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tecvembbomiper.cf/map17.php I do my tendon stretching exercises times a day.

I have a parafin kit at home and I use it in the evening to loosen up my wrist and fingers and then do my exercises and I touch finger tips and roll a small ball in my hand. When I am done I put my hand in an icing mitt. I have much better mobility in my hand and fingers and I can supinate almost back to normal, but my wrist is still very swollen and I get very little forward and backward movement.

I hope that will come along as the swelling goes down. My incision burned every day but is starting to go away as well. Linda, be patient. I freaked out at first but every day gets better. Do the exercises, and try to take a pain pill before them and before your therapy appointments and you can get more done. If you do these routines every day you will see steady improvement.

Good Luck!! Thanks, Rachel! That gives me some hope! Are you putting anything on it? Which hand did you break? Not being able to drive, etc. My scar is about 5 inches long running on the inside of my arm from the wrist toward my elbow. I am lucky I broke my left wrist and am right handed so I have been able to do pretty much everything I did before except hook my bra and had a little trouble pulling clothes up over my left side. I mowed my lawn with one hand,wash dishes, clean the cat boxes etc. I work in an office so I typed with one hand for awhile, but am back to two hands and it is good therapy so spend time making your fingers type.

I am still not putting anything on the scar, I have heard it is best to wait a few months and let it heal on its own first. The therapists use a wonderful hand cream though, called Cetaphil and it is great for massaging the hand and arm area. Get your husband to do it for you-very relaxing!

That comes with therapy and time. I have gone back to swimming breast and freestyle laps in our neighborhood pool. Good luck! I guess it will be one step forward, one step back or 2 or 3 for awhile! It could be a lot worse, though! Linda, I have therapy today. What kind of things are they doing with yours? That is followed with tendon stretching, finger touches, ball rolling and opening and closing my hand. I managed to hook my bra for the first time this weekend! I went back to jogging this morning. Boy was I out of shape. I walked one mile and then jogged two but they were slow and I was blowing like a racehorse.

I just keep worrying I will fall down again and rebreak my wrist. How is your range of motion coming along? Hi Rachel and all who have found this site!!

January 8, 2011

I think I need some wonder-woman type cuff bracelets! How did you break your wrist? I broke mine at a roller skating birthday party with my 6 year old-I should have known better when only one other parent was skating with their child! Do your tendons still hurt? Hi everyone. And can you feel it? How long does it take to be able to do simple things like putting on clothes and makeup, typing, paying bills? He told me I would not have a cast, just a splint after the first week.


Plate and screws were installed to help align and heal the bones in place. At my follow-up visit with him, he asked if I had been getting PT! My biggest concern was what I saw on the X-Ray. Because you can see the screws protruding through the other side of the bone, the sharp tip of the screws that is. And I worried it could puncture the surronding tissue, say if I were to squeeze my arm or something.

Or, imagine wrestling with somebody and having pressure put at the wrong spot on your wrist with those screws in there, ya know? But, so far so good, and I havent yet experienced any of that. However, there is this girl at work who had a more involved surgery, similar to what you are facing. Because of the complexity of her surgery, she had protruding screws at awkward locations. And, in her case, just resting her arm on a table or arm rest of a chair would cause her sharp pains because of the screws poking into the surrounding tissues of the bones.

SO, she eventually had to get the hardware removed, after the bones had healed. Sorry my post was so long, and alot to read! I wish you luck and a solid recovery:. I had ulnar shortening done in — and had the plate removed this past January. What a relief to have the plate out. Everytime I laid my arm down on my desk, it was like a big funny bone zap. BIG process — but I would totally recommend physical therapy — for mobility and strengthening. Can hardly see my scar now.

Definitely worth it! Hi everyone! I am so glad I stumbled on this site. I am 6 weeks post op now and I am getting a lot of ulna and median nerve pain. Has anyone else had this? I would sure appreciate any comments from people who have had this surgery. I would like to know what is a normal level of recovery at this point?

I feel I am back and forth and still have to take two pain pills a day, I thought I would be off them by now. Hi Linda! I am seven weeks post surgery now, I tripped while jogging and landed on with all my weight on my left wrist FOOSH Fall on outstretched hand! Also, I have to go see the doctor tomorrow morning, I have a small area of infection in the incision and the therapist is concerned about it.

I hope nothing serious is going wrong. It is on the thumb side of the incision about the size of a dime and is red, swollen and has some drainage. That area never has seemed to heal. Always red and sore, like a sunburn. I will probably get my first xray since the cast came off and I hope it shows some bone healing. Hope you are doing well. I will update on dr visit. Hi all-Rachel, how was your appt.? I hope the incision is okay and that they saw some good bone healing!

This recovery is much more difficult than I had imagined. Linda,Good News! I only had an incision abcess. I guess even though the surgeon used the standard black surface stitches on the top layer of skin, he used absorbable sutures for the lower layers of muscle, fat, etc. I had been having swelling, redness, and a burning sensation in that area ever since the surgery.

