A River Row: Andrew and Luke Fishing With Grandpa

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The lighhouse was pushed along mats by hydraulic plungers. The mats were hopscotched from behind the beacon to the front as the move progressed. Havel said that of the community and its leaders, about half were solidly against the move, including filing lawsuits, protesting and threatening proponents. Visitors to the park from now through Oct. Through July 9, the anniversary of the day lighthouse move, expanded interpretive programming will take place on the grounds of Cape Hatteras Light Station.

The decision to relocate the Cape Hatteras Light Station was a sound public policy decision based on the best science and engineering information available. International Chimney Corp. In simple terms, the concept of moving the 4,ton structure consisted of lifting it off its foundation, transferring the load to a transport system, moving the tower along a prepared move route, and installing it on the new foundation. To accomplish this feat, the original foundation down to the pine timbers was replaced by temporary shoring beams and supports.

Then a steel beam mat was inserted over the timber mat with temporary posts on top. As cross beams and main beams were set, the temporary shoring parts and beams were removed. Hydraulic jacks built into the main beams were used to effect the 6-foot raise so that roll beams and rollers could be introduced. After all jacks were shored, using oak cribbing, the system was pressurized and the jacks began lifting.

At each lift level, jacks were retracted and shored up in sequence and the system lifted again to 6 feet. At this point it was ready to roll. After it was lifted, the tower moved along to its new location 2, feet to the southwest on steel mats starting on June 17, Steel track beams became rails and roller dollies permitted the support frame to move along the track. Three zones of hydraulic jacks kept the lighthouse aligned. Push jacks, clamped to the track pulled the frame forward 5 feet at a time. The lighthouse was equipped with sixty automated sensors to measure the transfer of the load, tilt, vibration, and shaft diameter.

A weather station was installed at the top to monitor wind speed and temperature. Kill Devil Hills Ocean Rescue tells us on Facebook that they are harmless and are in the water because of phytoplankton blooms, which are their food source. This means they are more closely related to humans than jellyfish! Nova J. Butler, Jr. Nova was blessed with a great group of friends who were so faithful in visiting her regularly. She was grateful for their friendship throughout the years.

Per his wishes, no services are planned. Joann is an amazing person dedicated to helping those struggling with addiction issues. She told me about the SLTF and invited me to attend a meeting. My first SLTF meeting was eye-opening. I had never seen a group of people coming from such diverse backgrounds and occupations working together to address substance abuse issues before. SLTF meetings are educational. Until attending an SLTF meeting, like many Dare County residents I was unaware about the seriousness of the drug problems our community is facing.

Have you witnessed any changes in substance use since you have been with the task force? I work in a pharmacy, which is a front-row seat to many of the addiction issues our community is dealing with. As laws like the STOP Act come into effect, and availability of prescription opioids is diminished, many opioid users are switching to Schedule 1 illegal narcotics. This is especially frightening considering the spread of Fentanyl-based drugs across North Carolina. The potency of Fentanyl-based opioids is extremely dangerous. Some are so strong that Naloxone cannot touch them. These safe drop-off spots are well utilized.

There is good public awareness about how to safely dispose of medications and the importance of securing dangerous controlled substances to keep them away from users and children. Working in a pharmacy, we see different types of addiction all day: tobacco, alcohol and prescription abuse. Interacting with these different forms of addiction is a sobering reminder of the importance of groups like the Saving Lives Task Force.

This person was dropped off, left on the cement, by friends. This person was non-responsive when they were found. Luckily EMT got there in time to administer Naloxone and save a life. I was standing right next to them when this person was brought back. That interaction with addiction will always be with me and motivates me to stay active with the SLTF. Gray refers to his wife Jane as a partner and supporter in virtually every aspect of his community work. So they stopped at Dr. He was a commercial fisherman, a builder. In fact, he worked on the crew that built the Coquina Sunshades.

