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No Knead: Muesli Whole Grain Spelt Loaves with Cherries & Pistachios
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We just cut off the bottoms and enjoyed them. This is addressed in my FAQs. I love these buns. Been doing it for years. I added some nutri blend flour to the bread flour. Love how they rise in the oven. And rebaked, like Jenny says, the best!!!!!!

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Thanks so much Jenny for figuring this all out for us! Love these rolls I make a batch every other day and double and triple batch for company.. I love to cook and bake, but bread is the huge hole in my repertoire. You have given me the confidence to give these a try! There are a lot of really good cooks on the internet. Some are very inventive and creative, but there are a couple of you that reminds me of how my mother used to cook and she was a really good cook , just great intuitive cooking, just knowing what works. My mother learned to cook from her grandmother and was undoubtedly a good cook as a teenager, and by time I was a child growing up she was an amazing cook.

When she was working she would often throw something together just to get something on the table at night there were six of us kids , but every Sunday without fail there would be a delicious family Sunday dinner that we all remember today. You remind me of her. Love the on line cook book! Thank you for the fun I have watching you, it inspires me. I enjoy cooking, especially healthy easy meals. No…not unless you want to. All I can imagine it would do would be to give it an even darker, richer color and give it a sort of glaze. Also, if you want to add anything on top of this bread, it should be washed with egg white first.

Jenny, I made these today and they are incredible! I always have trouble with bread but these came out perfectly!! So I made them again today. Then today had 6 rolls. All perfect, different sizes and beautiful crusts. Yesterday they sat on the counter for about 1 hour and then today about 2 hours.

Eat well. Do good.

MY FAMILY IS NUTS. There's only one or two of us who are sane, and when you have 17 brothers and sisters, that's a poor percentage. Mom and Dad married. Re:we kneaded each other by jane dough. Homemade Pasta Dough How to make pasta dough for the best pasta dough recipe including pasta dough for ravioli.

A very forgiving recipe! These turned out perfectly. Very easy to make. Left a cast iron skillet in the oven while preheating, and poured water into it twice during baking of the rolls. Made the crust brown and very crunchy. I am excited make another batch. Made these rolls today and we loved them…so easy and soooooo good tasting. And I am going to just cut the dough in quarters so the rolls will be bigger. Like NE Bulkie rolls. These are the BEST rolls ever, and so easy! I have made them for my family every day since I found this recipe!

I would like to make bread bowls for onion soup and I am wondering if doubling the size to maybe only 4 rolls. Since you would be doubling the size of each roll, they would need to be baked for double the time. Just baked these rolls. The are stuck to the parchment paper you may want to suggest the paper be oiled. If you can get Reynolds brand, it never sticks.

The one issue however, I find that the dough is not cooking in the center of the rolls. I did everything according to the instructions — which by the way was easy to follow. I am just wondering if the oven temp of degrees is a bit too high? Also, a hint for your fan club- I spray water on the sides of the oven and the door several times during the baking which provides a very crusty effect. This was mentioned during a cooking class many, many,s ago when we were making pizza.

Look forward to receiving your suggestions.. Thank you. Did you allow the rolls to cool? If your rolls are cutt open while still hot it will be mushy. You have to allow the bread to completely cool before eating. Jenny thanks for your recepies. Very tasty! Everyone loves them.

Yum yum yum. Made these rolls for the second time today, Jenny, and they are soooo good! Thank you so much for the recipes. Hope you are well.

No Knead Crusty Rolls - Jenny Can Cook

I am in London, Ontario. Have the rolls in the oven for the last 10 min. I love crispy bread and bun. Loaf of bread tomorrow! Thank you, Jenny, big hug.

Simple Whole Wheat Bread

I have made many of the no knead breads and they are all delicious; I made the multi-grain, rye loaf, whole wheat and raisin loaf. Where have the no knead bread recipes been all my life? I have a lot of catching up to do. The results are amazing each and every time. Can you send me recipes for rye, whole wheat and five grain no knead. I make good whitebread only. Over a five day period I have made your, Salmon patties, low fat Mac and cheese, Ziti, and most importantly for me were these rolls! My girlfriend and myself eat out a lot and I consider myself a foodie and your recipes are awesome!

These rolls are better than store bought! I meant better than restaraunt quality rolls. These remind of the bread from Cheese Cake Factory but your recipe is a lot better. I made the Ziti and these Rolls to share with my girlfriend and now she wants me to always cook dinner. Haha Life is great! Tried this overnight and there was alot of liquid in the bottom of the bowl. Do not know what I did wrong?? And shape is just perfectly round.

