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The attack was always prefigured by a distinct stiffness, which became soreness when I flexed the joint. Within a day the area was rigid and swollen. The toe joint was the usual place — my big red toe. Sometimes one foot, sometimes the other. But I also had it in my ankle, and what seemed my whole foot.

My worst attack, a year later, was in my knee; it came slowly, but within days my knee was enlarged, I could not flex my leg, nor could I walk. I was lame as though I'd been in a bad skiing accident. There was more, over the course of a few years. I did not curse the African river, or the inhospitable village, or the wicked-faced dwarf. I cursed myself for not having taken sufficient water on that trip.

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I breathed much easier, felt well rested and fresh, and most of all, the ingrained worry of having to face another day of painful gout was not there any more. ON a different note I have found the hydration comment the most important. First of all, a high purine diet does not always cause gout attacks. For years we have been told that uric acid serves no biological purpose. It can ease the pain. If a gout patient is on an uricosuric agent and excretes too much UA in the urine, be sure to take urine alkalizers, and, reduce the uricosuric agents dosage or stop taking them. This requires you to provide the URL for each allegedly infringing result, document or item.

And I read everything I could about gout. The prevailing conceit is that it's an upperclass ailment, the result of too much strong wine and red meat. An excellent and wide-ranging book, Gout — a comprehensive history and analysis by Roy Porter and G. Rousseau — is subtitled The Patrician Malady.

6 Gout Remedies that Work

But any doctor will testify, gout is impartial and classless, afflicting the indigent as well as the patrician. Anyway, the true patrician malady is snobbery, or sloth, or presumption. Because there are so many gout sufferers in literature — both authors and their characters — gout is regarded by some as a literary ailment.

Of course, plumbers are not usually memoirists. This is a partial list.

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Pritchett bewailed his gout in his autobiography, and Samuel Johnson lamented it to Boswell. Anthony Burgess grizzled about it in his memoirs. Henry VIII — known for dashing off the occasional couplet — was apparently afflicted with it. Though Nicholson quotes Havelock Ellis's view that there is a close connection between gout and genius, this seems spurious and self-congratulatory.

Joseph Conrad, often incapacitated by gout, believed his ailment was the result of his six months on the Congo River, where — as I can testify — he might easily have become dehydrated. Gout has been recorded since ancient times, but the aggressive anti-inflammatory drugs are recent, becoming available only in the s. The accounts by writers of gout attacks before then are anything but fanciful; it must have been torture to have to endure gout with only the application of poultices to make it recede, perhaps weeks later.

Desperate for relief, Dr. Johnson plunged his gouty feet into ice water and did them permanent damage. In its initial stages gout is like an unhealed wound, an unsplinted fracture, an unmitigated torment; it seems as though one is dying from the feet upward, pain laying hold of the affected area. An acute attack takes possession of the whole body and dominates it so thoroughly you cannot think straight, or eat, or sleep.

It kills the sex drive, it stuns the brain, it makes the sufferer single-mindedly miserable. No other subject or feeling can be contemplated.

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The gout sufferer sits compactly, and squints, and worries that the affected toe might be stepped on. The medicine helps, but even the indomethacin is no good, because it does not ward off an attack but only allays the swelling and inflammation. And there are side effects to this drug: bleeding ulcers, the risk of heart attacks or stroke. It is impossible not to feel like an innocent victim, because even the most puritanical life- style is no guarantee against gout.

I went to a succession of doctors, and none had a definite answer other than that my kidneys were failing to process uric acid and that the crystals at times overwhelmed my circulatory system. On any given day my healthy, reliable body — without warning — was visited by this hurt, like a warning light going on, just as red, just as hot, and then the strange glow of sudden self-punishing pain, and the days of lameness.

I was always able to control it temporarily, and that was the conundrum: Why was it possible for me to go for long periods without it? The fact that my father suffered from gout seemed to indicate that it was possibly hereditary. No one knew for sure. I kept a Gout Calendar.

4 Tips for Overcoming A Gout Flare-Up

I monitored my food intake; I tried to account for the attacks. I found that long flights — five hours or more — often brought on an attack. Anchovies unfailingly provoked symptoms of gout. Chicken and shellfish did not. Red meat and turkey often did, and one doctor told me that every Christmas the emergency rooms in hospitals were filled with gouty men — it is, by the way, an affliction that mainly visits men, an anomaly that has not been sufficiently explained by researchers.

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He continued to take Colchicine for a number of years, coupled with Purinol to help with the negative side effects of Colchicine. While his medications helped to reduce his pain, every other month, Nigel would invariably suffer from a gout attack. Nigel continued on this way for roughly 28 years, taking his medication, but never really taking an active role in the management of his disease. Nigel took a chance and started carefully studying the foods he ate and how his body reacted to the changes.

He did his best to cut out products that included dairy, alcohol, and wheat, among other things that contribute to the build-up of uric acid in the blood. To keep track of everything, Nigel started a food diary, monitoring his food intake, blood sugar, and blood pH. That way, he was able to pinpoint the foods that contributed to his gout inflammation.

He has noted that when he over-indulges, his gout will rear its head. There were the usual excuses: birthday parties and celebrations, and I got a gout attack.

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