Well I get there and he pulls out instruments and just lets me know he is going to dig around in there with no anesthetic. I was apalled of course and had to pinch another part of my arm so hard I have bruises today. He dug around awhile and squeezed out drainage etc. At therapy today I moved up to squeezing putty, and pulling and pressure exercises and the doctor says I can start picking up heavier items.

No xray until 2 weeks yet so I still have no idea if the bone is healing but my arm is finally starting to feel like its old self. Just be patient, this takes longer than I thought and it seems like two steps forward and one back but slowly and surely it starts feeling more normal. You are at the place I was a few weeks ago and I thought I was never going to get used to my new arm. Keep me up to date on your progress! Great news, Rachel, but that really must have hurt!! Did he put something over the place where the abcess was?

What was the date of your break? Yes, my arm still feels numb and not like my own. My ulna bone feels like it is stuck and will never move. It is helping, I think! Where do you live? One can do both heat and ice. It sounds like it would be very helpful. The tendons are really sore when I have to push my fingers to touch my palm. What tendon stretches do you do? Any input would be appreciated…this is scaring me.

The doctor did put just a small piece of gauze and tape over the spot he cleared and by the next morning it looked so much better it was ok to leave it open. My pronate and supinate are almost back to normal, but moving my wrist forward and backward is pretty bad. I know what you mean about the ulna feeling like it is stuck and will never move. I go in the shower and hold it under hot water spray and warm that area up and then put my hands together like praying and twist them around. That has really helped with supination.

I got the gel filled ice mitt. It is blue material Elasto-gel by Southwest Technolgies. You can freeze it or heat it in the microwave. Get one, it is great! I do six different tendon stretchs and I try to do them about six times a day. I go to pt twice a week and they seem to say you keep going until the measurements of range of motion and strength levels are back in the normal range.

Have a great weekend and keep your chin up. It is going to get better and better. Thanks for the name,Rachel! I just ordered it and will be psyched to get it! Glad the incision is so much better!! Thanks so much for the positive reinforcement-it is so helpful to have that and your insight 3 weeks ahead of me! Have you gone running again? I may check in again after Mondays appt.! Have a great weekend! Hey everyone, so glad to find this site.

I fell ice skating crazy Brownie leader mom that I am! Had distal radius surgery March 29th and am now 2. My ulna bone is killing me even now. I cannot push open doors or close jars with my left hand. The thought of even opening a pill box is impossible. My wrist is still swollen and you can see my veins a lot. The scar is ugly of course, I am a woman and a bit vain but the clicking and snapping sound I get when twisting my wrist is bothersome — both sound and pain wise.

How much longer should I feel this pain. I hear that it is going to be up to at least a year. Hi all-Patricia, sorry to hear about your break! My surgeon did say that the ulna, or the attached ligaments, take longer to heal than the break. Are you going to PT? The surgeon also said to just keep using it, which is so hard when it hurts. Anyway, I hope this gets better for us all-I had no idea what a difficult recovery this would be! Great to have this forum! Hi all, Linda, it has been so helpful to read the comments on here.

I feel like I am taking two steps forward with therapy and one step back at times. I went into the surgery believing that once it was done I would feel better after 6 weeks!! OT helps tremendously and somedays I feel like I am turning a corner, then the next day I am in terrible pain. Overall though looking back you do improve, just slow process. The shortening is supposed to help stabalize the wrist as the LT is not repaired, has anyone else had this? Thanks again guys for this site. My name is Becky and I had the ulna shortening done 4 days ago.

The doctor gave me this great device that circulates cold water underneath my bandages around my incision. I love it and when I am hooked up to it I have very little pain. However, I have not been able to go more than 1 hour at a time not hooked up to it, without really bad pain. Also, any time I move my ring and pinkie fingers I have really bad pain as well! I just had surgery Saturday night for fractured wrist. I had plates and screws put in. Is this common after surgery. I also had problems with the anesthesia during surgery and my heart went crazy.

Is that normal? I will be on light duty till cast gets off and have some flexiblity in my right hand and arm. Hey Linda, How are you doing now? He never told me how many but there are 10 total. He said it seems to be healing ok but I still have very restricted movement forward and back. The supination and pronation is fine.

I am starting to think I may not get back much forward and back due to the number of screws and damage in that area. My scar bothers me too because as it heals it is pulling up and is tight. I bought a scar reduction kit today and am going to try it. You wear a clear silicon patch over the scar for 12 hours a day and after 3 months it is supposed to be much better. Are you still doing PT? If this continues, I want to get the plate out! I wish we could know if it will get better-it would save me alot of worrying!!

I am curious to know where everyone is at post surgery via pain, scarring, etc. The top part closest to my hand has become a keloid scar — it is sensitive to the touch. Does anyone know at what point the scar stops spreading? I am using Mederma but not really sure how much it helps. I wake up and the scar is a light pink color, by midday it is a very dark pink. Hi Patricia-I have major ulna pain and am really having a hard time with pronation and supination. I am 7 weeks post surgery and the pain has not lessened much at all.

