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Thank you Mom and Dad! Your positive model and unshakeable love and support are the foundation of my actions and achievements.

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And to each of you who has donated and volunteered to help KGSF, thank you for trusting me with the resources you generously provided. Your gifts have enabled me to dig deep and aim high. You have supplied faith, backbone, courage and the strength to create an effective educational institution in a rural third-world village a continent away. You have all helped raise this seedling school in Kopeyia from its infancy.

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With your attention and care, it has grown mature and strong, and the roots of education reach meaningfully and brightly to every corner of Kopeyia. Nourishment awaits those who partake in the ripe fruit on every branch of this tree of life. Skip to content. Godwin Agbeli From until his passing in , Godwin Kwasi Agbeli served Kopeyia with tremendous effort, skill and caring. Elaine and Douglas Levin I also owe a special thanks to Elaine and Douglas Levin, who raised me to appreciate education deeply, and taught by example as they helped people less fortunate in their every day life and work.

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Those Crazy Godwin's: Thirty-five years of marriage is enough to make a person cranky, it's kind of like Wolf Brand Chili Partner, that's too dang long! Paperback. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. The Author has lived in Arkansas most of her life. She is a Certified Hypnotherapist. She has self-published 4 books and.

To you. To education. To life!

Why the Next Bachelorette 12222 is Not Hannah Godwin

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Hannah Godwin via Instagram Hannah Godwin. Hannah G. Until Colton jumped over the fence to chase after Cassie during the first half of the finale episode, most people believed Hannah G. While she introduced Colton to her family during the Hometown Dates, made it to the Final 3, and admitted she was falling in love with the former NFL prospect, Hannah G.

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While the Alabama native, who just turned 24 in February, waited with anticipation for her special night with Colton, when he finally arrived at her door, she received nothing heartache. Most women can only wonder what a man was thinking before deciding to break up with her, but Hannah G.

Nowhere in those iron-clad contracts do producers promise to be nice. Already a massive fan favorite, the self-described content creator had a solid 77K followers before appearing on The Bachelor , and now boasts a whopping K.

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While that may seem like a silly stat to mention, guaranteed audience numbers are taken seriously by producers. I feel so happy in some places. But for reasons only Bachelor Nation producers can explain, they went ahead and picked the other Hannah, Hannah B. In , Hannah G.

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