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That's about it.

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Where can I go to understand the game and what to do as a new player? Ah, can't really help you there. Best bet is to think of your specific question, and toss an abbreviated version of it into youtube. There's plenty of stuff out there. As a last note, I would highly advise against starting this game.

In the best case, you will get strong over the course of several months - or well over a year - and then you can engage in siege PVP, which you seem to have limited interest in given your inquiries about solo play. If you do decide to go for it, you'll experience some of the most fun and fast paced combat out there, but unless you're a rare sort of person, you probably won't feel it was worth it in the end.

Progression in this game is a largely randomized exercise in frustration, alleviated somewhat by the expenditure of real money. That isn't to say you need to spend that much, just that your life will probably be easier if you do. No guarantees though. Also, needs are lower if you happen to be content with being an average to below average geared player in a weaker sort of guild that appreciates just having more corpses to throw at their enemies to stall for time.

I was maybe slightly above average gear at the time, but below the standard "soft cap" of gear. This level of play can be fun. You don't need to spend even that much money or invest too much time to achieve this minimum level of enjoyment, especially if you pick your preferred class and stick to it without making several alts. Just understand that it doesn't get any better from there. I do not recommend playing this game for any extended period of time. Play it as a preview for fun if you must, and then move on. The quests in bdo are more of just an introduction to the zone than a leveling mechanic.

It kind of depends on clear speed. Parties have always been common for the highest level grinding spots for efficiency.

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For most other spots players now have such high ap that solo is usually optimal, but if you aren't fully clearing a rotation a party will be faster. There are party potions, though to buff your entire party. Though those are mostly for pvp. Yes and no. You can always just avoid fights by going to less popular places but often in popular grinding spots you will have to pvp occasionally to keep your spot.

Sometimes you can just group with them but often it'll end in a fight. For example I got 61 at nagas and had a fight every 30 mins during prime time. Grinding as a duo with a friend can help scare people away before they attack you.

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Guilds come with small buffs to your stats along with gathering and fishing buffs so you'd want to join one but it's not necessary. Depends what you consider end game.

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Bdo doesnt really have an end game as it's just constant grinding and upgrade failures, but if you mean sieges there is a militia system for people not in the participating guilds, though I havent used it before personally. There are value packs for dyes, some extra storage space, and lower tax on sold items so it's kind of mandatory if you want to make money efficiently. As much as I hate it I spent a ton on dyes before they put this in.

If you're just casually playing though it's not a big deal. It's per account. Mostly just grinding in a group or world pvp. This is why guilds are nice because you can simply join a casual guild and do a few node wars the tier 1 node wars are honestly more fun than the tier 3.

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I'm not sure of any youtubers but if you just google pvp guides for your class you can learn the basic rotations. If you want to learn more about the game the best way is you just watch some live streams in the background as you play. You can ask questions in chat and sometimes they'll randomly say something you just didn't know existed even after thousands of hours.

Overall bdo is a grindy game with some of the best 1v1 pvp but suffers from a frustrating upgrade system and many mandatory no matter what people say pets and weight limit are mandatory to enjoy the game cash shop items. How similar it is to BDO in terms of gameplay? I haven't got to BDO endgame. BDO seems to have more combos, while in bns you follow a set rotation of the highest dps skills.

I think bns skills are faster too. Some dungeons can be done solo, others have mechanics that require people. Raids can't be done solo - the oldest one can be duo'd if you're geared enough though.


The Desert and the Blade is the twelfth book in the Emberverse series. Órlaith, Crown Princess of Montival, and her followers are helping Reiko, Empress of Japan, and her band of loyal samurai recover the "Grass Cutting Sword", one of the three Imperial Regalia of Japan. The Desert and the Blade (A Novel of the Change) and millions of other books are available for instant access. The Desert and the Blade (A Novel of the Change) Paperback – September 6, In his Novels of the Change, New York Times bestselling author S.M.

No; PvP gear, if you find that important. However, if you find farming dungeons boring, pvp is also a good source of mats. There are also discounts on upgrades, more combat exp, etc. There is the Premium Membership if you want Holden : Yeah. Leon : Let me tell you about my mother. Leon : Nothing is worse than having an itch you can never scratch! Batty : Did you get your precious photos? Leon : [shaking his head] Someone was there.

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