Have you talked to your surgeon? Keep us posted! Anyway, believe it or not, typing has helped my supination and pronation. The pain is definitely more noticeable — again, not throbbing but more arthritic — during rainy days — thankfully it does not get that cold here where I feel it in my arm. My thumb used to be sore but after lots of stretching exercises, it is better. The distal end was in several pieces and into the joint so I have 4 screws in the body of the plate and 6 holding the small pieces together.

Every day is just a little better. Now and then I go back wards but overall it is coming along. Most of my problem now is swelling. My hand and wrist swells every day, especially after I go jogging. This causes my fingers to hurt too. My best advice is try to use your wrist and hand as much as possible. I type, wash dishes in nice hot water, play some piano, and squeeze putty while I am on the phone at work. Exercise is what is going to get you back to as close to normal as possible. Even when it hurts you need to push and do more exercise and push the range of motion as far as you can stand.

I think twice a week is minimum to go for PT. Once is not enough and then try to find a way to do all the same exercises on your own at home i. Regularly heat the area with parafin or just good warm water and then do your exercises. Always finish by icing-get a gel mitt if you can it is well worth the money. Everyone keep your chin up and work hard and you will get your movement back. The outcome is better with the most massage and exercise you can get so I am going for it. This is where I need help as it is still very swollen.

Not sure if I need both a wrist wrap and a mitt. When do you go back to the doctor? I am overall doing well, some pain on pronation and supination. I understand that arthritic type pain, my wrist feels stiff a lot of the time it hurts more going back into the neutral position following rotation and other exercises. Not tried it on my scar, have been using vitamin E cream. I broke both my ulna and radius on April 26th while ice skating on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean. I waited for my return to Houston to have surgery which resulted in two plates and, really, who knows how many screws??!!

My surgery was on May 11th and I am still in a cast past my elbow which I am really hoping to have off this Monday so I can start my physical therapy. Please keep your comments coming. I really do find them helpful. I am 9 weeks post op and am still feeling pain, it is different now and I think it is more to do with movement and starting to do more, its weird too, one moment it is stiff type pain, next it is nerve pain… It does get better slowly and looking back the post op pain was horrendous! Nik, I found the gel mitt on Amazon. Hi Nik-I got my gel mitt on icewraps.

There is one just for the wrist, too. I guess roller skating and ice skating will not be happening again for some of us! I know it can take up to a year, but the lack of movement is really frustrating. Keep posting! I made the mistake of getting a gel mitt with gel packets that you place in it vs. My second time using it, one of the gel packs exploded in the microwave and only after 1 minute.

I am returning this one and have already ordered the one off of Amazon. I have also ordered the Cicacare gel strips. I hope that it helps with the keloid part of my scar. My surgeon recommended Vit-E oil — just the oil — rubbed into the scar. I actually got mine in Krogers for a couple of dollars. Hi Linda, No Docs have not told me what any of the stiffness is due to. Going back in two weeks. Yes the lack of movement is certainly frustrating! Hi Patricia, I bought Vit E cream and put that on my scar for a little while, but started pricking a vit E capsule and pouring oil from it straight onto scar.

I know the mitt is not for scar tissue — it is to be used to help with warming up before stretching and doing PT. I am still waiting to get the mitt as well as the silicone strips. But I did pick up some putty and a ball. They have been a HUGE help in my daily exercises. The ball is from Theraband and the putty is Theraputty. I keep the ball in my car so I can keep my fingers moving when driving the kids around. The putty is awesome and can be used in so many different ways. I wish my PT had recommended some of these items long ago. I am 3 months post surgery and could have used some of these things along the way.

Okay, just got the Cicacare gel strips. Wore it for 4 hours and it really did flatten out my scar. I cannot wait to see what a 12 hour stint will do for it. HI Patricia-Where did you get the cicacare strips from? Is your scar very raised? The ulna side is still really painful…I feel like a broken record!! Hi Patricia-any news on the silicone strips? Hope everyone is getting better and healing!!

So, I am about 4 days into using the strips and I can tell immediately after I take it off that the scar is completely flat and a very light pink. You have to build up your use of this strip 4 hours one day, 8 hours next, etc. Today is the first day I am able to wear it for 24 hours but take it off for pool, shower and during exercises. It says total therapy time is months so hopefully I caught it soon enough post-surgery to see results???

I would highly recommend getting the ball from Theraband and the Theraputty. I especially see results on my tendons around my metacarpals — normally I would wake up having them tight and not being able to fully extend my fingers. If I use these two things with my home PT before bedtime, there is a significant difference. I really do wish I found this website so much earlier and that my PT recommended some of the things you have all used as well as the Thera products. Thanks so much for that Patricia! Where did you get the theraputty and theraband ball?

Maybe online? Are you coming to Maine soon? How is your ulna feeling? Glad to hear things are getting better!! I am doing a little better every day. The PT thinks I had quite a bit of soft tissue damage as well as the fracture and that will take longer to resolve.

