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That was the issue. Mary was a staunch Catholic. When she came to the throne, England had begun to be transformed by the Protestant Reformation. Luther had nailed his thesis to the door at Wittenberg about 38 years earlier, In 38 years the Reformation had spread to England. Tyndale was executed and so was John Rogers. Well the Reformation infuriated Queen Mary who was Catholic, and she set out to erase the gospel of grace from her kingdom.

And the standard she used was the Mass and transubstantiation. And as I pointed out last time, the Catholic position is that in the cup and the bread after the priest consecrates it, he is doing something that has supernatural power that transforms it into the real presence of Jesus Christ.

This was repulsive to the Reformers, to the true Christians. And what they said was that this Mass, every time they did it, was another sacrifice, a re-sacrifice of Christ who would be endlessly sacrificed over and over and over and over till the end of the world, they said. English Protestants would not participate in a Mass because that would be a denial of the sufficiency of the one offering of Jesus Christ.

Just to review it, the Roman Catholic Church says the Mass is a real and true sacrifice for sins.

Concord Matters – The Smalcald Articles: The Mass Part II

Every Mass ever done by a priest is a real and true sacrifice. So there is not just one sacrifice at the cross, there are millions. The Roman Catholic view says the sacrifice is propitiatory, that is it provides a real satisfaction to propitiate or satisfy the justice of God.

It, therefore, genuinely effects the remission of sins and the punishment that could come and should come to the sinner. However, it is only propitiatory if, in fact, says Rome, the intention of the priest is pure. And if the intention of the priest is not pure, then it does not have its validity. Although, they concede, otherwise it would be pretty hard to get people to pay for a Mass if they thought it might not matter, since the priest might not have true intentions.

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It does have some minimal propitiatory benefit, even though the full efficacy depends upon the valid intention of the priest. It is a false sacrifice of a false Christ on a false altar by a false priest. They say in the Mass Christ is actually immolated. He is sacrificially killed. Christ becomes in their language the Most Holy Victim, actually present in flesh and spirit and divinity in the bread and the wine, though it appears still to be bread and wine.

It is, in fact, mystical mumbo-jumbo. Roman Catholic theology says the Mass is being offered for the redemption of the world, the redemption of the world. And as I said last time, the key to the whole thing is this transubstantiation, transforming the substance from bread and wine to the actual Christ.

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Some kind of power the priests have to call down God from heaven. They may, if they choose, eat His flesh and give Him for the food of others. Besides the power of the priest surpasses that of the Blessed Virgin because she cannot absolve a Catholic from even the smallest sin. The priest then is supposed to be endowed with power by the Bishop at his ordination. The ordination of a priest is a very important event because he is given the power at his ordination to change the bread and the wine into the literal living body and blood of Christ.

He literally is given the power to call God out of heaven and bring Him into those elements. In fact, they say the body of Christ is present down to the last eyelash and toenail. After the adoration of the consecrated Host, the uplifted hands of the priest pretend to offer God the very body and blood of Christ as a sacrifice for the living and the dead. And then in observance of the Eucharist, the priest eats Christ alive in the presence of the people. And then gives Him to the people under the appearance of bread. It is a horrific and pagan event that goes on constantly.

The congregation of the Blessed Sacrament is an organization devoted to carry out before the Blessed Sacrament a perpetual mission of prayer and supplication. There are people in that organization and a number of other organizations who spend all of their time praying to the box that contains the Host.

Roman Catholics all over the world do this. We closed out last time by saying in Roman Catholic Churches they have people sign up to come at all hours of the day to pray to the box. Now what is the source of this strange and bizarre system? Where does this come from? Obviously from Satan, counterfeit, pagan religion. We have one Mediator, the man Christ Jesus. There are no more altars. The one sacrifice was made.

There are no more altars; there are no more sacrifices. But why do they do this? Paganism has to have a… paganism has to have a… some symbols of religiosity. It has to give the illusion of mystery. It has to give the illusion of deity and divinity.

