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22 Marketing Case Study Examples (With Template)
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The core focus for its performance marketing channel has been to drive growth forward while reducing the reliance and risk on the traditional volume drivers, namely: cashback and voucher codes. To address its objectives successfully, the entire marketing mix had to be correct and so working with Tradedoubler the planning focused on four simple areas: Place, Product, Price and Promotion.

Essence created a highly targeted, multichannel and multi-platform media campaign using tactical retargeting to help drive a younger audience to engage with The Financial Times. Based on readership and conversion rate insight, they also realised that subscribing to The FT requires a longer consideration cycle to less expensive products.

This means that the path to purchase is longer and requires a higher frequency of messaging to deliver conversions. The audience were unlikely to subscribe after simply seeing one online banner ad. Through data analysis of existing performance, they identified the optimum frequency to reach this particular audience was seven exposures, far higher than the average frequency cap applied to other campaigns. A media consumption map of the target consumer was developed which included all of the media touchpoints users would engage with through out their day. In , Waitrose. With this goal in mind, Waitrose.

By analysing this data it enabled them to measure, report on and optimise directly towards conversions caused by its programmatic display activity, ignoring users on whom it had no impact, ensuring that it was maximising the revenue seen on site and minimising the wastage caused by non-viewable and low frequency ads.

Why Are Case Studies So Effective?

This led to a significant uplift in revenue from incremental conversions over the three months, despite a flat budget. As part of a long term digital strategy, VW looked to improve personalisation of all digital communications by using targeting to deliver more test drives via personalised messages. To do this, VW first set up a targeting and segmentation decision tree in order to make bespoke journeys for consumers. This helped analyse the consumer journey throughout its site so it could then create bespoke segments of consumers.

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VW then developed display messaging for these groups to drive the user through to the next stage of the purchase funnel. Case studies are a great way to tell the world how valuable your products or services are. With great case studies, you will be able to highlight your successes in a way that will make your ideal potential customer become your customer.

Our Recommended Case Study Template

The following are some tips on how to make your case studies a powerful asset in soliciting business. Do you know who your ideal customer is? Most of them are geared toward average readers.

How You Can Use Case Studies

Sure, you can tell potential customers your marketing team is the best So while your case studies can use one or the other, don't be afraid to. According to Content Marketing Institute, U.K. marketers use, 12 different marketing tactics on average, with case studies being the fifth most.

But when you come across a how-to post specifically designed for your needs such as online marketing for the healthcare industry , then you are more likely to understand and apply the information. People enjoy reading a story.

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A great case study will allow someone to really get to know the customer in the case study including:. This would give readers the opportunity to see that your goal is not only to help with immediate needs, but also to ensure long term results. No one really likes to read one huge chunk of text, no matter how interesting and informative it might be.

5 Great Marketing Case Studies from Around the Web

Be sure to use good content formatting elements like you would with articles, blog posts, and copywriting on your website including:. In addition to providing great SEO value for your case studies page, these formatting elements will help your readers especially those that like to skim find the most important parts of your case study and get a great impression about what your business could do for them. Certain ways of displaying numbers can have an ambiguous meaning.

You will want your case study to be as clear as day. So instead of just saying you doubled their traffic, show them real numbers and if possible real proof.

Business Case Studies

Of course, remember that not everyone is as familiar with the technology as you are, so be sure to highlight what they should be noticing. This way, the reader can see where the customer began and where the customer ended up with your help.

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They can see real, tangible results. Plus having the picture proof can help the reader envision exactly what you might do for them, making the case study that much more powerful. How did you do it? This is where you sell your products or services simply by saying which ones you used and how they led to the desired result. While people like stories, case studies do not have to be fit into story form every time. You could try different types of case studies, such as an interview format where you have your clients answer the same questions mentioned earlier about what they do, their needs, their goals, and how you met them.

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They ultimately won through careful metrics analysis, creating a boatload of content, and providing up-close-and-personal access to their star players. You want to shock your audience, then explain exactly how you achieved your results — preferably with proof. No one really likes to read one huge chunk of text, no matter how interesting and informative it might be. Edition 6 : This case study looks at how Cadbury Schweppes applied an adopted business philosophy Managing for Value - refer to The Times Edition 5 to one of its core business activities: selling chocolate products to children either directly or through their parents. Edition 7 : Frosties is one of Kellogg's core products.

Quoting your customer in their own words will make the case study even more relatable to your ideal customer than you telling the story. While some people enjoy reading, others may prefer audio, video, or visual representation of your case study.