I tried the silicone strip and had a blister come up. I am allergic to surgical tape so I think the silicone must cause the same problem for me. I am still going to therapy but will probably stop after a couple more weeks. I can build my hand strength on my own and will just keep trying to get more mobility. I actually started lifting things and pulling my car door shut and I am starting to trust it more and more.

Good luck everyone! Hey all! Hope everyone had a nice 4th of July! Rachel, glad to hear things are continuing to improve!

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Since that test came back negative…he is now just opting to remove hardware. Has anyone had this done? Thanks in advance for all of the help Blessings. I was able to go back to work the following week — typing through the bandages. I swear someone pushed me. My last cortison shot wore off 8 weeks ago and the Dr. Can use advice if you went through this too. To Ann and Cindy — I am only 7mos out and he is removing…talk to your doctor — I know for the next months I need to be careful as I can easily rebreak the wrist…..

I will let you all know how it goes…. Hi Donna-what kind of problems were you having with the hardware in your wrist?? Has you Dr. Ann, Linda, Donna, it has been 8 months since my surgery and my wrist has stiffness. But from what I understand this is pretty common. I had a lot of pain last night for some reason and was icing it. That was the first time I had that much pain. I need to call the dr. I almost took my left over oxy from the surgery but that makes me feel like crap. Donna, good luck with your surgery on the 24th. Please let me know how you do. Hi Cindy and Linda, well I went back because of the pins and needles sensation — and great pain in thumb, wrist and radiates to elbow and bicep.

Nerve damage from break or plate…. I remember when I had carpal tunnel surgery on opposite hand 10 years ago the Doctor stated that they do not know what they are getting into until they open you up???? Take care. My surgeon also said we would need to wait a year to remove the plate…this has been quite an experience…Donna, I also have the pins and needles sensation and stiffness, etc.

Hope all goes well on Thursday. Hi Linda, Thanks for the well wishes…. Talk to your doctor about possible carpal tunnel. My doctor said it is very very common after a break and he originally thought that was what was going on with me. Mine is and I am very greatful that both my doctor and workers comp case worker are working for me. I will keep you all posted on my happenings and please keep me posted on yours. I wish you the best of luck — I know since Sunday I have been wanting to cut my wrist off — ugh the discomfort is unreal sometimes.

Talk to you soon. Hi Ann Thanks for the good wishes…. Amazing huh? Has he checked you for carpal tunnel? My doctor says that is very common to set in after a break. Great site.. I had a Tfcc repair March 6th.. Just went for another MRI, and findings were Ulna abutment syndrome.. Im assuming its just doctors preference if he casts or not? I had surgery on January 15, My wrist was shattered in a car accident on Dec. It was the others guy fault that hit me. I will never have the plate removed as my wrist was shattered by the steering wheel. The pain the first 3 months was almost unbearable.

Pain pills helped but were not enough. I wanted to know if anyone had been in a similar accident and if the insurance treated you fairly. I chose not to sue the man that hit me and settle with his insurance company for his limit. Mine then took over because I have more coverage. I really wonder if any of you have had similar situation and what your insurance paid out. All the best! Linda, its also known as Ulna impaction..

My ulna bone rides to high and is causing my repaired Tfcc to tear again.. They have to go in a shorten my ulna and plate and screw it.. I had a splint for a week and then cast for nearly two weeks, I was then put back in a splint for the remainder 4 weeks. I think my doc did this for comfort reasons, as long as you are very compliant with leaving the splint on and only taking it off to shower there is really no difference between splint or cast. I am recovering okay, a lot of pain but my problem is not really from the shortening but the LT ligament, which they were unable to repair so they are hoping scar tissue will lay down over where the ligament should be and help give some strenth to that area.

Hope all goes well, just be very compliant with OT after. The therapy is painful but it does pay off! Thanks Ann and Nik.. It's a small place, but I have enough room to organize my books. I just wanted to offer a thanks for your Thanksgiving podcast. I received an email today from one of your listeners who told me that he purchased a copy of our Five Gears CD specifically because he heard a track from it on your podcast.

You are doing wonderful work to expose the joys of Celtic music to your listeners, AND to help out the independent artists. Bravo, and much appreciated! There's a calm before the storm. Vote in the Celtic Top New Rules! Head on over to BestCelticMusic. It takes me 45 to 70 minutes to drive 12 miles here in Silicon Valley. The podcast helps keep me sane. Slainte" Mae Nipp emailed: "Good afternoon, I am a school teacher and when you drop the episodes, I normally listen to them in class with my students.

It helps to brighten my mood and I so look forward to it. Have a great day! It's a quick and easy way to plug yourself into more great Celtic community. Just list the show number, and the name of one or two bands. That's it. You can vote once for each episode help me create next year's Best Celtic music of episode. I want to kick off this year celebrating the women of Celtic music. Women in music do not get nearly enough attention. One of my goals to remedy that is to do a special feature on women every three months or so.

Complete the form and follow the directions to send in music. I'll get you on the show as soon as possible. And don't forget to read my free book on promoting Celtic music in the digital era. This is a great resource for your Celtic band. I am excited to announce a brand new year for voting in the Celtic Top I made it even easier to vote in I know.

