Time Management: Create Forward Momentum with Time Management (Your Personal Development Book 1)

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Finding Momentum & Productivity with Jodi and Jason Womack

I then move things around — some things go to the bottom of the list and some are deleted alltogether. Count down the time you have until the next milestone. Each morning, I count down the days or, sometimes hours! If you could answer only TWO questions, here they are…. Good morning from Quito, Ecuador. And, what are the questions I love helping people thing through?

You are personally willing to work on your own Professional Development and Leadership Skills. You are confident that a new, better, more effective way of working AND living is technically feasible.

Tony Robbins - How To Master Time Management (Tony Robbins Motivation)

Your position, your job, your product or your service has competition and that drives you to be better. You are directly responsible to more than just yourself to provide meaningful opportunities to people other than yourself. Or, are you already doing something valuable and meaningful for yourself and the rest of your world? It IS www. Mediocre sucks. Oh, and 5 days from today, Jodi and I will take a life-long dream vacation. Join us today. Click here, Get Momentum….

As a leader, you have demands on your schedule and may not have time for all the healthy habits you know are good for you. I know that taking care of yourself and your health is the best way to ensure that you are able to give your best to your work and your loved ones. Join us on March 18th, am or pm PST. As a member of Get Momentum, you can schedule a minute or a minute call with one of your coaches. We look forward to a great month of focusing on basic care skills. What we eat and drink… how and when we move… who we surround ourselves with and what other input we allow in.

Week 1: To begin the month, you will practice a most important aspect of changing habits: Track your choices.

Six Stages of Change

We started working with Level Up in through the Growth Accelerator programme. Focusing on refinement, awareness and mastery. Even one small baby step can create the shift in energy that will enable you to move solidly towards your goals. English Choose a language for shopping. Or you only get to part of it.

Each is designed to address a specific area of overall wellness: Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual. Identify — and begin experimenting with — healthy routines and habits.

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Week 4: If you want to go far AND you want to make change last and fast, go together. If you want to learn how to influence others, practice what it means to be influenced. Frances is going to celebrate her th birthday this year, and I had a lot on my mind. The previous two days had been among the coldest and the snowiest in NYC this year. The sidewalks were clear of snow, but still wet. Wet meant ice. Ice meant…. I wore my good walking shoes, and I need the fresh air and a little walk. In , I was on a path that only included Unhealthy choices. They lead a clean life. They take care of themselves, and it shows.

The answers to those questions are for you to consider. See pages of my book for an outline of identifying and strengthening your relationship to your MITs — at work and in life. The reason I ask people to think about being more productive is NOT to show them how to get more done. Rookie, in fact.

Here’s the deal:

Not just this week, not just this year, but this decade…maybe even this century. Click here…. With just a little bit of forethought, you can build a more productive mindset with these 2 tips:. Always Be Ready. When time opens up in your schedule, such as a meeting gets cancelled, you suddenly have time to handle other opportunities. Most people go back to checking email or running for coffee.

So how do you move forward, easily and joyously? Create beliefs that give you buoyancy, that clear the tangle of weeds from your path and that fuel your energy and excitement. I came across this blog post by Jared Matthew Kessler in which he talked about ways that he stays motivated and I was motivated to write a response. Jared talks about creating more reasons why to do something than reasons why not to do something. And I agree with that — but think you need to take it one step further. If you want to not only create motivation in yourself, but also be able to maintain it over time, the type of reasons to do something are also critically important.

When you are looking at your reasons for doing something — you want your reasons to be forward motivated, not away-from motivated. The issue of weight loss is a common case in point.

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Lets say you want to lose weight. This is away-from motivated — you want to move away from your body as it is right now. You want to get rid of something — the weight. The problem with this and any away-from motivation — is that as soon as you are far enough away from the pain that caused the motivation — you will stop being motivated.

And the tendency is to slip back in to your old habit of behavior. Hello weight gain and yo-yo dieting. If your motivation is forward-focused, you want to create a healthy body and tons of energy. Then you will continue to be motivated to indulge in those healthy behaviors — because you are still wanting those results.

And so, you create ongoing motivation, not cyclical motivation.

Wait! Don’t start 12222 without a complete plan!

This concept is applicable to any behavior you want to create with consistency. For example — making money. So focus on what you want to create, not what you want to eliminate and you will create powerful habits of behavior and thought with a lot more ease and joy. It is what drives your behavior. As an actress and director, I studied motivation in my characters — what desires drive my character to act as she does and what conflicting desire drives her to sabotage herself?

That understanding allowed me to create believable characters. But how can we possibly hope to influence our behavior consciously and intentionally in the real world? Most people try harder and push themselves. They beat themselves with self-recrimination, blame, and shame. And it becomes like Sisyphus pushing his boulder up the hill, only to have it roll back down.

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And the amount of energy it takes will eventually burn you out. From a Law of Attraction standpoint, it is the desire for what you want that both draws you forward motivation and draws your desires into your life serendipity or luck. It is much more energetically and ecologically sound to draw yourself forward by creating a powerful and inviting vision of what you desire, using your passion to create movement, than it is to push, manipulate and punish yourself into action.