I adjusted the recipe so one roll is in my recipe weighs g. It gives me after proofing about g of dough. And what is most important I use your method of making a steam in the oven. I pour 1 cup of boiling water to the cast iron small pan which I preheat. Cast iron gets really hot so there is a lot of steam. Works very good. It really makes a difference. Crust is just perfect. Much better then without the steam. Thank you for you method of making steam in the oven. Now baking breads and rolls is even more fun. I also commonly increase the yeast — mainly because my yeast in jars is sometimes several months old.

Hi, Love your site. I made the rolls. They crust was to hard and like cardboard. They did not brown at all. What do you think I did wrong? By the way the inside was perfect and delish. The outside tastes very good. The only problem it is very stiff. I substituted half a cup of all purpose flour with whole wheat flour trying to be a bit healthy. Maybe this was a mistake, because when I added the 1. So I added another 3 quarter cups for a total of 2 cups of water which made the consistency a bit more like in the video.

Wow, Jenny. Fantastic buns. After spending 25 years on stage myself, I laughed right out loud when I saw that you loved to cook, and have created an amazing blog, and vlog. I really enjoy your vlogs and seeing you creating wonderful Polish food, I am Italian and have made several of your recipes! They are wonderful and so delicious. Great recipe, and let me know if you would like to sway any authentic Polish recipes for authentic Italian recipes that have been in our family for a couple of centuries.

They are from the Calabria region of Italy, where my grandparents are from. Thanks again, and it is truly great watching your blog, and vlog and how excited you get over cooking and then end result!

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Also enjoy the snarky comments, sounds like me! Larry, you said exactly how I feel about Jenny can cook. Love her humor, the recipes are as awesome as she is. Made the pork tenderloin recipe just as she did. It came out delicious. Even critical hubby loves it.. I am also Italian and my parents were Sicilian and Neapolitan.

My mom cooked mostly Neapolitan dishes.

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I should have used scissors to cut just before baking, kinda collapsed, but now they have risen in the oven so maybe they will be ok? Can I make these rolls with spelt flour? I made the regular way and there great! My husband is diabetic and spelt flour is better for him so that is why I would like to make them with spelt flour.

Any one know? Excellent beginner crusty rolls recipe! I tried this recipe because recently, my local grocery store doubled the price of their rolls. I really recommend watching the video. Especially the way the buns are shaped. Although my first batch was a little denser than I wanted maybe I did not aerate my flour enough — the no knead bread questions helped! Jenny my kitchenaid mixer died after 37 yrs, so I tried making a loaf of bread using your no need crusty rolls recipe x2, after the 3 hrs I turn it over 12 times, then shaped into a loaf and place into sprayed with pam loaf pan, let rise 1 inch higher then pan, then baked at for 30 minutes.

Let it cool few minutes before cutting. Came out great! Love all your recipes! Is it possible to make 10 rolls vs. Wondering why the 2 recipes are different. I made these rolls and they were great! I like to make my own olive oil dipping sauce for crusty bread. Have to say these rolls are so crusty and chewy, just right for dipping.

They are great for toasting for breakfast with butter and jam, too. I like them much better than English muffins or bagels. Thanks so much for the recipe. I am going to make my second batch today, they are addicting and great to have around, so much better than the bakery hard rolls that I get at Publix. I forgot to mention, I used black sesame seeds that I had on hand. I did toast them first, then followed the directions on the recipe…really really great! Love these. My only concern that did not brown as much as the picture.

Taste great, light, crispy, airy, more gold than brown. My oven was at per thermometer. These wil be great for my weekly lunch sandwiches. Thank you so much for the recipe Jenny. Will definitely be doing them again, practice makes perfect…. Hi Jenny, tried the flour to water ratio several times and my dough is still dry. Do you have an alternate with weight instead of cups.

Amazingly simple and delicious. And oh so versatile. Used your sesame addition with a whole wheat and white flour combo and really enjoyed the soft chewiness. Had just tried with more white to wheat ratio and definitely notice the crustier difference. Love how it appeals to all kinds of bread lovers!

Thanks for this!!! Made these on a friday. Ate with my homemade chicken noodle soup yesterday. They tasted great. Good for dipping in the broth. Making double batch today. Love the no kneading and just the 3 hour wait time. Jenny, these Rolls are fantastic! So easy to make, also…thanks so much for publishing this recipe.

I will definitely be trying more of your recipes! Also how do you store your bread, I usually make 2 at a time! Its purpose is to trap the steam. You can spray the loaves with water a few times, or place a pan under the bread pan as you preheat and add water when you put the dough in the oven. Thank you for this recipe. It yielded great crusty rolls.

My only gripes was my rolls was stuck to the parchment paper that we needed to cut the bottom bit off. It sounds like inferior parchment paper. If you can find Reynolds brand, nothing will ever stick to it. Hi Jenny,Just made your recipe for these fantastic rolls. They turned out nice and light and crusty with big air holes. Better than any bakery! Where did you purchase your wooden board?