He built tons of houses, including the one I grew up in behind the Snowbird Drive-In, which he also built, and the Masonic lodge building in Manteo. He had a huge garden beside his house and he did the same with the vegetables. I loved everything he did and I went on the boat every chance I could.

His grandfather worked over crab pots, shrimped near the mainland and used nets and dips. He had an oyster bed also. He did the same with the fish they boarded.

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From those lessons, Gray made a connection between giving back to nature and giving back to the community, just as his grandfather did with the widows in the Wanchese village and the bounty he harvested from the local sound waters. And it stuck. Look out for your neighborhoods and family. His girlfriend at the time, Jane, who would become his wife, went to Norfolk to attend the nursing school at DePaul Hospital.

Once he returned, Gray leased a gas station on the Nags Head Causeway and also owned a janitorial business. In he ran for town commissioner and became mayor pro tempore. Gray was also a charter member of the First Flight Rotary Club, but as the demands of work took him to Hatteras Island, he bowed out of the political world. He kept a foot in charities and civic groups, including the Boy Scouts and the original motorcycle toy run that was sponsored by Vertigo Tattoo that Brian and Heidi Mervine. A series of storms caused the toy run to be suspended and after investigating the reasons behind the demise of the toy run, which was held in November, he decided to move it back to September, when the weather was better, and they added a three-day event in the spring to coincide with the Outer Banks Bike Week.

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Gray worked with local church groups, including the Nags Head Church, and he and Jane revived a defunct Boy Scout troop. His wife Jane was the first female scoutmaster in Dare County. It certainly is well deserved. I was recently talking about my Eagle Scout project to my son that you helped me get approved. We were beautifying the KDH town signs and you helped me prepare and present to the board. I guess that was my first taste of government and NCDOT work and it apparently left an impression on me. But the Toy Run is where Gray has placed most of his emphasis in recent years and caught the attention of the community.

A new entity and a new name, the Dare County Motorsports Charity Group, was created and this provides the group the ability to become involved in multiple events — not just the Motorcycle Toy Run, but custom car, truck and rod events, car and truck shows, as well as coordination with shows put on by other groups, such as the Outer Banks-based Cat 5 Jeepers. Gray spoke to the board, and now others direct their individual events, including the Toy Run, while Gray serves as board chair for the overarching group.

Gray seldom describes any work he has done without mentioning his wife, Jane, and her contributions, which were hands-on, in addition to the support he credits her, including her work achievements as an RN at PEAK in Nags Head. The bulk of our conversation revolved around the influences his upbringing, especially the lessons he learned from his grandfather and the way the communities where he grew up — Wanchese and Nags Head, cultivated a sense of family and contributing to the greater good.

When it came to his public service as an elected official — Gray is once again a Kill Devil Hills commissioner — he was reluctant to talk about his contributions in that field, always turning back to his family, the charities he works with, or the people who help him with his charitable endeavors. Billy Gaither Midgette Sr. Etheridge Seafood Company, as well as his personal boat as a crabber. He was lovingly referred to as Capt. Pelican, Gray Beard, and Pops. Although he retired for several years in his late 60s, idle time was not desired for Capt.

Midgette and he started back to work with his friends at Hatchell Concrete where he remained working full-time until his passing. Midgette loved spending time with his friends and family. He traveled whenever possible for drag racing near and far. His heart was as strong as his will and he shared love effortlessly with those close to him. Daily phone calls with friends and family were the norm. How lucky for all who have known and loved him. He will be greatly missed. In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by his stepfather, William F.

Jerald Craddock officiating. She was born on March 5, in Chesapeake, VA. She graduated at First Flight High School class of Caity started her retail career at a young age and always had an exceptional work ethic. She was such a loving soul to everyone she met. Caitlin will always be remembered as our sweet, beautiful Caitybug. Palmiter and significant other, Scott Sumners; her father, Matthew L. Burke and Elisa A.

