Blood Beneath the Water

Salty water lurks beneath Antarctica
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Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. If Blood Falls does indeed reflect their geochemical makeup, then they may carry abundant nutrients—particularly iron and silica—into the iron-poor Southern Ocean. The finding also sheds new light on the geological history of the region, says John Priscu, a polar ecologist at Montana State University, Bozeman.

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The quiet town of Summerville hides a dark secret. A secret kept so well, for so long, that no one alive remembers the horrific deaths of a group of cultists two. Scans unlock the million-year-old secret of what lies beneath Antarctica's Blood Falls. The bizarre red waterfall was originally thought to get its.

Deep brines would add a new layer to the story, he says. By Ann Finkbeiner Jun.

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By Jeffrey Mervis Jun. By Kai Kupferschmidt Jun.

Beneath The Waters (I Will Rise)

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The bacteria must have some way of recycling their energy source. Carey Reed assists in covering breaking and feature news for NewsHour Weekend's website. They provide clues as to how life could potentially develop on other planets that lack an oxygen rich atmosphere like Earth. In December , scientists and engineers led by Mikucki returned to Taylor Glacier and used a probe called IceMole , designed by a German collaboration, to melt into the glacier and directly sample the salty water brine that feeds Blood Falls. Evolutionary Developmental Biology. There are several causes, including a blood clot.

Science Insider. Jason—a secretive group of Cold War science advisers—is fighting to survive in the 21st century By Ann Finkbeiner Jun.

Scientists find large water system beneath Antarctica’s dry valleys | PBS NewsHour Weekend

Could a gut bacterium boost athletic performance? Researchers have solved another piece of the puzzle of the blood-red water at a famous site in Antarctica. The colour of the so-called Blood Falls baffled scientists when it was first discovered in and was originally thought to be the result of red algae. The sporadic release of red water was later found to be the result of the iron-rich brine turning red when making contact with the air. In particular, the chemistry of this iron-rich, brine is altered by bacteria. When the liquid oxidises at the surface, it creates the blood-red colour similar to how rust appears.

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Now, new evidence has unlocked more of its secrets as researchers discover a link to a large salt water source that may have been trapped underneath Taylor Glacier for more than a million years. Around two million years ago, this glacier trapped beneath it a small body of water full of microbes. They exist without light or free oxygen and little heat.