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She was about 7 to 10 then so now, she was pretty darn old in dog years, over Like mom like dog.

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From the beginning of our life together, Mandy was stuck like glue to me. That means, she was in and a present part of every Reiki class I taught in my home for the last seven years. A few years ago, she and one of our cats, Cosmo, decided they wanted to be attuned, officially, to Reiki. They were attuned to be Reiki Masters and from then on out, they continued to take their Reiki classes and circles very seriously.

They were there for any student who wanted and needed them during class. They just knew and they simply exuded Reiki healing through their whole being. Cosmo was not with us as long, he disappeared two years ago, but Mandy, even as she grew older, continued to be our magnificent Reiki dog at every function.

Almost one year ago, my family was in a terrible car crash while on vacation. The crash took my husband and my year-old son almost instantly. My year-old son and I were in the hospital for almost a month and are still recuperating. I have been able to teach one class a month for the last five months but that is about all I can do, so far.

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Mandy, even though she had had a stroke very recently before the crash, she rallied as soon as we got home so she could take care of us, in her old same way, simply by bring present and exuding Reiki through her aura. I had to do it with intention and prayer and piggy back on the Reiki that Mandy was exuding and offering lovingly. That worked and I was able get the comfort through her. Most of you are pet lovers and have many stories of your own pets and how they have enriched your lives incredibly.

But, have you thought about having them attuned to Reiki?

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Reiki gives them even more of a freedom to help their family, their pack. Reiki gives them a new and valuable part to play, the healer.

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Reiki can also give them comfort and pain relief when they are hurting, growing old and need it most. His adopted mom, Mary, is an Army veteran who sought multiple consults with leading veterinary oncologists to determine the best course of action for her beloved dog.

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Like many pets adopted through Pets for Patriots, Rocky had a hard life. Directly prior to his adoption, he was left tethered outside with minimal interaction with his family after they welcomed a baby and had no time for him.

Pet Attunements & Ode to Mandy the Magnificent Reiki Dog

Thankfully they ultimately surrendered him to a shelter and Mary saved his life. In turn, Rocky saved Mary.

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Rocky is the best antidepressant ever! The magnificent biscuits produced by United Petfood that I get every time I do my exercises well definitely encourage me to stay fit.

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The taste of these biscuits is an added reason to force myself to give it my all. United Petfood is an exclusive private label producer for extruded dry dog and cat food, biscuits for dogs and snacks. Thanks to our knowledge, experience and high-quality requirements we are your best partner for the development of your own dog and cat food in each segment, from Eco to Premium.

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Auf Wiedersehen Pet - The Magnificent Seven; Abridged, an album by Fred Taylor, Christopher Fairbanks, Fred Taylor, Christopher Fairbanks on Spotify. Magnificent Mutts Rescue Visit with our pets ready for adoption. Come join us at the Chicagoland Family Pet Expo this year: Pet Expo Day 1 Pet Expo .

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Hide Saved searches. Mission Statement Magnificent Mutts and Meows Rescue strives to rescue and care for any breed of abandoned, abused, or neglected dog or cat until we can find them a loving forever home. Volunteer Portal. Many hounds are kept in packs, in outdoor kennels. Mary took Rocky to an oncologist specializing in radiosurgery , a non-invasive way to deliver targeted radiation with precision similar to a surgical procedure, minimizing negative impacts to surrounding healthy tissue. Please visit our Gallery for some of our favourite pet portraits.