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I think the seat is pretty good since it's close to the exit in the back so I can basically leave first. Leaving first when headed to Budapest can be a real plus; since the waiting lines tend to get gigantic once inside.

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The new A is pretty comfortable. I'm 5'9 cm and the seat was good enough. No recline on any of the seats, there is a small table which is too high for laptop. Having the laptop in your laps is also uncomfortable.

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Emergency exits have no window on these flights. First row has larger legroom, but there is a wall in front, which is blocking your feet. You are the first to exit. It comes handy when the flight goes on a jetty and the back doors are locked. There are limited storage space in the overhead bin as it is used by flight personnel. There is space for one or two bags for the entire row A-F. The seat is comfortable, I haven't noticed the reduced seat width.

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As it is really close to the exit it was quite chilly to sit there and wait for everyone to get onboard it was wintertime , OTOH I was the first to leave the plane. Any of the first row seats are good. The armrests on row 1 are fixed, so that limits the space a bit. But also limits the incursion of the adjacent passenger as well. You have to be amongst the first on because the overhead bins above the seats have crew equipment in them.

This A has even wider seats than some of the legacy airlines. It's 1 inch wider than Ryanair's.

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Row 1 is generally less used than the traditional extra legrooms at 12/13, so the chances of a vacant seat next to you are good. Submitted by SeatGuru User on. For your next Delta flight, use this seating chart to get the most comfortable seats, legroom, and recline on.

It was very comfortable. Row 22 has the window just in the right place you don't have to turn your head back, or squeeze it to the seat in front of you.

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I think that legroom is a bit smaller than in Ryanair's B, but it was pretty enough for my cm of height. Nice view from this place behind the right wing. Decent legroom for a 1,5 hour flight.

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Rows are Reserved seats, and rows are XXLong Reserved seats, so you have to order those while ordering tickets. Seats are comfy, and have just enough space for your legs Seat 12 A is an Economy Class Exit Row seat that has extra legroom but it has limited recline due to the exit row behind. Seat 12 B is an Economy Class Exit Row seat that has extra legroom but it has limited recline due to the exit row behind. Seat 12 C is an Economy Class Exit Row seat that has extra legroom but it has limited recline due to the exit row behind.

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If you accept the assigned seats, or if you select seats with a value lower than your balance, the remainder of the balance can be used for buying other services. It offers a bit more legroom than the other rows appearing in gray, in the chart above. Check live train times. Continue to tickets. Interactive Seat Map. Bravo Michael, hardly a new take from Lucky on BA.

Flight 2. Flight 3. Flight 4. Flight 5.

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From Our Partners. AA uses a cigarette lighter style outlet delivering 15 volts of current. Usually, a power outlet is available on every seat in First and Business class, as well as selected rows in the Economy cabin. Outlets are located on your seat console, or mounted to the seat frame below your seat cushion. Keep in mind that power adapter cords are device laptop or DVD and model specific. Splitter or Y adaptor cords may not be used. Only one device is allowed per outlet. Use of powerports is permitted only when the aircraft is above 10, feet in altitude and the flight attendant announces that personal electronic devices are allowed.