How is that possible? Last year's was the easiest ever! This year, you don't have to limit yourself to one band or two bands. In fact, you can vote for as many artists as you'd like in each show. This should make it easier to vote. Here's how I recommend you vote. At the top of the shownotes of each episode, I list every artist in that is featured in that show. You just need to copy that list into a text file on your phone or wherever.

When you find an artist who doesn't inspire, remove them from that list. At the end of the show, copy that list. Go back to the shownotes. A little down from the top of the shownotes is a link to go vote. Click the link. List the show number, paste your entire list of favorites. Add your name and email for verification. And voila. You are done. I had so many people say they couldn't decide who to vote for because there were so many great options.

I decided to reverse the process. And I tried it out last year. I found this a TON easier. Now if you have your own method, or you just want to vote for your top top favorites. But this is a method that worked well for me! Give it a try. Then go vote at bestcelticmusic. I want to thank our amazing Celtic Legends. I have used Pandora for the past few years to pipe music into these rural and remote classrooms using the lesson to determine the music that is played.

Graffiti lesson gets clean hip-hop, Romare Bearden gets Jazz, Kandinsky gets classical, and now evidently learning and painting the Color Wheel gets Celtic! Makes perfect sense to me! Thanks for the wonderful collection of songs. I've been listening to all of the earlier podcasts as so many others have done. I truly didn't think there was a single song I have not heard of the Irish ballads but I've definitely found a few while listening.

You really do a great job and I'm looking forward to a wonderful online future with the Irish and Celtic Music podcast. Listening to the podcast for this week makes washing dishes on a cool Ozark morning a great experience! My wife and I recently discovered your podcast and love it! This is the final episode of It is also your votes in the Celtic Top Every year, I ask you to vote for your favorite artists in each episode. At the end, I compile your votes into the Celtic Top These are your favorite songs and tunes of This is not in any particular order.

But these were the twenty most-popular songs and artists of the year. Now if you enjoy any of these artists, please remember to support them. Buy their music and merch. Buy tickets to shows. Follow them on Patreon or Spotify or send them a few bucks. Let's get on with the music. I was talking with a lot of my musician friends recently.

Across the board CD sales are diminishing. Yet, many artists make their living playing music. We knew this was coming but most musicians haven't found out how to adjust. So it comes down you to support the music and arts you love. In show , I listed a bunch of Celtic musicians on Patreon. Some of you who are Patrons of this Podcast already know how easy and awesome it is. If you know of any other artists there, please let me know. I'd like to update that list for Or if there is a special way you support Celtic music, email me. This past year, I was hoping to update it every week or every month.

But time prevented from doing that. So I came up with an alternative. This will be a massive list of over tracks. Please follow a link in the shownotes to follow the playlist. The playlist has followers right now. Which is fantastic. But I want it to grow. I want something that will make money for these amazing artists who so generously support the podcast.

If you're in a Celtic band and want your music heard on this podcast, go to 4celts. If you know a Celtic band that you think should be on the show, please talk to them. Tell them about our and our amazing community. My goal is to help independent Celtic bands be heard. You can make that happen. Finally, I am updating how you vote in the the Celtic Top 20 for Keep an eye on our newsletter for details. I'm a listener from Brazil, using Deezer to stay tuned on you guys daily! Keep up the good work! I think i play better thanks to your podcast, since I listened to it! I am from France and play the fiddle and the dadgad guitar.

What about a podcast dedicated to french irish music. We ll be there! My girls 2year old and 9month old and I really enjoy listening to the show while at work and at home. Many thanks from Rob and the kids - Cheers. I love your podcast! Today I was listening while on my way home from my Irish Dance class!

Here is a picture of Mt. Or as we Alaskans call it Denali! This is a picture about seven miles from my house! Which is around miles away from it! The mountain is the largest in North America! I love being able to see that mountain on a clear day! I have another podcast that you might enjoy. You'll enjoy interviews and rants on topics that affect musicians. It's part Celtic and part Geek, because that's who I am. There are over episodes to choose from that typically range between minutes long.

In one of the most-recent episodes, I share the latest Celtic Christmas albums I received through this podcast. And other Celtic Christmas music news. And sometimes, I forget to charge you like I did last month. I want to thank John T. I also want to thank all of listeners who put money in my Virtual Tip Jar to help me recoup some of that loss. You are amazing! This is your last week to vote in the Celtic Top In every episode, I ask you to vote for your favorite artists in each show. At the end of the year, I create a Best of the Year episode featuring the Top 20 songs and tunes vote on by you.

We have 49 episodes for you to vote in. All you need to do is listen to each episode, pick your two favorite artists. Then head over to BestCelticMusic. You'll find a link at the top of each shownotes. Put the show number, artist name, and your name and hit enter. It's super easy. So please go vote today! Did you listen to the final episode of the Celtic Christmas Podcast for ? I posted it on Monday. You can subscribe and listen to all 51 episodes of that podcast at CelticChristmasPodcast. You can listen at Celtfather.

