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These Illinois Halloween laws might scare you
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Forsyth, outside Decatur, has one of the most unique and harsh restrictions in the state. Halloween-specific curfews enshrined in law pop up all over the state: From Chicago suburbs such as Orland Park 7 p. The college town was home to infamous Halloween mischief for years, which in resulted in thousands of dollars worth of property damage. Officials said enough was enough and did everything they could to curb the mayhem — shutting down bars, sending students home for a few days and more — until just a few years ago.

Later this month will be the first time in nearly two decades that Carbondale puts on a Halloween festival.

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Nowhere else in the state comes close to what Carbondale was dealing with. The porch light rule in Forsyth flipped on in State lawmakers earlier this year attempted to ban tackle football for kids under age And both the Illinois House of Representatives and Senate passed a bill in the middle of the budget impasse last year to enact a litany of new laws on trampoline courts. Officials instead issue safety tips, which can include recommended hours, costumes and more.

Village trustees in Carpentersville took a hands-off approach back in and left the holiday to parental discretion. Trustee Judy Sigwalt was strongly opposed to the regulations.

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Sigwalt was on the right path. Download Report Here.

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Virginia laws threaten jail for overage trick-or-treaters

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Why Gaga's meat dress is a terrible Halloween idea. If anything, officers will let teens off with a warning or a call to their parents, said Lou Thurston, spokesman for the Newport News Police Department in Virginia.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Victoria Sutton, M.P.A., Ph.D., J.D. is the Paul Whitfield Horn Professor at Texas Tech University School in Lubbock, Texas . And what time should Halloween festivities begin and end? Halloween-specific curfews enshrined in law pop up all over the state: From.

Even if they wanted to, officials acknowledge the laws are difficult to enforce. Still, they say putting the word out about the laws every year keeps too many teens from violating the bans. There's no way to know exactly how many cities have such ordinances. The National League of Cities doesn't keep track of ordinances, and states have left such matters up to the localities.

Trick-or-treating evolved out of the late medieval custom of children asking for treats in exchange for praying for the dead of the household, said Hans Broedel, a University of North Dakota history professor and expert on early traditions.

Tricks — usually vandalism and other debauchery by teens and young adults — were a big part of Halloween for a time until a conscious effort in the 19th and early 20th centuries to shift the celebration toward children, Broedel said. Top 10 haunted homes in the U.

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