Pastor Tony Facenda will be officiating. There will be a brief reception following the service. Brought to you by:. View All Coupons. View All Giveaways. Skip to main content. Search form. Simon Paul Aycock Jr. Two overnight fires damage houses in Southern Shores Rob Morris. This might be the easiest ice cream ever. No eggs are involved. No custard. No cooking. Coast Guard looking for help tracking down hoax caller Submitted Story.

Jeff Malarney named chairman of N.

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Real Estate Commission Submitted Story. Owners Grant and Natalya Sharp. Labels: Luke in Columbia , mission. Monday, August 16, Alumni Game. Duncan played goalie for the Alumni game on Friday. The odds graduated in an odd school year played the evens. The evens won 6 to 5. It was fun to watch. Labels: soccer. Saturday, August 14, The Textile Artist. It is open M-F, 11 am to 4 pm.

Bruce's Garden and the Recycle Pilla. The exhibit goes until Sept. There were 40 artists, 90 projects and they chose 44, they chose two of mine. I will have to revamp my statement and make it sound professional. I got one free for being an exhibitor. Labels: Arts East exhibit. Tuesday, August 10, Blue Ribbon Quilt. Here is the quilt that won the blue ribbon, it is in the middle of the quilt. It was a challenge quilt. We had to use one color that we drew from a box with black and white fabric.

The crayon color I picked was green. It was fun. Labels: quilt county fair. Saturday, August 7, Catherine Creek. On Saturday we took the grandkids fishing. Matt learned how to cast. Bruce caught 11 fish but had to put them back in because they were too small. Wyatt was more interested in throwing rocks in the water which doesn't work well when Grandpa is trying to fish. Thea just liked to sit in the creek and enjoy the rocks. We had a nice picnic and played water soccer. What is water soccer you ask? It is small boys throwing the soccer ball in the river and Andrew running to catch it before it is swept away.

Ben said it was hilarious and then he ran down stream and rescued the orange tiger soccer ball. Your dedication grows out of your love. A good fisherman is dedicated. That is what Norm and Lee, Jim and John told me. The good fishermen make the extra effort. Another mark of a good fisherman is that they are experienced. If you fish a lot, you learn from other fisherman. It is basic. Somebody taught you.

A grandpa. A grandma. A father. A brother. An uncle.

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If you are a good fisherman, somebody else taught you and you began to slowly develop your own experience. If you are a greenhorn at fishing, chances are you get skunked quite often. John Laakso has a Ph. Another mark of a good fisherman is you have to know the fish. You have to know what and where they are biting. You have to know where the good holes are. At what depth. What they are biting on. What they are hitting on.

You have to get the latest information from someone who knows what they are biting and hitting on. The fish are there; that is not the problem; there are hundreds and thousands of fish in the water down below you, but how to catch them is another matter. You have to learn that information from other fishermen or your past records. Another mark of a good fisherman is patience. You have to sit so long sometimes to catch those trout, to catch those perch, northerns or salmon. You need to learn to sit patiently and wait and wait and wait, trying different lures and baits and depths and speeds and holes.

They live with patience. Christ teaches you how to love. Christ teaches you how to forgive. Christ teaches you how to pray. But Christ also teaches you how to fish for people. Simon Peter had to learn. Simon had to learn a new skill, a new talent, a new ability. If there is one thing true about a good fisherman, he had to be taught by other skilled fisherman. If you are a follower of Christ, you too are learning what it means to be a fisher of people. Simon had to learn it and you and I need to learn it as well. What does that mean for us?

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What are some of the characteristics of becoming good fishers for people? As a pastor, I teach many people about what it means to love, forgive and pray. I also would like to share with you insights that I have learned about fishing for people, so that they would be caught by Christ. The first is attitude.

You need to have the right attitude to be an effective fisher of people. As a fine fisherman, you need to have the right attitude and the same in fishing for Christ. It is an infectious attitude, a contagious attitude, a positive attitude. These effective fishermen love Christ, the things of Christ, the ways of Christ, the people of Christ, the church of Christ. They love bringing themselves to church; they love bringing their families here. I could give many examples of many of you here today, e,g, Carley Marchitto, a young ninth grader, who loves Christ, loves her church, loves her Christian faith, and brings most of her girl friends to church.