But I am not a fan of corporate influence. Certainly not in politics, but also not in the music I create and share. They are doing everything themselves. Your support of this podcast helps with that mission. This show is listener supported. Instead of trying to find advertisers, I've decided to let your generosity fund the creation, production, and promotion of the show.

You'll get episodes before regular listeners, discounts on merch, and when we hit a milestone, you get extra special episodes, including a bonus episode of the Celtic Christmas Podcast that will come out next month. They are at their worst when peat cutting in the highlands. I discovered your podcast last March when I decided to try and change my lifestyle after my best friend died from a heart attack. I am now completing marathons instead of lying on the sofa drinking beer. Hope your daughter is recovering after her operation Thank you Marc You can now listen to my entire album Celtic Christmas Greetings from start to finish in that episode.

I have one more episode planned in a couple weeks. To celebrate the holiday, I have a new Christmas Music Special that is now available. And your generosity supports this show. In February this year I had to quit smoking. Thank you so much for hours of motivation and musical explorations like Daimh. I've listened to the show while rock climbing with friends, giving massages, and baking bread. Currently living in New Jersey but I travel a lot and will inevitably share this resource with people wherever I go.

I also wanted to specifically thank you for your words of solidarity with the Jewish community in Pittsburgh. It's heartening to hear Irish people and people of Irish ancestry take a stand against antisemitism and other forms of oppression operating in the world today.

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Longarm defends a wild child Fourteen-year-old Bodie may be able to take down an assailant with a two-shot derringer, but the kid is still a long way from. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Tabor Evans is the author of the long- running Longarm western series, featuring the adventures of Deputy U.S. Marshal.

We Irish and Celtic people should look at our own history, as a people exploited in our homeland and scapegoated abroad because of bigotry and anti-immigrant sentiment, as a basis for compassion and empathy with vulnerable groups today. Here's to a world free of hatred and full of music.

Every week, I'll send you 4 or 4 cool bits of Celtic music news. First, I wanted to let you know that my daughter's heart surgery was a success. She's recovering nicely. Thanks to everyone who sent their thoughts and prayers for her. I do appreciate it. I posted a new episode of the Celtic Christmas Podcast. I am a knife maker. My boss is nice enough to let me have an MP3 player at my desk, so your voice is one of several I listen to during my long evening shifts.

Funny story- I actually found your podcast while doing research for a Werewolf character. The line is from England, based on a faerie cat that was hunted to extinction some decades before the time period we played in J. She was Irish-born, and a Celtic punk rocker, and your podcast turned up when I was looking for music for her to play. Thanks for all the fantastic music. Since it's now Thanksgiving, I can officially invite you to listen listen to the Celtic Christmas Podcast. You can subscribe at CelticChristmasPodcast.

I want to thank our newest patron of the podcast: Mark K. I work as a direct care provider which means I take people who have disabilities out into the community to do fun things like walk around the sports center or movies and such. One of them in particular always says Really Joanna again? When I have it on it! Carry on your great work. I taught her son, Jack, in Tuscaloosa and we have kept in touch through Facebook. My boyfriend and I are going to Ireland soon with his brother and sister-in-law.

I am so excited! My grandmother is a Mulligan from County Cork, but never shared information about her family with us. My uncle did some research before he died, so I am going to find that to get caught up and maybe do some more of my own. Glad we found you. Please let me know if you are playing in Birmingham.

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Before get started with the news, I wanted to let you know that next week will be a rough time for me. My oldest daughter is having a very big surgery. I'm hoping I will have shows completed for you. But I feel like the world is turned upside down right now. I hope you will bare with me through the next couple months. I host two other podcasts. The Pub Songs Podcast which is currently replaying all of my albums.

It's a spoken word podcast where I share things from my adventures and thoughts that occur. Every now and then, it's highly Celtic-related. I did a recent episode on my Celtic Invasion of Oban Scotland in And most recently, I published a thought-provoking response to a recent episode by Seth Godin on "Anthems, Pledges and Change".

Give it a listen. Christmas is just around the corner. I am pleased to announce the first Celtic Christmas Podcast episode of the year is now online. While you're there, you can also check out our free podcast app available on iTunes and Amazon. Another podcaster told me recently that they had some great advertisers on their show. I was very happy for them. But the truth is, I am happier that this podcast is not influenced by record labels or publicists. The show exists first and foremost to help independent artists get heard.

It's here to introduce you to the artists who are not under the thumb of some corporation. They don't have a big budget to promote themselves. They're just making great music. That's what I want to share. No advertisers. No record labels. In return, you get episodes before regular listeners, discounts on merch, and when we hit a milestone, you get extra special episodes, including a bonus episode of the Celtic Christmas Podcast that is now online.

