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Wolfing Down Some Barbeque
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Nevertheless they bore their crests high as they followed the Wolf down into the meadow, where all was now ready for departure. He does not wolf down a cold supper and then spread his blanket wherever he happens to be standing. Wolves as a symbol of lust are ancient, e.

Roman slang lupa "whore," literally "she-wolf" preserved in Spanish loba , Italian lupa , French louve. Wolfing it Down: Smokin' J's is a slam dunk.

Is eating too quickly bad for your health?

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Owner of Gulfport barbecue restaurant Smokin' J's expanding pickle business. The real drinker's guide to St. Pete's essential dive bars.

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Roc Marciano - Wolfing Down (Prod. By Nicholas Craven)

The solution The link between eating quickly and becoming unhealthy has been known for a while. Food features. Reuse this content. Order by newest oldest recommendations.


wolf down. When you eat your breakfast as fast as possible in order to get to school on time, you can say that you wolf down your waffles. When you engage in. The right choice is to say people wolfed down their food, as if they were eating like a ravenous wolf in the wild. According to the Oxford English.

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