The Pink and the Grey

Okay -- Is The Shoe Pink And White Or Blue And Grey?
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Here's why some people see this shoe as pink and white, not grey and teal

Bemused shoppers share the epic fashion fails they spotted in store and online. And this gallery shows the best of the worst fashion fails at the Met Gala Ball. Sign in. All Football.

"Wow! This is amazing, I see grey and mint green. My husband sees pink & white!"

By Rebecca Flood. Spray to go!

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Here are the best places to spray perfume for a fresher, longer-lasting fragrance. Braless Sun girl takes to the streets in a sheer top to try out Kendall Jenner's titillating new fashion trend - so would you try it? When we pushed the two weirdos who saw pink and white, they explained that they assumed the shoe was white because shoes are often white.

Were they right?

Sort of. To begin with, the process has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with either side of your brain being dominant as some posts on Facebook have claimed.

Caravan In the Land of Grey and Pink

It's also not an optical illusion either. It has to do with neuroscience, yes, but specifically how you assume illumination - light, in other words - in any given image.

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In the Land of Grey and Pink is the third album by English progressive rock band Caravan, released in April on Deram Records. It was produced by David. Pink and Gray Nursery - lots of and budget pieces in this sweet, elegant baby girl nursery! Love how everything turned out Baby girl grey and pink bedroom.

Here we go again.. Which colors are this shoe? In the simplest explanation possible, your brain automatically assumes an image's colours and manner of lighting without even you even consciously thinking about it. It's sort of like your brain creating a shortcut because understanding and examining where the light comes from, how the shadows fall on the shoe, where the colours land just takes too long.

Your brain just processes it based on what it's seen before, and then relays the information back to you and tells you that it's grey and teal or pink and white. In fact, an extensive study in the Journal of Vision in that covered The Dress phenomenon found that by "by manipulating the observers' assumptions prior to seeing the photo, we can steer how observers will see the colors of the dress.