Astral Travel And Projection: A Guide For Beginners

6 Astral Projection Tips for Beginners
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Either way it is possible for everyone if it is desired and practised enough! For in truth I can only introduce you to the real wonders that are waiting for you and no words on this page can ever really do justice to each individual. To perform astral projection, start by lying down in a dark, quiet place where you won't be disturbed. Visualize a white or yellowish light surrounding you while you Astral Project to protect yourself from bad entities who may suck your energy if you let them. Updated: June 21, If you can think of any special touches that help you feel calm such as soothing music or an incense burner , feel free to add those as well.

Your power of desire may create new worlds for you. You cannot change the past or the future. Remember that there is no real danger. If you are faced with some unpleasant event or inhabitant of the astral plane you can immediately return to your physical body. After some time, your astral guide or guides will appear. First make sure it is the real guide — you will just feel it. Be very grateful to your guide, show deepest respect and obey his recommendations and teachings. You have your free will to do everything you like, but you are responsible for your acts.

Astral Travel For Beginners – What To Expect And 5 Tips

Never misuse your astral projection ability for purposes that are not positive. One day you may become a guide to somebody else, so as astral dimension may give you its best, you should also give your best. Find out more or adjust your settings. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings.

If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. This website uses cookies to provide you with the best browsing experience. It can take place whilst awake and whilst lucid dreaming. An astral projection is where the conscious mind leaves the physical earthly body and enters into a parallel dimension. It is an entering of the consciousness.

Are you confused (or even skeptical!) about astral projection and how it works?

People are able to experience their true being. If you are a beginner, follow these simple steps to learn how to astral project. Ensure that you are in good health and feeling full of energy before you begin to try; the amount of energy you have will determine your ability to project out of your body, how long you can stay outside of your physical body and which frequency you can reach during your projection. You must be able to enter a complete state of relaxation.

Work your way up, or down, your body, consciously relaxing each group of muscles. Release all tension and feel your body becoming looser and lighter. Feel calm and peaceful and let any distracting thoughts just fade in and out. Focus on your breathing, feeling the breath enter your body, then slowly leave your body. Meditation is a fantastic way to fully relax your body , calm your mind, and prepare you physically and mentally for a projection. Everybody has the ability to be able to astral project, but most people do not have the awareness , belief or understanding to actually do so.

There are different ways to project. Ignore all other feelings and focus solely on moving higher and higher up the rope. You must be relaxed when you do this. As you climb higher you will feel yourself start to vibrate. Continue and you will leave your body below, finding yourself hovering above. Other people use visualization techniques, in the beginning, to help them learn how to astral project. Having relaxed your body fully, visualize yourself floating out of your body.

This means that although your spiritual body has left, you are still bounded to your material body. Just about anyone can practice astral travel — both kids and adults. In fact, kids are better at it than adults because their minds are less prone to distractions and they are more prone to believe in the metaphysical world. The out of body experience can be learned.

Out of Body Experiences and Astral Projection

And since people are different from one another, the success rate of actually experiencing the journey varies. Some people can reach the astral project on their first try, while others never achieve it in their lifetime. An out of body experience is best done when you are alone in a quiet and comfortable room. A bed or floor mat is needed, and a room with very little to no distractions is highly ideal.

A place away from the road or any noise is best for practicing astral projection. While many would want to practice at night before going to bed, it is believed the best time to travel is at dawn, when you are drowsy and still in between being awake and being asleep. This state promotes deep relaxation, making it easier for you to achieve the hypnotic state required to be aware of your spirit.

Just like in meditation, remove all distractions and focus on getting every part of your body relaxed. For example, you start to focus on your toes. Feel an energy going through your toes and move them with your mind. Imagine curling and uncurling your toes but without physically moving them. Try to sit up using your mind. Once you are able to do this, look around you and turn to your body.

Stand up from your body, walk across the room, turn around, and look at your materialistic body lying down. Once your energy body is out, look for an object that you may have never noticed before. Return to your environmental body and wake up. Look for that very same object and try to see if what you read actually exists.

This time, instead of looking back at your body once you stand up, look straight ahead and leave the room. You can explore inside your home, outside your home, and just about anywhere that your mind and body creates. Astral projection is a skill that anyone can learn.

However, some people find it easier to do than others, as the case of clairvoyants and psychics.

The key to succeed in an out of body experience is to reach the state between wakefulness and sleeping — which is the hypnotic state of consciousness in the astral. There are many forms of astral projection techniques.