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You had a much greater impact on me than you'll ever know. Until we meet again, I miss you and I love you Sis. Melissa, your laughter and your smile will be missed. The world was so much brighter with you in it. My deepest sympathies to her family. I will be waiting for the day that we can have our sister time. I love you Missy I will miss you.

I love you sis you were always a sister for me and you will always be my sister. I will miss you so much I love you - Shane. My deepest sympathy for everyone who knew Melissa and what an amazing woman she was. You are missed girl. Your smile and strength, your ever impressive mind. This world will not be the same. My thoughts and deepest sympathies are with the family as I share in their sadness and grief. You will be missed.

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A surreal one man think tank and ridicule magnet. Stop struggling, I am trying to entertain follow the absurdist. All Things Burkenbine. - Kindle edition by Mark Burkenbine. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like.

My heart goes out to the family. May GOD watch over them during this sad time.

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Melissa was a wonderful person who I enjoyed working with for three years we enjoyed so many wonderful memories and conversations I will surely miss those special moments please rest in peace I love you God bless you. Melissa Dawn Burkenbine. Rory Burkenbine and Andy Nikki Gochenour, daughter Lily, along with a host of other family who loved her dearly. Memorial Service Friday, April 20, I enjoy walks on the beach, Easter egg hunts and vanity publishing.

Hobbies are writing, bowling and finding a cream to get rid of this rash. Turn on's : a good steak dinner, getting bills paid, and NPR. Turn off's: Starving children, War, and this rash. Goal is to one day bring peace to the world, and be debt free, happily married and have dinner regularly with all my kids. Oh, and have a beer with my brother we have never done that Hope you enjoy my stories.

Longer stories on the way. Heck, maybe this will help me find work. Thank you for your time --Mark Burkenbine.

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It is time to make it happen. Now I am good with a crowd Hopefully they will at least laugh at it. You strike me as the type that had a rough time in high school. Kind of how comic books get woven together I am going to try to put it together for a live variety show and see how it works. I expect it to be brutal at first. No Purpose! No Porpoise:! If your small house ideas involve a kitchen sink, you have it all covered.

So , how do you market that? It seems like you are spread very thin. It really is a network of projects Many pieces of it are spread out all over the internet. Stories, Scifi A lot has been completed. I am trying to get the set figured out. Keep in mind, all this is coming together with zero funds and zero training. On 'Pose!

Melissa Dawn Burkenbine

The lack of training shows. I have seen some of your 'work'. Stunning lack of production values and edit. Get used to it. The material will do fine without the slick production values.

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That is the way it is supposed to be , isn't it? I want to support myself and my family, by doing what I want to do, and being able to be there for them when they need me. We have some health issues that make regular jobs a little difficult to keep, and I aspire to one day be an employer for people who have more to offer than just setting on their ass or working for minimum wage.