I would love to have one instead of dumping the dough out onto the counter. Thanks again for another great recipe. Your videos are so quirky and fun! I have the smell of No knead rolls in the oven. I mixed in some parmesean and mixed herbs and the smell is unreal. Thanks for the inspiration. Carb Porn indeed. Just made these rolls and earlier made faster no knead bread and both recipes are amazing!!!

Smells so good here and they taste great!! NOW, my rolls look nothing like yours.

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They turned out rather flat looking. I followed the instructions to a tee. All my ingredients are fresh. Any idea why? These rolls need that initial hot blast of the oven and my oven takes 35 minutes to reach Thank you, Jenny!! I was hesitant in making these in fear of failure but so glad I attempted it ANd successful!!!! Oh so yummy!!! On my go to list for sure!! Jenny, I made these rolls and they were so good I made them again the next day. The kids loved them, the wife loved them!

Thank you for such an easy and delicious recipe. Could you tell me what Oven rung to place the tray of rolls if using light silver air baking sheet with parchment paper. Always bake on the center rack unless otherwise notes, but I do not recommend the air sheet. I made these rolls the other day, as I love the no-knead movement. They are delicious, and talk about easy!! Pretty sure it will work. I made these the other day but I put roast beef, caramelized onion and provolone cheese inside. They cooked up great it was an experiment as to whether they would be soggy!

My roommates took leftovers for lunch the next day and they reheated well. Definitely a foolproof roll! I tried it, and after the 3 hours, it was not puffy and bubbly. I dont know what went wrong. It was thick and sticky when i let the dough rest. You could try letting the dough rest overnight and see if it looks okay the next day to continue. How did the bread come out? I tried it today and it was really wet and sticky. I followed the directions and it still came out really nice. Just thought this may be helpful I just found out about this yesterday.

The yeast will not work properly. I plan on purchasing bottled water for this reason.. Hi I just tried it today but my rolls failed to puff up in spherical shape like those in your video, instead they are relatively flat. I wonder if anything goes wrong, or if there is anything to take note of? I am so thankful for this receipe. Wonderful crusty rolls without the fuss. Incidentally I mistakenly used the proportions of no knead faster bread in making these crusty rolls I looked up the wrong page but the ingredients are the same, just off in proportions a little.

Still comes out perfect. Again, they still worked like magic. Thanks, Jenny! I also have an oven that preheats rapidly. Mine is a Whirlpool.. Take 11 minutes to preheat to and my rolls and bread from your recipes come out fantastic every time! LOVE your site and recipes! Made these yesterday And 6 rolls instead of 8 seems a better size. I always put cornmeal underneath the rolls and added a combination of sesame, poppy, anise and pumpkin seeds on the top.

They were snatched up before I could blink. Jenny thank you very much for the roll receip. I will make it today and let you know how come it aut. Hi Jenny, this is the first time I baked bread. Thank God, it turn out amazing yummy. Great thanks to you. You have given me confident to start baking. Sounds to me like the yeast was old.

Burnt on the bottom? Probably put them on the lower rack not the middle. Hi Jenny, I just discovered you yesterday and today I tried your recipe for no knead crusty rolls and they turned out to be amazing! Thank you again!! Next time: Pizza dough!! Foil would be a better choice but no matter what you do, they would likely benefit from re-crisping in a warm oven.

I made it!! Thank you Jenny for your recipe. This recipe get closer in my country, Brazil to what is sold as french baguette. I doubled the ingredients to split the fermentation time: one using hot water, another with cold water overnight. Taste and weight were different, but both delicious. I hope for more! Thanks so much. I have always wanted to make bread and this looks like I could do it. Making these rolls today. Love love love! I have made these multiple times they are delish! All my friends are now making them. Look forward to more videos!!

Thank you so much for such an amazing recipe! Big hit with my family!! Your an awesome cook!!! Hello Jenny!! I made the rolls and was extremely disappointed in them. I used excellent parchment paper and they where in less then 20 minutes at and the bottoms burnt slightly, They where tough and very dense and very small. Not at all light and airy like I had hoped for or nice size!

Any suggestions to help correct this would be totally appreciated.. No sticking and they were a little taller like I wanted them. I think the added moisture helped the whole process. Jenny, add me to the list of your fans who baked these rolls using cold water and a 12 hour rise on a kitchen counter. Thank you for posting this recipe. The rolls were wonderful. As you mention on your video on YouTube, the nice thing about rolls is you can use an egg wash one whole egg and two teaspoons of water and put various toppings on different rolls.

My favorite is a little coarse kosher salt with a light dusting of onion powder. Organic sesame seeds or poppy seeds work well too. Remove bread from oven and place on a cooling rack to cool. I love this bread, but i have a terrible time SlIcing it because thE top and bottom crests are so hard. It is very moist so i donT think im over cooking it.

