Patient Care Technician Exam Review (Abbreviation)

Medical Assistant vs. Patient Care Technician: What You Need to Know
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Verbal Order Standing Routine Orders One time or short order sheet some meds can only be given for 72 hours. Exam Performed which test can be done right away Patient Prepared or prepped may include diet change cardiology heart test Cardiac catheterization invasive procedure Echocardiogram Echo non-invasive exam Electtrocardiogram non-invasive exam Holter monitor monitors heart activity over 24 hrs where the patient were electrodes. Telemetry process of measuring and transmitting heart activity during hospitalization.

Read entire order prioritize and check for incomplete or illegible orders Prioritize Orders what orders in order set need be transcribed first Medication in order set, copy to pharmacy cruicial that pharmacy receive the physician medication orders Communicate the order to individual or departments enter order for exam on paper requisition, send the requisition to dept and other facilities Record on Kardex track orders, done in pencil and update as changes occur, discontinue or add.

Therapeutic diet diet that modified to improve or treat specific conditions. Apical pulses taken over chest in area of apex of heart using stethoscope. Position orders for patients comfort log roll roll used when turning the patient from side to side Enema relieves gas flatus , remove stool due to constipation, as a preparation for surgery or an exam. Q12hr Q12hr Every 12 hours elix elixir o. Right Ear A. Left Ear A. Both ears NJ nasojejunal tube noct night et and ss one half aq or H2 water qs quantity sufficient s with line over it without c with a line over it with p with line over it after a with line over it before 3 teaspoon equals 5 ml 3 tablespoon equals 15 ml 1 gram equals mg 1 kiliogram equals grams 1 milliliter equals 1 cc and 0.

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Learn medical terminology patient care technician with free interactive flashcards . See all 6 sets in this study guide Patient Care Technician Abbreviations. Abbreviations for HUC Next to last test Echo, Echolcardiogram- an exam to study structure and motion of heart. Holter Monitor PCT, patient care technician .

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NCCT Review. Example of a Patient Care Technician job summary Our healthcare company requires the services of a Patient Care Technician who can assist patients during their stay in our facility and follow programs outlined by our nursing staff. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. It is laid out in an easy to read, easy to access informational format. This NPSG also has an emphasis on improving the process. References in periodicals archive?

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