And remember, the basic tenet of the Law of Attraction is that you get what you focus on. Bottom line — focusing on a specific and juicy vision of what you desire to create will clear the obstacles, and increase your motivation and energy to take the actions that will manifest your vision. In my experience, the most common destroyer of momentum is fear and the desire to control your speed and thereby reduce your feeling of fear. So, notice what you are doing to slow yourself down. Get wise to yourself. A body in motion will tend to stay in motion.

So, to create momentum you must get into action. Even one small baby step can create the shift in energy that will enable you to move solidly towards your goals. And be willing to be uncomfortable. So forgive me, but I may get a little woo-woo in this post. It seems to me that the law according to physics is that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, right? Why do we sometimes get a response that is out of proportion to the action we took, either in positive or negative ways?

Well, I have a theory. Our actions are taken not just on the physical plane but also on the energetic plane, as we are spiritual beings as well as physical beings. It offered us all a chance to evaluate where we were, where we wanted to go and also where we had been. This was so useful as you don't want to repeat mistakes, however you want to keep what is working well. The programme has given us time to reflect, think and commit to action points which make a difference.

Out of this, our middle leaders have become significantly more focused on producing clear, simple, achieveable plans. Sarah Todd Stanchester Academy April 19, Not only have the coaches been excellent for our participants, but they then carried that coaching on into their own schools and roles. Excellent value for money. As a growing MAT, we contracted Level Up to work with all the stakeholders, to explore the threats, opportunities and agree the next steps. This was a very successful piece of work resulting in every stakeholder agreeing that the MAT was the way forward for all of us and agreeing principles, values and vision.

This is now becoming a reality but it has been a very amicable and smooth process, if a little long. It has been worth investing the time and energy into this in order to build a trusting relationship upon which to build our MAT. We started working with Graeme at Level Up way back in Business processes are more efficient in an ever-changing business and technological environment, and the team are able to function independently of us being in the business.

Our regular coaching sessions not only increase our efficiency as a business and as business owners, but also give us peace of mind and confidence that we are moving in the right direction. After my first meeting with Graeme more than six years ago I realised that although I had run my business for a good many years there were lots of ideas, processes and ways of gathering information about the business that I had not thought of.

He was full of ideas. I now feel that I have much more control over my business.

28 Tips For Working Smarter, Not Harder

I am much more reactive to trends due to lead generation and conversion figure analysis. As the business has grown and especially the sales team it has become even more important to have processes in place for team members to follow to make the service we offer our customers as consistent as possible. Graeme has been a huge help in helping to put these processes in place. I have found in the past that running my business was often a lonely affair! Having Graeme at the end of the phone had been an enormous help and very supportive.

Graeme is a very kind and genuine guy, always happy to listen and advise. Although there have been tears at times on my part there has been much more laughter! I recommend Level Up for all of these things, as well as providing a great sounding board for me coupled with a professional and personal attitude.

Prodigy has worked with Graeme for over 6 years and in that time developed a really close working relationship. We have worked with Graeme in many capacities including staff training, one on one coaching for Directors and also attend his annual business planning day which really focusses you on your business goals. When running a business its very easy to get consumed with operations and having that quality time to discuss ideas, headaches and use Graeme as a sounding board has been invaluable for us as Directors but also training for some of our senior management.

Graeme has excellent knowledge of all areas of business within the SME market and for that reason I think makes working with him very relevant and critical to our business. He will often challenge you to consider things that typically can easily be over looked when making strategical decisions.

We have recommend Graeme to clients and will continue to do so. Graeme is a key partner in our business today but also pivotal in helping us grow and achieve both personal and business future goals. I can sincerely recommend Graeme and his ability to help businesses grow revenue and profitability and trust everyone enjoys the same success as Streamline! We have been working with Level Up since Over the time we have been working with him, we have been able to bring more structure to the business and formulate a 3 year rolling plan with proper grown up goals.

Graeme is great fun - we have long meetings in which we achieve an awful lot but they are always punctuated with laughs and the time flies. It leaves usfeeling well supported which is a wonderful thing. Having someone to bounce ideas off and who will give us an honest answer is invaluable. We would always recommend Level Up to other businesses.

Graeme has lots of experience with all kinds of organisations and businesses. Without this wealth of knowledge Teapot would not be where it is today. Kevin and I have worked with Graeme since , and he has been a key factor in our growth to date. In business, it is so easy to keep your head down when you are busy and get the job done…. He has a wealth of knowledge from working with many types of business and a genuine desire to help others. Running a business as husband and wife can be tough at the best of times but having Graeme around gives us an impartial third vote which helps us move projects forward.

For those business owners who think that they can grow their businesses themselves I would urge you to speak to Graeme as you probably can but he will enable you to get to your end goal faster with a more disciplined approach! Bookings are closed for this event. Testimonials I was introduced to Level Up through a local business networking group about 18 months ago. He has proved to be an indispensable sounding-board and without his targeted sales plan, we would not be completing our most successful year by far in 30 years of trading Our monthly meetings with Graeme provide a boost of enthusiasm and a welcome dose of reality.

We have been working with Graeme now for nearly 8 years and love every minute of his coaching. I have been working with Level Up for around four years now.