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Insignificant—and hence autonomous, free to do what one had to do. In the end, Einstein simply left the stage.

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Elsa looks a little worried, harried; she could be thinking about the luggage, or perhaps, more seriously, about her daughter Ilse, who was ailing. The overall impression is of impatience, a desire to be done with photography and catch their train.

There is no way to read the image, except with hindsight, as the end of an era. Before they reached the train station, Einstein and Elsa had to close up their house at Caputh. There might have been a glance round the back of the house, a survey of windows shut and doors latched, and then in and out again, carrying their bags. One of them locked the door—probably Elsa, the master of all practical matters in the Einstein household. Finally, when nothing remained to be done, they walked away from the house. Einstein spoke. In exile, Einstein rethought his core political beliefs and the moral reasoning that underpinned them.

Being Einstein, he was faster to the conclusions that shift forced on him than almost all of his contemporaries. On January 30, , as Hitler took the oath as Chancellor of a republic about to become a Reich, Albert Einstein was safely out of reach in Pasadena. For the moment, there was little overt danger. Well treated by his American friends, he could be positively playful, even trying his hand at bicycling. The famous photograph of Einstein atop his two-wheeler was taken that February. He leans over, his front wheel a little askew.

He seems a trifle unsteady but he grins hugely; life is pleasant in southern California. Even after Hitler consolidated his hold, Einstein restrained himself for a while. Early in February, he even wrote to the Prussian Academy to discuss salary matters, fully as if he intended to resume work in Berlin later that year. But any illusions he may have had shattered almost immediately thereafter. On February 27, the Reichstag in Berlin burned to the ground. The crackdown on the left began immediately, with the SA and the SS competing to arrest and brutalize any perceived threat to the Reich.

By coincidence, the same day that Reichstag burned, Einstein wrote to his quondam mistress, Margarete Lenbach. Such harassment did not touch Einstein very deeply. The sharpest blows came not from the Nazis themselves but from those who had once formed his chief reason for being in Berlin, his fellow members of the Prussian Academy. While still at sea on the way to Belgium, Einstein drafted his letter of resignation from the Academy, and on arrival he gave it to the German legation, along with his renunciation of German citizenship. Subsequent events revealed the depth to which the rot had spread.

His resignation caught the government by surprise. Enraged that he had quit before he could be fired, the minister in charge demanded a proclamation from the Academy condemning its erstwhile hero. The Academy is aghast at his foreign agitation. Only one of the 14 members present supported him. Max Planck disgraced himself. He deplored both and emphasized his loyalty to Germany, no matter who was in charge.

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Your browser is out-of-date! Guidi stole a look to the door, embarrassed that his mother was banging pots and covers as a not-so-subtle hint that lunch was ready. Gifted young artist Ramona Martin was thrilled when she was hired to do some work While Guidi read, Bora took off his cap and placed it under his left arm. A small pool of saliva rose under his tongue, until he had to swallow. The Ghost Writer

Einstein through his political behavior himself rendered his continued membership in the Academy impossible. Throughout the summer of , Einstein sounded his warning about Hitler wherever he could.

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In September he visited Winston Churchill, then firmly in political exile—but while Churchill did not require much persuasion to view Hitler as a menace, he had no influence to bring to bear. By the time he spoke, he was no longer a pacifist. In September he had announced his change of heart in a letter to a Belgian war resister published in The New York Times. In late , Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassman, two scientists still working in Berlin, were wrestling with some novel results from a series of experiments in which they bombarded uranium with a newly discovered subatomic particle, the neutron.

The result was published several months before wartime secrecy would have rung the curtain down. We'd better solve it fast if we are going to run an Army.

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Bittersweet Moon 1 (German Edition) - Kindle edition by Sara Belin. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like. Bittersweet Moon 1 (Volume 1) (German Edition) [Sara Belin] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In einer verschneiten Dezembernacht.

Military spokesmen are quick to contend that, in the main, black and white soldiers get along without fighting—that they keep the military machine functioning with a good deal more integration and equal op portunity than most American civilian institutions. That is true, in large, for across West Germany black and white soldiers can be observed working together, playing in or ganized athletics and pushing truck convoys along the auto bahns.