Hi Carol, A gummy interior can be a problem for sure. This might help. Sometimes the crust can be hard to get through. Try putting your pot in the oven when you first turn it on. As soon as the oven temp reaches drop the dough in at that point and bake according to directions. Someone in my Myspace group shared this site with uus so I came to check it out.

Superb blog and amazing style and design. This has become a traditional part of all family holiday meals. I also take it as hostess gifts. I usually do a savory bread with nuts, parmesan lemon zest and chopped fresh rosemary. I will sprinkle the top with flour and some pepita before baking. I have even had people order loaves from me at work! I think I will try adding kalamata olives next time :. Hi Kitty, I love your flavor combinations. Wow no wonder you have special orders. Would you be ok if I use your savory combination in my collection?

Kalamata olives are fabulous in the bread. Keep on baking. I followed the recipe directions spot on. I did this three times. When the 18 hours is up, I can literally pour my dough out of the bowl. Changed yeast, changed flour. If the dough is still too wet, add an additional 2 tbls. I made it twice last year around christmas time and now twice in the past month and we love it. I think my oven is a little hotter than it should be so perhaps i should bake it at a lower temp for a longer time. Also, does your parchment paper get relly brown and burnt looking? Any advice would be appreciated and thank you so much for the recipe and the video.

I think this helps a lot. You could, also, try adding 2 tablespoons more flour, lowering your oven temp by 25F degrees and baking a little longer with the lid on. I Think this helps. Thank you soooo much for this recipe! I wanted to make it more of a herb crusted loaf, so I mixed some olive oil with herbs, brushed it on the loaf, and sprinkled some coarse salt on top. It was a huge hit with my neighbours and husband, they absolutely loved it.

No Knead Crusty Rolls

This is now my go-to bread recipe! Thank you so much for sending me your success story and another great idea for heab crusted loaf. Welcome to the obsession. Sorry for the confusion. I was actually baking a loaf of cheddar bread at the same time I took the photo. The recipe makes just one loaf. However, you can easily double the dough and split it in half for two loaves.

Thank you. I figured it out though once the dough ball was ready to put in the oven. Btw, I really loved this bread. It turned out perfect- golden and crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. SO good! Will def be making this bread again. And again.

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And again…. Hello, I used for my no-knead-bread from Tupperware UltraPro dishes. They have a lid so they bake very well. Love this bread! I make this bread regularly and this works for me. Put bread tin in casserole tin and put the lid on. Take lid off after 40 minutes and further cook for 15 minutes. It's a huge hit with family and will be my go to recipe in future.

Grateful for you sharing this?? Again thank you. I am putting my loaves into the oven momentarily, Merry Christmas everyone!! This bread is a standard fare at all of my family holiday meals now, so good everyone goes nuts over it!! TJ Maxx has them for half of regular retail if you want new. Thank you!! I did sprinkle the cast iron pot with polenta instead of lining it though. Excellent recipe. Thank you so much for taking your time sharing the recipe with us.

Love your writing style too! The dough came out smelling delicious, so I know the yeast was working. My problem is trying to work with the dough after it was on the heavily floured surface. No matter how much I floured the surface and my hands, I could not get it to form into a ball. My natural instinct was to start kneading it was the bench scraper, but I can't do it with this recipe.

How did everybody else manage to make this work? Also, adding feta cheese kinda crushed up with your hands and cut up sun dried tomatoes, a little bit of oregano and about 3 tbsp olive oil, will give this perfect as is! The things you can add to it are endkess. My favorite is: Add a couple of handfuls of brown, lightly packed sugar, 1 tbs or a bit more!

WAfter the first rise, when you pour it in the floured surface, add in a handful of raisins and simply fold them in. Follow the rest of the recipe as is. You have just created a super delicious raisin bread, which is quite popular for breakfast here in Greece!!! I have made this recipe so many times in a covered iron dutch oven. It comes out perfectly every time.

I don't even have to use parchment paper. It never sticks. Great recipe! Yay, I have just baked this bread in my slow cooker insert with tin foil and it has turned out perfectly. Also a perfect bread for my Mum who has trouble with her hands. Kneading is too much for her. I will pass this recipe on. Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative , who has worked with Westerfield on planning and tenanting the project.

A former president of the 42nd Avenue Business Association and founding board member of Our 42nd Ave. Essential continued to operate in the space until January of last year and since then, Westerfield — who retained ownership of the property — has since been shepherding the project forward. Brett Schulz Architects. I loved meeting my customers and learning about my neighbors. I could tell from the beginning that Carolyn really cares about community and wants to make a lasting contribution. Carolyn is a role model for neighborhood-friendly entrepreneurship. Cully is a special place, with urban farms and homesteaders.

I wanted a space that was less than a mile from the farm. There was never a right fit until I met Carolyn and saw the Jane Dough space.