name the truth of what she knew him to be. Dee, in "Paperweight," can pinpoint the exact moment at which she came to think of the body as an earthbound trap, "a hopeless house with the doors all locked"; she traces it back to a grade-school theatrical performance and a classmate's luckless efforts to open the cumbersome stage curtains.

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Louis to the rain-soaked streets of San Francisco, from a boisterous family reunion beneath the broad Kansas sky to a ranch in Utah where a young father dreams of becoming a movie star, these fifteen stories show men and women pondering--and often struggling against--the mysteries of their own circumstances, especially the bonds of flesh and blood. How many ways are there to leave a lover? The answer is surely far, far fewer than there are ways to recover. Like most lovers left, Tanya Thistleton's characters refuse the victims cloak, accept the travails of change and in the end find salvation.

Some, just some, even sup on cold revenge. There are other vignette pieces here too, of the lawyer and virginity and , of course, a dragon. Bright Night of the Werewolf By E.

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Lavan Firestorm, a young man with extraordinary powers, must be controlled and trained if he is to help his people beat back an attack by a dangerous enemy. Bringer Of Storms By L. As Aljeron plans the final battle between Shalin Bel and Fel Edorath, Rulalin must make a horrible choice, while Queen Wylla is forced to accept that it is Allfather's will for her son Benjiah to face the ancient enemy of Kirthanin, Malek.

It's the "American Way". That's why the powers that be invented sitcoms. Night in and night out, they zap all your employment frustration with their mighty cathode ray of crap. Some of us, however, retreat into the rarely unexplored world of wonder known as "our own imaginations. Or journal. Or both. It is, in all reality, a short story collection, mixing works of pure fiction with transcribed streams of consciousness - streams spilled into his tape recorder while working the night shift at The Brink Hotel. Thompson were he to have opted for sobriety in his youth , mixed with the anti-establishment anger of Black Flag-era Henry Rollins.

Corruption in high government offices threatens to block the election of a worthy presidential candidate as Joshua Jordan and his family fight seemingly impossible odds to clear his name and protect the autonomy of the nation of Israel.

Britannia By Eugene R. A social outcast and street person at the age of 17, Elise Fontaine followed her dreams and never looked back. Talented in way she had yet to discover, she took what life offered her with emotional maturity and determination.

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Her code of ethics kept her helping others. Her passion about her work made her some enemies but many more friends. Her creative genius gave rise to accusations of sabotage and accolades from the powers that be. What more could a young woman ask of life? Ahh, that's the rub. She wanted someone to love her for herself, and endured both kidnapping and heartbreak in the attempt to find that man.

Va'del has saved his people for the second time in as many months. This time he's determined to take what is rightfully his and marry Jain, but not everyone is happy with his accomplishments. Old enemies are preparing to see to it that Va'del and Jain never return home. The coming treachery will do more than threaten Va'del and Jain's lives. It will test their devotion to each other and start them down a path that could lead to the overthrow of an entire civilization.

Ruling the land of Fenario with the aid of a goddess, a wizard, an enigmatic talking stallion, and a very hungry dragon, the four brothers of the Brokedown Palace--King Laszlo, Prince Andor, Prince Vilmos, and Prince Miklos--face a devastating threat that looms over their kingdom. Unsettled by her pregnancy, werewolf Elena Michaels is given the task of retrieving a stolen letter allegedly written by Jack the Ripper, but she soon discovers that the letter contains a portal to Victorian London's underworld, allowing the vicious killer access to the twenty-first century, where he and a pair of zombie thugs are searching for Elena.

Broken Angels By Richard K. Serving as a mercenary in a distasteful war, Takeshi Kovacs joins a covert team that aims to secure a coveted archeological prize, an endeavor that ensnares him in a web of treachery and betrayal unlike any he has experienced before. By the author of Altered Carbon. Among the last of his kind, Aral Kingslayer, once a fabled Blade of Namara, is forced to survive on the fringes of society, resorting to thievery, until a mysterious woman named Maylien hires him to deliver a secret message — one that changes everything.

Depicts ordinary people coping with the difficulties of everyday life. In stories filled with both poetry and humour, this book reveals the lives of factory workers, labourers, drinkers, musicians, hikers, artists and sportsmen. As the old gods awaken and satrapies splinter, the Chromeria races to find the only man who can still end a civil war before it engulfs the known world.

But Gavin Guile has been captured by an old enemy and enslaved on a pirate galley. Worse still, Gavin has lost more than his powers as Prism--he can't use magic at all. Without the protection of his father, Kip Guile will face a master of shadows as his grandfather moves to choose a new Prism and put himself in power. With Teia and Karris, Kip will have to use all his wits to survive a secret war between noble houses, religious factions, rebels, and an ascendant order of hidden assassins called The Broken Eye.

After a band of killers begins murdering godlings, blind artist Oree Shoth wonders if her recent guest is at the heart of it, his presence putting her in danger. By the author of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms.

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A Marla Mason novel! She's an ass-kicking sorcerer who doesn't wear a leather catsuit, doesn't suffer from low self-esteem, doesn't wallow in angst, and is almost always absolutely certain she's right What about Broken Mirrors? It's got monsters. It's got sarcasm. It's got death, betrayal, ancient gods, dark doppelgangers, mirror worlds, wisecracks, artifacts, oracles, and magical daggers. A Broken Paradise By K. Humanity is a race with amnesia, a symptom of physical and psychological trauma.

Scars on planet Earth give disturbing testimony of vast upheaval. Yet some terrors will not stay forgotten, though our nightmares may wish them to. Some horrors will not stay buried for our own good…"A Broken Paradise" continues the epic through the eyes of a young Seer Clan girl named Tiva, an abused runaway who finds herself drawn into a coven of forest-dwelling outcasts trying to escape the partisan religious conflicts of a dying world.

Or do they? What happens when the end of the world becomes the lucrative industry of prosperous competing sects, each centered on charismatic personalities with contradictory visions of how to survive it? What happens when the world really is ending, but not quite how anyone expects? What if a dumbed-down society presents the only way to survive as being culturally, religiously, and politically unthinkable? What if the only hope for survival rests with the one man society loves to hate? What happens in a world of unrivaled beauty and lurking, unbridled horror, when even the best intentions can only produce A Broken Paradise?

The priest Luther rallies an army of Karak, his aims unclear. Further north, Cyric continues to proclaim himself a god, and his followers are many. Caught between two enemies, Darius and Jerico must stand together to prevent the destruction of everything they hold dear.