Almost all of her girl friends are now in confirmation; their parents are now coming and joining the church. From the Bible, we know that a child shall lead them and Carley certainly is a leader in our church. She is enthusiastic for Christ, her faith, her congregation and her positive affection rubs off on her friends. The second thing I notice about good fishermen and women for Christ is that it does not take fancy equipment. You need to have some basic, simple equipment to do the job.

What is the simple equipment of most effective fishermen and women for Christ? The love of Jesus in your heart and for another human being. It is all the equipment that you need. Love for Christ; love for others as you are talking to your family, friends and work associates. I have discovered that people with a wealth of Biblical knowledge are not any more effective fishermen and women than others. Ask Carley or anyone like her. The longer that you are fishing for Christ, the longer you learn that unchurched people are not asking the hard of questions, Biblical questions, theological questions.

A third quality of good fishermen and women is knowing where the fish are and what they are biting on. This is very important. There are times and places where the fishing is hot, and you need to be there fishing at those times. The same is true for fishing for Christ. There are times when people are more hungry for Christ, spirituality and spiritual values. Sociological studies have been done on people who have experienced adult baptisms or reaffirmed their faith as they come back into the life of the church after being gone for five years or more.

This is true of younger couples who may be more open since they know how difficult marriages can be; younger couples sense a need for Christ in their new marriage, especially since they have experienced so much divorce among their families and friends. Also, an older couple coming to the church after having gone through a divorce, two or three divorces, and are now coming to Christ and the church looking for help and guidance, looking for the love of Christ to live inside of them.

You need to look for Christian conversations with friends or family during this time. That number is incredible, if you stop to think about it. In our crazy mixed up world today, with mass murders and school murders and sex, violence and pornography a standard diet on any television show, parents are looking for another alternative.

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rapyzure.tk: A River Row: Andrew and Luke Fishing With Grandpa eBook: Beverly Heible: Kindle Store. There is an old urban legend that reminds us that all small animals in our back yards, fields, etc, really do understand humans. Now I know this to be true.

That alternative is often the Christian community, and the power of the Christian community when Christian teenagers influence other teenagers. Many people join churches looking for a vigorous youth ministry precisely because they are worried about their children. You need to be talking with your family and friends with children.

Tell them about the wisdom of starting children early in church and how hard it is to start them later when they are more rebellious. Parents understand this.

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Be ready for these conversations. Those who think they are well do not go to a doctor. Likewise with God. Those who are not well in the spirit and know their need of God for themselves, their family, their children, they are the ones who look for Christ and are receptive to the Great Physician.

A good fisherman? You need to know where the hot holes are and fish there. You go where the holes are, where the fishing may be potentially hot. The fourth quality of a good fisherman or woman is this: you need to set the hook. When fishing for salmon, you need to set the hook.

When fishing with grandpa and the red bobber pulls down into the water, you need to set the hook. It is an art to setting the hook. Some will pull the bait out too quickly. Or waits too long. There is an art to setting the hook. So it is in fishing for Christ: you need to develop the art of setting the hook. Setting the hook refers to giving them a specific invitation. Your kids now?

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Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer my question. Cat People look similar to humans, but must mate with other Cat People before they transform into panthers. So Uhura and Chekov try to find a nuclear reactor so that they can drain some radiation which they hope can restore the ship's power. He told jokes and stories with an Irish brogue. OT was a wax job on his hand. Our foursome took full advantage of the menu, ordering two old favorites — pizza and the lasagna, and one new special — a lobster-stuffed ravioli bathed in a pesto sauce.

Your emptiness now? Children in Sunday School can invite and do invite other friends to come with them to Sunday School. I have found that confirmation kids invite their friends to come to confirmation. The last quality of a good fisherman is key: the longer you do it, the better you get.