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He uses his powers to rob banks in this really decent Japanese sci-fi thriller! Cahn, USA Classic teeneagers vs.

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Includes the original theatrical trailer!! The Invisible Man vs. Includes the original television ad! An unusual and hard-to-find kids film that mixes live-action, animation and some "mondo" footage to tell it's story.

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Directed by Hyung-rae Shim, South Korea A savage tribe of club-pounding bug-eating cave people offer up human sacrifices to the local T. Planning of a new operahouse here. Satyagraha was commissioned by the city of Rotterdam, Netherlands, and first performed at the Stadsschouwburg Municipal Theatre there on September 5, , by the Netherlands Opera and the Utrecht Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Bruce Ferden. Ravinia Festival — Chicago. This technique, which is now known as spread spectrum, is now widely used in telecommunications. Men are used as slaves for studding purposes and then killed off!

I remember seeing this in the theater one Saturday afternoon and although it may seem cheezy to some today, I'd take these kind of stop-motion animated effects over modern digital ones anytime! Shot in in Czechoslovakia by the director of Baron Prasil and The Fabulous World of Jules Verne both also available from us , the film had a few US lensed scenes tacked onto the beginning in A present day man wakes up in the year "Futurama" style! Old movies that are set in "the future" have always been a fave of mine and this is one of the most hilarious!

The clothes, hairstyles and set design are wacky enough, but the songs and lighthearted story make it a real blast!

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Heavily recommended!! The Killer Shrews Directed by Ray Kellogg, USA Surprisingly effective sci-fi thriller set on an island, this one has an unfair reputation mainly due to what's been written by the idiot Medved brothers and other critics about the low-budget monster "effects". I won't spoil it here, but for me I thought this film had a creepy anxiety-provoking feel to it. A group of people are trapped in a house ala "Night Of The Living Dead" on an island with hundreds of the giant hungry beasties trying to get in for a human chow-down!

Certainly this film is no epic, but for my dough I thought the "shrews" were rather disturbing! Hell, this film is scarier than anything playing at the shopping mall right now! A young girl goes inside of her mirror and meets her reflective twin! Together the 2 travel to a fantasy kingdom where evil adult rulers have imprisoned all of the children. Once there they discover a long-haired caveman-like society ruled by an unscrupulous pseudo-wizard! The most interesting thing to me about this lively-paced film is the unusual spacey pop score which meshes quite strangely with the period piece atmosphere of the story!

A true rarity and it's dubbed in English. From the director of The Devil Garden! Men transform into giant animals with some cheezy but interesting animation effects! Mission Stardust original Italian title The Includes the original theatrical trailer! Trouble is a number of the ungrateful humans want the Monitors to leave us alone! Low-budget monster schlocker! Starring Les Tremayne and Forrest Lewis. A framed man becomes impervious to bullets after being exposed to a radioactive bomb blast. Hard to find! This is the hard-to-find English dubbed version!

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The Revenge of Dr. X see The Devil Garden. Looks beautiful! Winer, USA Ho-ho huh?? Santa's sled gets stuck in the sand on a Florida beach just before Christmas. The local kids try using several different animals to pull the sled but to no avail. Not even a giant gorilla can help him! While waiting for help, Santa tells the story of "Thumbelina" which takes up most of the running time on this bizarre live-action feature. Then the Ice Cream Bunny arrives in his red fire truck! But will he be able to free Santa and save Christmas? Note: The order of stories has been restored to that of the movie's original theatrical release!

Ultra-rare post-apocaliptic exploiter that opens with a liberal use of footage from George Romero's "The Crazies"!

Some sources credit this as an Italian production but, with that cast, I'm gonna say this was probably pasted together in the good ol' USA. Note: Picture is soft looking on this title. Please note that there is a small logo in the corner of the picture. Looks very nice otherwise. While on a seemingly innocent spaceship trip to visit Earth the two babes, upon landing, compete for the attention of a happy-go-lucky singing cowboy.

Then, one of the women turns out to be an evil vampire bent on world domination! She thaws out a group of 4 insane looking frozen monsters she has hidden away in a nearby cave to do her wicked bidding! Looks great!! There is quite a bit of dialogue and long music numbers in this movie, but eventually a Kong-like monster shows up. The last half hour or so things finally kick in! Starring Ajit, Ragini, Helen, K. Singh and Madan Puri. Note: There is some artifacting in the picture but overall it is still quite watchable.

