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They get adequate protein already, I just need to get rid of some roosters and don't want the hot, sweaty job of butchering them.

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Jun 19, 8. When we had a chicken killing dog we were feeding the killed chickens to the pigs.

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Did not want to encourage the behavior with the dog. We never had a problem with pigs killing healthy chickens or ducks, injured ones yes. Jul 2, 9. Messages: 4, I do it also.

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Only time we had our boar kill a bird was when our hen tureky thanksgiving dinner found Gordy sexy, she laid down for him and he found her tasty lol. It was a good 32 lb turkey.

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Jul 2, I used to do it all the time up until the time I helped a friend butcher rabbits. About halfway through the butcher day my buddy dumped some rabbit guts to the pig and next thing we knew one of his pigs was down and choking. Both the pig and us could not dislodge the offal from the pigs airway and the pig dropped over unconcious. All we could do was an imprompt switch from rabbit butchering to pig butchering to salvage the pork from the pig. Now days I just take a few minutes to dig a hole and bury the offal and carcasses.

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Messages: 9, They'll eat them. It might teach them to eat chickens in general. We pasture them together so I would rather not have the pigs thinking of the chickens as dinner. Chickens will also eat pigs, very willingly. The difference is they can't hunt them down and kill them as easily. Jul 3, Believe it or not, but I have vegetarian pigs!!! They wouldn't touch the chicken.


I gave them two roosters and they would taste, turn their nose up and walk away. I ended up removing them from their feeding area. I feed a vegetarian ration hog feed that is natural and I supplement with a lot of fresh vegetables and free range eggs.

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Read Roos: Pig can dig - Kindle edition by Read Roos. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks . Optimized for the Kindle Fire, READ ROOS are short, silly stories for beginning readers. Children are delighted when they finish the story all by themselves!.

I guess their getting everything they need and didn't want the extra protein. I wonder what the point is, since hogs are omnivores in their natural state. I bet if you leave the chickens in overnight they'd eat them. Ours always did.

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Maybe if you skinned them? I know you don't want the work, but I hate to throw away free feed I know they weren't free, but if you're gonna throw them away otherwise they're sorta free hog feed. Ha ha I'd probably hold their regular feed to make sure they made use of the chickens.

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Cliff , Jul 3, Isnt all hog food vegetarian due to diseases? All the food around here is soy protein based. Jul 4, Messages: 8, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Nose rings have been used to stop pigs from expressing their strong biological drive to use their snout to dig. Studies of porcine behaviour have shown that being unable to root is very frustrating for pigs, because the pigs can no longer express normal nesting and digging behaviour. The RSPCA says pigs must not be nose-ringed to prevent them from rooting and foraging because this unreasonably restricts normal behavioural patterns through noxious stimulation.

I agree, and strongly encourage training and providing pigs with alternatives that allow foraging behaviour while at the same time preventing adverse effects on the environment. Here are some tips to help you have a nice garden and at the same time enable your pig Sue to express herself:. Accept the fact that she needs to dig and forage and accept this activity too as part of your daily routine.

Provide a digging and foraging area where Sue can dig. Supervise your pig or restrict access to lawns, garden beds or areas that you do not want her to dig. Remember that pigs are very affectionate and curious, as well as being highly intelligent and responsive to intelligent and sympathetic treatment.

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Asian-Aust J Anim Sci. Thank you so much for putting this information together. It was on the way back that things got interesting. Please don't carry the pig in your lap. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Yeah, I know we could definitely save quite a bit of money by handling the butchering ourselves. Many commercial systems say you can increase your investment 8 fold, 50 to lbs of feed.