Inventing the Christmas Tree

Book explores culture's route to 'Inventing the Christmas Tree'
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Another theory—Christmas trees originated in Central Asia. And it can tell us some interesting things. Brunner details the many different types of ornaments that have decorated trees over the years—from food and real candles to glass bulbs and angels—and illustrates that decorations have a much documented history of their own.

Author traces history in 'Inventing the Christmas Tree'

Even the placement of decorations has a history. The trees in and of themselves are worthy of note but, as with much else, often the most remarkable aspects are the human responses to the trees, and Brunner includes many of these, as well. Poets often found Christmas trees a suitable subject. Numerous novelists and journalists wrote about the Christmas tree as well—but not always in such happy fashion.

Christmas trees are also popular subjects for artists and illustrators, and images, many in color, adorn the book. Even the beloved Christmas tree is not without controversy, and these controversies go back to the earliest known trees.

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Most recently, the disposal of Christmas trees has been a somewhat contentious issue. Inventing the Christmas Tree is full of interesting information. The illustrations add an element of nostalgic charm that, particularly with the intense commercialization of the holiday season in the United States.

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And in the end, this makes Inventing the Christmas Tree interesting and informative, when it also easily could have been charming and inviting. Photos of some participants, onlookers and politicians attending the New York City Pride March that also marked the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots.

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Bernd Brunner is a freelance writer who often explores the intersection of cultural history and the history of science in his writings. He divides his time between Istanbul, Turkey, and Berlin, Germany. Fascinating and beautifully illustrated.

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They are archives unto themselves. A repository for dreams, visions, and fears.

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Out of Print A colorfully decorated Christmas tree, lit with twinkling lights, provokes awe and delight. Recommended in every regard. Ames, editor of American Christmas Cards In wry tones, applying with cultural and scientific contexts, he lays out the provenance the festive tree and its first appearance…. This book is as eclectic as any Christmas tree… There are enough surprises here to keep anyone entertained on Christmas Eve.

Author traces history in 'Inventing the Christmas Tree'

But where did the tradition originate? And why do we hang baubles and tinsel on a fir brought into our homes? Bernd Brunner, a German writer, has gone in search of some answers in this brief, beautifully illustrated, potted history of the Christmas tree… A charming gift book that should find a place under many a tree this year. He answers with a wide-ranging exploration of the genesis of this symbol of the Christmas season.


Brunner meanders pleasantly through the many manifestations of the tradition over the centuries: trees hung with baked goods and fruits; trees hung with toys and ornaments; grand trees standing in the stately homes of the bourgeoisie; scrubby little pines dangling from the rafters of peasant huts; the Rockefeller Center tree; the Charlie Brown tree. Also of Interest More from this Author. An Interpretation of Beyond Good and Evil.

Bernd Brunner