Hard-to-find offbeat artsy erotic sci-fi with an effectively serious approach that keeps it from slipping into satire. Note: We also sell the more explicit re-edited version with xxx inserts. If ordering that please specify the "French version". This horrible creature can only be heard and therefore it makes it difficult to fight him- not to mention that it saved a lot on the film's budget! Actually, this is a pretty good movie that comes off better than you'd think, mainly because of the serious approach to the story, and also because of the decent acting which includes Ingrid Pitt and Soledad Miranda who would go on to star in several Jess Franco films!

You be the judge! Gulik Cameron Mitchell , an evil robot, and other evil things.

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For lovers of bad cinema only! Makes "Superman" look truly super! They discover a way to switch ages with the unsuspecting children of the city outside of the tree with comical results! Interesting special effects in this rare Russian language color feature from the director of "Sword And The Dragon". A Bollywood movie featuring Tarzan's jungle adventures, music, female wrestling and a last minute gorilla!

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Running time is just over minutes. See also Shikari above. Please note that the picture is a bit dark and soft and that there is a small logo in the corner. Transferred from a VHS tape, the picture is a bit soft but quite watchable. Please note that there is a small logo in the corner. A really funny and well made satire despite the low budget! I loved it! Wide-screen picture remastered with the correct ratio. Details coming soon, movie available now! Lotsa' giant monsters and weirdness!

Please note that the picture looks a tiny bit soft but not bad. Sci-fi drama about a sound barrier breaking experimental jet and espionage! Wasson, USA Horrifying dick-ripping entrail-slinging yeti! The first and only? Bigfoot gore movie! They just don't make 'em like this anymore!! Looks very nice! Includes the original japanese trailer! Ridiculous low-budget "Planet of the Apes" rip-off movie compiled from a Japanese tv series. Looks nice! Just s end an email to brian trashpalace.

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And, as if that wasn't enough, a serial killer who likes to skin people abducts one poor lass and ties her to a tree! This zero-budget nudie satire has already been banned in the UK due to questionable infringement of character usage. To me these Daleks look and sound exactly like the "real" ones so it's pretty funny to so them poking and prodding naked women! This shot-on-video feature runs 55 minutes and is followed by 30 minutes of outtakes which are pretty hilarious!

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Starring Katarzyna Zelnik, Eliza Borecka and several others. Alien Beasts Directed by Carl J. Details coming soon. Movie available now! Mind-numbing ultra-low-budget shot-on-home-video feature! Words fail me. Attack of the Beast Creatures Directed by Michael Stanley, USA Remember that story in "Trilogy of Terror" where Karen Black was chased around for 15 minutes by a spear-wielding 1 foot tall native jungle monster-man doll with sharp teeth? Well, if you liked that scene, then you may love this movie, which features an entire island full of hundreds of little buggers that seem to be close cousins to said jungle mo'fo'.

This low-budget period piece film tells the story of a group of people surviving a luxury liner shipwreck only to be stranded on an island full of the horrible aforementioned "beast creatures"! Most of the running time consists of the survivors being gradually picked-off as they fend for their lives from an onslaught of tiny terror attacks!

You will either find this film somewhat creepy or ridiculously hilarious depending on your outlook of such things! One of the more hard to find space thrillers from Italian director Brescia. Please note that the Swedish subtitles are not remove-able. The Boy God Roco, ang batang bato , ? On his journey he helps a tribe of midgets battle a giant Cyclops and takes on a 2-headed monster with the aid of a Wonder Woman-ish female super hero!

He also fends off the local village against vampire creatures and an evil scientist. The whole mess ends up in a wildly manic kung fu and gun fight against the scientist and his men! A hard-to-find English dubbed film! Includes trailer! A scientist keeps the brain of a dead business tycoon alive after a plane wreck. The brain grows psychic powers and takes control of the scientist using him to find the killer! With a goofy gratuitous nude beach-water frolicking scene and an abrupt ending that makes you scratch your head real hard. Includes a crappy looking trailer!

Lyon, USA An under water sea lab encounters an alien life form! With Scott Brady and Sheree North. Kloiber Herbert J. Vivier 70!! A particular time of day belongs entirely to all my pupils at once. New Unknown Letters ed. Association for the Communication of Contemporary Music — impuls. New Audience? Fortschritt, was ist das?

A particular time of day belongs to my students alone. Goehr Composition Commissions issued to W. Calendar Archiv.