Smart Selling: 48 Brilliant Tips and Techniques to Boost Your Sales

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Sruthi - February 8, - Leave your thoughts. Animaker , Headline , headline formula , online videos , video tips , videos , Youtube video. Do you know the secret behind the most shared videos on the internet? It must have had some winning formula that had earned it its cadre. A headline is the gateway of your content video or blog and it creates the first impression about your piece of work.

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After carefully analyzing the headline formulas for the most shared videos, we give you some valuable insights from trusted sources and a ready to use list of headlines that can create wonders with your videos. Marlyn has sales representatives all over the country selling the contemporary line. Aside from these marketing strategies, the company makes use of social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and the Constant Contact mass emailing system that helps to keep all customers up to date on the latest designs. When marketing online, you must make sure that you are optimizing your site with good SEO search engine optimization Your tags, titles, and descriptions must match one another and be relevant to what you are selling.

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Smart Selling: 48 Brilliant Tips and Techniques to Boost Your Sales [Jeff Slutsky, Marc Slutsky] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Smart. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. With a background in both advertising and public relations, Jeff Slutsky had an opportunity to practice what he preached.

Use social networking for great promotions. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Wanelo are all great ways to promote your shop. Good Customer service. Respond prompty and try to solve any problems that come up quickly and make sure that your customers know exactly what they are getting before hand so there are no surprises.

Produce a few pieces to be donated to high profile charitable auctions, to get yourself in front of the appropriate clientele. Always be wearing one of your fantastic pieces! Then post pics when you can. I have found that most folks that sell jewelry do a good job with the layout of their subjects, but where they need assistance is on the technical aspects. I travel with my business to different vendor shows and even if the event is not lucrative in one, I find that people will tend to find our business on the social sites like Facebook and Twitter and for me that still shows support of my business.

During the second year of business I started to write about my business and my products in magazines and articles.

Currently I blog for two magazines and write for Examiner. My ultimate tip for small business owners is not to pay for something you can do for yourself and yes this does include marketing. Leave new Alyson B. Miller March 4, pm What an amazing accumulation of wisdom here Andreea! Thank you for bringing it all together and for including our tips and those of our friends at Dine Creations. Sometimes, the best advice is simplest and most overlooked! With gratitude. Thank you. This article came at a time when I really needed new inspiration to make my online jewelry business more profitable.

I needed this! Thank you so much! I have bookmarked this for future reference. My ETSY shop is successful in selling bridesmaid jewelery, hopefully organic leads will arrive to my own website as well. I found this information invaluable as I am working on expending traffic to my site to build customer base, using social media and there was much more information posted above that I can experiment with!

Great post and thanks for sharing all that wonderful feedback information from the many who have already run the course and continue to run it!!! Priceless advice! Will be starting my business in the new year… so so glad I found this article before launch. What a terrific collection of suggestions!

Wearing and having others wear your jewelry, consistency, being polite ALWAYS in public one of my own challenges , taking high quality photos…all so true. Thank you for sharing these tips! Great article. There are a lot of jewelry websites and designers all marketing similar products through similar medians. Find your niche and serve it with superior quality and service.

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Tanari Jewelry is a good example of these values. Thank you all for this amazing yet simple advise. I am working on my jewelry business first business currently as of last month. This information will help me. From what I read these seem to be some really great tips, especially working at search engine optimization, I tried it out and got frustrated, perhaps I will give it another go.

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I also find material to share from other sources that fit with my brand blogs, products I like, photos that inspire, quotes. Best wishes. Because of this, I know a ton of people who make a little bit of money off of Amazon affiliate websites, but few who make thousands. Share That has caused a scrambling to comply for a lot of webmasters. As is Location Rebel Academy.

Also the Facebook campaign seems like something I would be willing to try. Rachel, I hear you! SEO takes time, sometimes months before you see results. Hang in there and keep working at it! I see that one of the recommendations is Facebook advertising. This article was very interesting and helpful.

How to Be a Copywriting Genius: The Brilliantly Sneaky Trick You Must Learn

I do need to try doing SEO for my business myself. Thank you so much for this post. What an amazing collection of wisdom from such inspiring people! I am just starting my business and this has really helped me get a perspective on marketing my business. Bookmarked for future reference! Some great tips from fellow jewelry professionals. I have made many notes and look forward to applying them to the business. Excellent article! I have learned very much about better marketing our beautiful handmade fashion jewelry, made from custom lamp work glass beads and semi precious stones.

OMG great insight! I printed this page so I can read it slowly and highlight the ones that are more relevant to my business! Now I have some new ways to stay organized and build get the word out! I find some useful information and confirmation to whatever i have already started doing. Thank you for the information. I have an online jewelry business and it is certainly not as easy as just opening one up.

I have found with almost all searches I have done over the past few months and many hours. Most say the same thing with regards to social media. It would be great if there was a forum or website that small business owners can speak about their experiences. I find that many people hold their connections and information close to their hearts and do not really want to share. This is understandable due to competition but sooner or later we will figure it out with many hours and effort.

It is very tough market to compete in fashion jewelry , but when it is a dream and passion it will take perseverance. This is very useful, I am just getting ready to start my jewelry business and this article has made me so much more excited. Thank you very much.

My wife is a jewelry fanatic and I think she would do really well if she sold some of the pieces she creates. Thanks for sharing, I loved reading through it! I started doing jewelry 2 months ago. This information is very useful for my startup business. HBR IdeaCast Analysis and advice from the leading minds in management, including professors, scientists, authors, and other leaders across the business community, hosted by the Harvard Business Review.

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