How to Sleep Like a Baby, A Meditation on Psalm 3

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Diane on July 10, at am. Thank you, had trouble sleeping and found your prayer. God Is Wonderful Thankyou for these special prayers Reply. Simone on January 13, at am.

Diamond on February 18, at am. Thank you for this prayer.. Kasimma Eve on March 19, at pm. Thanks alot for the prayers. Laura on March 27, at am.

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How to Sleep Like a Baby, A Meditation on Psalm 3 - Kindle edition by Bob Saffrin. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. How to Sleep Like a Baby, A Meditation on Psalm 3 book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. The 21st century is the age of insomnia.

Gertha senatus on April 11, at pm. Thank you for all the prayers I read it every night it really help me god bless you Reply. Antwon on April 27, at am.

Can't Sleep? Here Are 3 Psalms to Read

Thank u may God be the glory Reply. Erine on May 20, at am. God bless and keep you Reply.

Sleep in Peace: Psalms Meditations (2 Hours)

Gemma on May 23, at am. Thank you so much for yours prayers may the Lord continue to bless you in every area of your life Reply. Edgar Nathan on May 24, at am. Precious on May 29, at pm.

3 Psalms for Men Who Are Struggling

Its a wonderful prayer I so much appreciate it. Tolu on August 22, at pm. Evangelist Pipi on August 23, at am. God bless you. Faye Young on August 23, at am. Thank you so much for this prayer it has been a blessing Reply. Elle on September 12, at am. This is so beautiful, sending you love and blessings from the UK! Jannet on November 8, at pm. Janice on January 1, at pm. Thank you so much Reply. Hi Helen, Thankyou for this article!

God has used enliven blog to give me timely encouragement in my life many times.

Turning to the Psalms

I just woke up from a bad dream with a strong evil demonic presence in it. Praise God, He helps me. So thankyou, and looking forward to the next one about what to do when you have a demonic dream. I have a question: Can God teach you from what happened in a evil dream? My dream was related to something I was struggling with in real life to do with ministry. Thanks and God bless!

Hi Steph, I do believe God can use and redeem every dream. I trust the new blog article is an encouragement to you! Your article excited me, finally someone who knows and understands with first hand experience. I have been having demonic attacks nearly every night for nearly 11yrs. In this time I have learnt to walk in the authority Jesus has given us kids and its only small things that happen, aimed at keeping me awake or waking me up.

I feel its time it is done with! No more. I shall approach our pastors with my darling husband and submit to their guidance to achieve full deliverance. Thank you for sharing and imparting wisdom, insight, knowledge etc.. Bless you. Hi Angie, I sure do pray for you. My healing came through two fronts… one was receiving prayer ministry for freedom, and the other was growing in faith, the Word and the revelation of the Fatherhood of God. May you receive fully His abounding grace! Hi Josephine, Thanks for your note, did you manage to read the second article?

To get the free eBook, sign up by adding your email address in the subscription box — it is available to all new subscribers. I started having demonic attack out of the blue months ago. Really terrifying. I have been through a hard few years having to walk away from a abusive family and friends. I spend 8 hours a day studying and being with God the last 3 years and have gotten very close to him.

Really felt I was getting healing breakthrough in my life. I go to a place called miracles in marketplace where there are people like me with discernment and inecessor spirit also. Many are prophetic also. Many are under attack also. Not sure if these attacks on me are targeted at this group as a whole or satans trying to stop me from stepping out? Almost like waves of color in a ocean.

Then another day I barely closed my eyes and saw the back of a 10 ft scaly tail and faces that looked demonic. One time 4 faces. But most of the time bright colors of waves. All started out of the blue. Then I started being woke up times a week with what I knew was demonic. One night i left a hallway light on knowing it was in the room shadows were moving on ceiling of my room. I felt a cold breeze blowing at me. Feel it was right beside me. I have tried taking authority.

Not looking at it. No matter what I do. Another night i was in a turbulent ocean all alone rolling around and tossing in the storm.

9 Bible Promises About Your Sleep, Dreams and Night Hours

It was lightning. My eyes are now wide awake. I felt sea sick. I almost threw up. This is Very exhausting and very real I stopped going to miracles group and church last 2 weeks and it stopped. Hopefully forever.

Sleep as a Symbol

Kind of sad because I was making quality friends there. Now I am afraid to go that all the demonic returns. God led me to these places and people and strongly guided and helped me. Alot of what I study is connected to bethel in redding. Little concerned that could open the door?? When the attack started at night It was like there was a block to see God. I know Faith is God. When God does things there is usually a purpose. Always had alot of fear of loss and betrayal and worked through alot of it.

Now enemy attacks in my weak area.

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Do you know why he would allow this? Why this happens since you experienced it.? Is there a way to make it stay away. Any info. I have spent many hours trying to find out how to deal with this and pray and then I get your email that I believe is from God for me and is very helpful. There is no downside. But there is a cost that comes with the impartation. The following is a list of practical suggestions for those wanting to grow in revelation from God.

Become childlike. Simplicity and humility of heart helps qualify a person to hear from God, while the desire to be profound is a wasted desire. What many discover after years of teaching is that the word that is simple is often the most profound. Obey what you know. The willingness to obey attracts revelation, because God is the ultimate steward, investing His treasures into fertile ground — the surrendered heart. Live in faith. Living by faith in my present assignment makes me ready for more.

Revelation comes to the one expressing faith! Then thank Him in advance. Acquire an understanding heart.