During Oktoberfest this year, blacks and whites were seen in several German cities eating bratwurst and drinking and singing along with the Ger mans. In some instances blacks and whites could be seen drink ing in the same bars. Some Loss of Life.

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Nonetheless, blacks and whites have clashed here with increasing frequency, with some loss of life and with numerous injuries. Blacks and whites tend to go their separate ways when they relax and, for the most part, activist organizations formed in recent months have been racially exclusive. The problem in Germany Is deeply rooted in American ra cial patterns and there seem to he several reasons that the dis orders are occurring at this time. The young black soldier is displaying a far more consistent militance in reaction to inci dents of discrimination — whether real or imagined — than did his predecessors, who could be expected to swallow hard at what they considered part of the national fabric.

His immediate reactions to dis crimination now in the United States, in the military and among German tavern owners and landlords function as the trigger for numerous — almost daily—racial disorders. In addition, many younger officers have failed to respond quickly enough to rel atively simple administrative matters that eventually got out of hand and where blacks were concerned, took on racial over tones. Turnabout in Attitudes. Among the younger black sol diers—blacks make up some 13 per cent of the Army in West Germany — there has been a fairly recent turnabout in atti tudes.

Many tthought they were the first of their race to fight for the United States. In Germany today the better informed young black soldier can cite dates and places to prove that his antecedents fought — most often in num bers disproportionate to the black population—in all Ameri can wars.

Like many of the younger black soldiers, the sergeant, a native of Atlanta, is no longer content with the visible and highly publicized racial success stories, both at home and in the military. Rather, he sees a growing list of racial failures. Repres sion seems like the only thing they got for black folks—how am I going to fight for them?

The Scientist and the Fascist

The kids stripped naked on the streets. You read about killings at Kent State, in Augusta, at Jackson State — my sister was in the dormitory at Jackson State when it was shot up.

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You get fed up with it. Ain't we got the Constitu tion? What in the hell do we need with more laws? More Black Than Military. In addition to speaking up, the demeanor of many younger black soldiers is far more black than it is military. The Afro hairstyle, on which the military has long equivo cated, is invariably worn by the younger men.

On several bases young whites have picked up the sym bols, leaving the Afro hairstyle as the only exclusively black symbol of dissent. While some of the disorders have pitted young black sol diers against the Army, others have seen them clash with white soldiers. Many soldiers interviewed said that many whites had been speaking more freely of their dislike for blacks.

This has been the case among career officers and non coms as well as among new white troops. At Kelly Barracks, Heidelberg, a center of black protest and the housing area for many men who staff Seventh Army head quarters, the Confederate flag is prominently displayed in the window of the Military Police headquarters. Ku Klux Klans, Crosses. White soldiers at several lo cations acknowledged that they had been approached by other whites to set up Ku Klux Klan units in Germany. The burnings of crosses on military bases has goaded the young blacks.

In recent months racial dis orders have occurred at bases in the United States and around the world, but the large garrison force in Germany has seen the greatest number and the most serious ones. A black soldier was killed last month in Ulm by a white noncom while the soldier held a loaded pistol on two white officers. A white officer was killed several months ago when he walked into the Corso Bar in Frankfurt, an establishment frequented by blacks.

Some 15 black soldiers at tacked white military policemen in the McKee Barracks in Crails heim and freed three blacks who were being taken to the stockade, again for pretrial con finement. The three were ar rested two days later by the German police as they at tempted to go to Denmark. Close observers in Germany believe that there are many more racial incidents than are being reported. Talks with off duty soldiers tend to support them. Reporters for Stars and Stripes, the principal soldier publication in Germany, say they have been told to avoid racial stories.

Disputes Over Women.

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Many of the clashes between black and white soldiers grow out of competition for women. I consider myself a man without real ra cial prejudices, but it gets un der my skin to see a black man walking with a white woman. Blacks questioned responded similarly: They would rather not see white men with black women but did not really mind the reverse.