Part I: The actions along the Maas-front

It has to give the illusion of transcendence. It has to give the illusion of magic. This is just one concoction to pull it off. Just grin and bear it for a while and maybe it will help you. Some of you will appreciate this, maybe not all. How can I say this in a few words? Not a skill that I have developed through the years, by the way.

Now, think with me, okay? The New Testament conveys the idea of a composite society. Just file that, a composite society. That is to say the New Testament presents a society in the world that is composed of two factions, okay?

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Society is made up of believers and non-believers. All right, Christians and nonChristians, those who believe the gospel and those who do not, those who proclaim with others deny, those who believe what others reject. This is a composite society. We understand that. We understand that in America, we live in a composite society. It goes way back to our Constitution which understands the separation of church and state, that we are living…that's just another way to say we live in a composite society.

New Testament society then has church and state, and they are completely different, completely separate, completely distinct loyalties. And we, who live in this composite society, as Christians, must render loyalty to both the state and the church. We know that. The state demands our loyalty. It demands loyalty from every citizen to its laws. The church demands loyalty, as the Word of God is brought to bear upon those who are part of it. So we live in a two-loyalty world. Not everybody does, but we as Christians do. And the state has been given by God a sword, that is authority even to the point of death to constrain and coerce us.

This is the societal law of penalty. So the state has a sword, and the state demands our loyalty for the well-being of those who live in that state. The church also has a sword to constrain and to coerce. The church also has a sword to persuade. It is Scripture; it is the Law of God. If we do not obey the law of the state, we are physically alienated. If we do not obey the Law of God, we are spiritually alienated.

This is what the New Testament teaches. That concept which is so obvious to us is brand new in the New Testament Nobody before the New Testament ever heard of such a thing, no one. All previous societies in the world were one loyalty. Religion and the state were one. All previous societies, including Israel, were sacral, sacred societies.

That is they were unified and bound together by common religious loyalty. Government was inseparable from religion. Government wielded power in behalf of religion. No society in history…according to historians who have studied this, no society in history ever was composite. PreChristian society had no option. If you wonder about it, look at a Muslim country. What options do people living there have?

There are no composite societies. Hinduism, same thing. And it lays it out. There were Christians throughout the history of the church who understood this.

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It is idolatrous, as the Host is worshiped. There are other records that indicate also there were four children. Can you do good TAR with a bad algorithm? Publisher Information. Last Name. Also, my favorite part of this entire one-thousand-page book was when Yrene and Aelin met up for the first time in all those years.

There was no difference. In fact they pretty much saw the king as exercising divine rite. Even Israel was not a composite society.


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But the church exists as a part of a secular society. There are only Christian people living in a nation and depending upon the number of them, they have a lessor or greater influence. But along comes the early church and what happens? The emperor, Caesar. Classic sacral culture, noncomposite. Even when you went to the butcher shop to buy your meat, you bought meat at the butcher shop that had been offered to what? To idols. Christians could eat that stuff because an idol was nothing anyway. Sacral societies punished dissenters. Rome killed Christians. The New Testament taught that, but sad to say, even coming out of the Reformation, the Reformers never really applied it.

That composite society began to disappear in history very fast. Second century, third century after Christ, the composite understanding is beginning to erode. In the year , Origen, early church father, suggests that the entire Roman Empire should unite in devotion to the true God and the Lord will slay all non-believers. That was Origen. This is a call to redefine the church of Jesus Christ to make it the all-embracing society, and if they did that, God would slay all of the non-conformists. It was not long after that, , seventy-five years later, Constantine took power in the Roman Empire and did just that.

What Constantine did was say there are too many gods, too many religions. Everybody was to be a Christian. Non-Christians were punished. After the British settled the colony in the early years from , they struggled to grow enough food to survive. For them, the soil around the settlement was shallow and infertile, rainfall erratic and climate alien.

The competition invites us to think about how the objects in our lives can hold special personal meanings, and to explore capturing these stories in our own words by writing a poem about a chosen talismanic object. If you grew up in Sydney in the s or s, going to the Royal Agricultural Society's Show at the old Moore Park Showground was as important as Christmas and your birthday, and much anticipated for weeks before.

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