I also have shared it with my executor, named Riley, for his enjoyment. He is also a professional musician! I wish you well, as I do any of my ancestral countrymen both Scottish and Northern Irish. But I am a completely disabled veteran, with very limited means. Just re-listening to episode while sitting and editing photos That's what I do for a living Hoping to get a job out before the day gets too warm so I can also spend some time landscaping my back yard. Just wanted to write to tell you I love your show and give a suggestion! I'm not sure how you edit the show together, but it would be great to have chapters embedded into the feed so I could skip back to the beginning of songs I really love.

I totally realize that my suggestion would create a little more work for you overall in what is already without a doubt a labor intense process, and am definitely not saying that I would ever stop listening even if you choose not to go that route. Just wanted to provide a friendly suggestion for a feature from someone who really adores the show and feels that others might enjoy having something like that included!

I want to start by sending out my heartfelt condolences to the Jewish community in Pittsburgh. It reminds me of the attacks the Irish suffered when they first came to America. That hate is a plague. We are here for you. I wanna thank you so much for listening to the Irish and Celtic Music Podcast. There are other podcasts sharing Celtic music.

And they are fantastic. In fact, if you know of any Celtic podcast that's worth listening to, drop me an email. I'd love to share it with listeners. You are here because we're doing something a little bit different. We focus on independent Celtic music. Working together, we are helping them live a dream. We are part of something bigger.

So thank you for supporting this podcast and my dream to create an inclusive Celtic community. You'll get episodes before regular listeners, discounts on merch, and when we hit a milestone, you get extra special episodes, including a bonus episode of the Celtic Christmas Podcast that will come out this month. And finally, I want to give a huge thanks to Carol Baril. She is one of the all new Celtic Legends. Thank you Squirrel whisperer! I looked through what was played and unplayed, noticed my listening has been sporadic at best, and decided I would start at the very beginning and go up until the most recent podcast.

Well, a week and half ago, I got caught up. I've been listening to your podcast while cooking dinner, while cleaning my apartment, while driving to and from work. I also have it on when I've traveled up north and back, proving the podcast makes a great travel companion. You name it, you and the music has been in the background. Along the way, I've Favorited the Christmas music podcasts which has further proved the best way to listen to Christmas music is to have it played on Celtic instruments.

But the biggest story I want to share involves your Celtic Music Workout specials. I started listening to the first one when, completely by chance, when I went to the gym and worked the elliptical. It was a trip! The podcast got my heart rate up and kept me motivated to keep on going. I shared those two podcasts with my friend Roxanne, my nephew and niece-in-law - all of whom are long distance runners.

I also shared them with the managers of the gym that I go to. They got a bang out of listening to them and liked how the music kept the momentum up throughout the podcast. So, if you are ever inspired to create any new Celtic Music Workout podcasts, please do so. They are appreciated! Keep up the great work on the podcast. It's greatly appreciated Listen to an entire album, from start to finish, by Charmas, a Celtic fusion group out of Santa Cruz, California. This band is gonna take you on a fun emotional ride full of awesome Celtic music.

Every week, I'll send you 5 or 6 cool bits of Celtic music news. If you enjoy it, show your support. Once again, I am very pleased to share with you an album in full. From start to finish. I started this a number of years ago when I learned that DJs in the 70s would sometimes do they same. They would play an entire album from a band so you could hear what it was all about. I've done this with Jed Marum and Poitin.

But today, I'm very pleased that Charmas were kind enough to allow me to share their brand new album. Elise, their piper, fiddler and band manager has been chatting with me for several months. She inspired me to listen to their new album. And it was beautifully made and a lot of fun. Its instrumental tracks build from gentle melodies into full-on power sets, featuring various combinations of Great Highland Bagpipes, Scottish snare drum, Irish bodhran, African hand-drumming, bass and kit drums.

The grand finale is modern Experimental fusion, still rooted in Celtic music, but exploring a new direction for this diverse, and intensely creative group of musicians. Now there's only one track not included in this show and that is not podsafe. That's their recording of "The Auld Triangle". It kicks off the show. Hopefully, this episode will inspire you to check out the band and find out more about them. They are on Facebook, you can follow them on Spotify, and Elise has made several playlists with theirs and others music.

I'll add those to the shownotes as well. All they need to do is comprehend the etiquette: 1. Every year, I share ghoulishly fun Celtic songs with a fun Halloween twist. It's like costuming in song. For the past couple months, I've accidentally published episodes with explicit language. As soon as I recognized my error, I fixed the files on our host server. Unfortunately, many platforms host files on their own servers instead of Libsyn's.

This inspired a change in how I release shows. In the future, Apple Podcasts will be the only clean podcast. Explicit language may show up on Spotify or Stitcher or other podcatchers that don't pull the file directly from Libsyn each time. But if you listen on Apple Pocasts or even our free app, they will be clean if I catch it soon enough. Second, some folks have asked why many older shows don't appear in the app. Apple Podcasts only allows the most-recent episodes to appear. Finally, I've been advertising on Facebook for a few years now to promote the podcast and attract new folks.

I would love your help in doing more. It was a huge success. I'd love to get some testimonials from you that can be turned into 30 second ads. Are you interested? Email me celticpodcast gmail. Just like we are.

