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Orny Adams delivers a powerful, incisive standup routine that Rachel is a nationally touring comedian and actress. ComedyJuice is one of the top live comedy brands in the world, producing hundreds of All-Star stand up comedy events each year. ComedyJuice has been called the best standup co To give up.

To lose faith. To combat the negative and rememb Bonnie McFarlane's World's Best Comedy Show is a new show that shines the spotlight on some of the greatest comedians working today. Brought to you each month by Bo Copyright - Gotham Comedy Club. All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy Purchase Policy. Jamie Kennedy Aug 9 - Aug Esther Povitsky Aug 23 - Aug Orny Adams Oct 25 - Oct Previous Next. Jul 19 - Jul 20 Jessica Kirson Jessica Kirson's unique style and captivating stage presence captures the attention of audiences and club bookers everywhere she performs.

Aug 2 - Aug 3 Sarah Tiana Sarah Tiana is a stand-up comedian and writer living in Los Angeles and headlining at comedy clubs across the country. Acts TBA. Second Show added June 25! Keep your eyes peeled kittens What an unexpected, lovely, surprise! Make a year of social change. Sounds like the people have spoken I must listen Gotta go!! Katy can't write because she's getting over Stevie Nicks dedicating Landslide to us at the Fleetwood Mac concert.

We are coming in full lewks to support! KatyPerry is here today! Fake bull. Holding on for dear life! I done jingled my balls off. SaraBareilles congrats lady! Who woulda thought hotel cafe would produce 2 little Grammy nomers. Let's go Merry Go 'Round for best country song! Mommacat needs rest! Get your tickets and a t-shirt here! Your bonus shows go on sale in 30 minutes! On sale FRI! May you rest in peace. The holidays are upon us! Watch this KillerQueen ask Santa what she wants for Christmas!

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More please! And so many opportunities to be a light very soon. I promise to continue to give back Tour next year This is too much happiness. I am gonna explode! I get to see the sunriseon7! Don't miss it! Thank u for Chic shoutout! Can't wait to see you SO soon!

Don't miss these ladies! I hope the colors on this record r bursting through ur earbuds like lil dancing rainbows! Shows how prismatic it really is! If we are talking medically! Happy to help, be a light. Self love is such an import foundation to have before falling in love. Some come out like waterfalls others drip! Best ones made it. I will take submissions?!?! Influenced by the movie The Craft! With a romantic twist! Even my favorite taco joint gets a shout out!

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Maybe I've finally grown up? MOST of the record was written spring though. OK, here we go! Ready for the colors to hit your ears?! I'm loving every single song! You rock Katy! Directed by Aya Tanimura! Love these ladies!!! Listen now on First Play. The ROAR jacket is my fave! Love yourself. You were doing good! There's always two sides I can't wait to see the music video! I'm so proud of them. See what happens when you let the light in? You'll like this week then Look at our profiles. Thank you! Goodnight kittens, thank you for the love I'm on in 15 minutes! Who's tuning in tonight?

We are gonna bring you so much FUN so don't miss it! I laughed, I cried, I am encouraged by the school spirit that still exists! With my ladies iconapop and iggyazalea kicking things off at iTunesFestival! I got my tiger! Got the Monday blues? Enter NOW for a chance to have her perform at your high school! Submit by OCT 1! I bet it will make your pony tail twirl! Full gold wrap, it looked awesome! I promise you'll like it! Stay in school! That production is flawless. Thanks for staying up for me! You already know it's on repeat! Hold your horses hehehe We'll be back in the next 5. We're gonna blow the roof off this thin….

Soy Qewt! I appreciate the love so much. How's that for payback? Coming SOON. I read each of your adorable letters, thanks for being sweethearts. Who's meeting me in Times Square this morning for some morning fun?!?! I've got a big announcement! And you might want to keep an eye on that Jumbotron! Congrats baby chee. Only ET takes you on-set of Roar tonight!

I try to bring the light! We all waited so long!

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Don't worry, I'm coming to visit u SO soon! I'm letting ROAR out a week early. Have your Shazam on during preshow or show! Gonna grab a meditate to get in the zone!!! Venezuela loves u!! Godven: katyperry I'm in the red but I pre-ordered Prism without even thinking twice. I hear your roar from Brooklyn! Thank you for making ROAR 1! Let's go! Russia doesn't know what they're missing. Click HERE Shhh, don't tell anyone.

Well done! My incredible, inspiring boyfriend JohnMayer will release a Like, it's cocking fantabulous. Pop wonderation. Isn't that a thing? Isn't that a hip thing to do? Us popstars bow down to you, you've taught us so much!!! I love it tho, my ocd self loves a good routine. Cant wait to bungee ur bridge again! BUT Highly productive! Slow cookin' some good stuff coming up for you guys.

ItalyLovesYou CometoItaly pls rt me!! B watching it again! Don't stop me. Isn't this makeup perfect to vma ! I feel awful. I love Katy! I had to nap like all good cats! X She. I'm lifting my glass to ALL of you, couldn't have done it without you. How many countries are there actually? Thank you. I appreciate your support, I really do. I should sleep now as I have to get up at dawn See you in the morning.

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New Year's Resolution Carnival Hop #HappyNewYear - Sassy Mama in LA

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I have to pick a costume from the Cali Dreams Tour, which would u pick? The new music video!!!!! There's a lot of drag semi singing going on.

Every Version Of The Joker Ranked From Worst To Best

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U know u wanna answer. RT Sarahwinterman: katyperry are you going to watch Titanic in 3D? But remember there's no purchase necessary Read the fine print! Remember I'm always watching Part of Me will have a major ARC to it! Rehearsals r going Fab! Just a few more days to vote! RT 2CouchPotatoes: katyperry You should be safe from vampires! What a lovely thing to wake up to! My move If she was my girl I'd never cheat on her. Mine's "Wide Awake"! Can't wait to snuggle with you That was quick!

RT 26meTT: katyperry 10mill hits already on vevo! Well done babe x. Blue Jeans video is tres magnifique! Congrats Yoann Lemoine! Very happy to see your electric beauty again :. Deep breaths