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And then it actually won one of those Oscars well, Jones did. Richard —about men mixed up in crimes they were racing to solve.

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Offer available only in the U. The police found Kimble and accused him of the murder. Anyway, the movie still really sucked, the first 10 minutes is boring, while the rest is fun. Equally as refreshing, the lawmen are his match, not a bunch of uniformed dunces being run around in circles. He too claimed to have fought off the real killer, but the forensic evidence and his personality were against him.

Richard Kimble and for Davis. For two hours and 10 minutes, this film does not relent. Not even for a cup of coffee that scene was cut , not even for some shopping cut , not even for romance also cut.

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There is no hanging out here. Everything rushes. And the urgency is a good thing because every pause introduces a new threat—a passing cop, a skeptical doctor, a nosy guard. Even the exposition speeds by.

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The Fugitive is a American action thriller film based on the s television series of the same name created by Roy Huggins. It was directed by Andrew. Dr. Richard Kimble, unjustly accused of murdering his wife, must find the real killer while being the target of a nationwide manhunt led by a seasoned U.S. Marshal. Take a look back at Harrison Ford's movie career in photos. A well respected Chicago surgeon Dr. Richard Kimble has.

Despite the soaring set pieces, the film somehow manages to remain grounded in a kind of palpable reality. Ford also insisted on performing his own stunts despite having a double and being Kimble is hunted by Deputy U.

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Marshal Samuel Gerard Jones and his team, and only manages to stay a half-step ahead of the authorities. Some filmmakers have tried to figure out a way to get other genres into a franchise mold. For example, James Mangold made a neo-noir western with Logan and Mission: Impossible — Fallout is a revenge thriller. It knows that it has you because you care about the conflict between Kimble and Gerard.

The Fugitive

Look at the list of Netflix Original movies, and they remain, for the most part, relatively low-budget affairs. Ford is once again the great modern movie everyman: dogged, determined, brave and not not demonstrative. As an actor, nothing he does seems merely for show, and in the face of this melodramatic material he deliberately plays down, lays low, gets on with business instead of trying to exploit the drama in meaningless acting flourishes.

Davis, the director, has come up through a series of superior action films. His gift was apparent in one of his earlier features, the Chuck Norris thriller " Code of Silence ," which remains Norris' best film and one of the best, most atmospheric uses of Chicago locations ever achieved. The device of the film is to keep Kimble only a few steps ahead of his pursuers.

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It is a dangerous strategy, and could lead to laughable close calls and near-misses, but Davis tells the story of the pursuit so clearly on the tactical level that we can always understand why Kimble is only so far ahead, and no further. As always, Davis uses locations not simply as the place where action occurs, but as part of the reason for the action.

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Consider his virtuoso opening chase sequence, which after the train crash leads to a series of drainage tunnels echoes here of " The Third Man " and finally to a spectacular dam, where Kimble risks death for a chance at freedom, and dives into the cascading waters in a moment that can only be called Wagnerian. Jones' "Deputy," as he likes to be called, has much more dialogue than Kimble, and in the screenplay by Jeb Stuart and David Twohy it always serves an intelligent purpose. You never have the feeling the characters are saying things simply to give us information; instead, a little at a time, they reveal the way they are thinking.

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Jones is surrounded by good character actors, who for once sound like Chicago cops in their words and inflections, instead of like transplants from a TV police drama. Strangely, although the film is relentlessly manipulative, it plays like real events. Nothing can really be believed in retrospect, but Davis and his actors ground all the action and dialogue in reality, so we don't consider the artifice while it's happening.