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Thanks also to Mary M. And finally, I want to give a huge thanks to Marianne Ludwig. This tier is newly updated. You see, when you pledge on Patreon, you can pledge per episode, but you can also set a maximum amount you're willing to donate to the podcast per month. At the beginning of every month, I will read your name and all of our Celtic Legends to the community in thanks. My sister and I pulled into the Indian Head Campground after dark while driving through Saskatchewan. If only the wee eye in my phone could capture the enormous beauty before me as the crescent moon rises and comet dust blazes fiery streaks above.

These words may have to suffice…" Charles Morley in Alabama replied to the Celtic Music Magazine email: "Really appreciate your site and messages, Marc. You do a great service to the ITM community. Don't have much of a chance to listen regularly but you present the best of a wide-ranging genre of music that would otherwise be impossible to track down and experience. News of new music CDs etc. Nothing like having some good music as you float down under that big round chute.

Longarm Westerns Kindle

If you know of any other Celtic music-loving former military airborne folks, send them our way. Age is no limitation. I am In moments when a great reel or tune is being played it provides my whole being with joy. I copy all my favourite songs to be added to a few playlists I have going on Spotify Celtic and Soft Celtic - there are over songs on the playlist already with more in line to be added. Thank you so much for all your efforts in finding and producing all this amazing music for an under-listened to but fantastic genre.

Kind regards, Ross" Subscribe to the Celtic Music Magazine. This is our free newsletter and your guide to the latest Celtic music and podcast news. Download 34 Celtic M P3s for Free. One of the things I love about the Celts is our generosity.

Here's the Latest Episode from Irish and Celtic Music Podcast – Marc Gunn:

When you can smell that there was one rotten potato in the bin of potatoes that the fast food place used to make the fries that just walked by with somebody Longarm Longarm in Paradise. For southwestern Australia things are worse: the temperate zone will move further south, and the southwestern wheat belt is probably going away. The system is rigged to work against to injure party. The light that should not have been there. In my opinion, the least bloody path to a resolution starts with the rebellion forming a credible provisional government. They pay you a small amount based on your downloads and bookend the episodes with ads.

We give with kindness and without expectation to the people and causes we believe in. Remember to support the artists who support this podcast: buy their albums, shirts, and songbooks, follow them on Spotify, see their shows, and drop them an email to let them know you heard them on the Irish and Celtic Music Podcast. I am a Celtic and Geek musician and podcaster. I've been running into a problem of recent. A lot tracks I've published in this podcast recently had explicit language. I've tried over the years to keep this show clean, free from foul language. But it's gotten difficult.

So I decided to announce a slight change to future procedures. I will still continue to to try and release a clean show, no explicit language. But I removed the clean content rating on all the feeds except Apple Podcasts. But Stringer sure as hell ain't laughing when his newspaper boss sends him to Arizona to root out the truth. And the fast gun that's trying to kill him ain't kidding. And neither are the two lusty librarians who want to check him out. The only thing Stringer knows for certain is that Tombstone is a place where the truth can get twisted tighter than a hangman's knot.

Longarm Longarm and the Redhead's Ransom. Longarm's ridin' to rescue a 'napped newlywed! Longarm fords the Rio Grande to find the kidnapped bride of a powerful Texas rancher. There's just one hitch: the Mexican government has a price on his head—and they're looking to collect it Stringer and the Deadly Flood. Lou Cameron. Everyone knows that Salton's Sink is the driest patch of greasewood in the whole damned Colorado Desert.

So when a slick land syndicate promises cheap water to a pack of greenhorn settlers, Stringer is more than a mite suspicious. One booze-thirsty engineer knows the truth about International Irrigation, but he's six feet under with a chest full of lead. Just a drunk's bad luck? Maybe, but Stringer's hanging on to his Winchester because in the Colorado Desert, the cheapest piece of land a man can buy is an unmarked grave. Similar ebooks. Longarm Double 1: Deputy U.

Tabor Evans. Double-barreled action—the first two Longarms in one volume! Ride to Crooked Lance. Pick up Cotton Younger, killer cousin of Jesse James, from the town jail. Bring him to trial. It should be easy. Except for one thing: Deputy Kincaid has already tried it. And Deputy Kincaid is nowhere to be found. Nobody at Crooked Lance wants Longarm to do his job—not the beautiful widow woman, or the Federal Agent, or the James gang—but Longarm never gives up when he has work to do. Los Perros. The Feds want it cleaned up, the cattle thieves flushed out, the vanished lawmen found. Only one man can do it….

Book 1. There his family dwells in peace and comfort: his proud wife, Catelyn; his sons Robb, Brandon, and Rickon; his daughters Sansa and Arya; and his bastard son, Jon Snow. Far to the north, behind the towering Wall, lie savage Wildings and worse—unnatural things relegated to myth during the centuries-long summer, but proving all too real and all too deadly in the turning of the season. Yet a more immediate threat lurks to the south, where Jon Arryn, the Hand of the King, has died under mysterious circumstances. All are heading for Winterfell and a fateful encounter that will change the course of kingdoms.