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Bonn: Psychiatrie-Verlag. The intention is to examine community-based initiatives designed to respond to the needs of women, children and young people who have been the victims of violence, exploitation or trafficking. Through the adoption of an advocacy approach the research project is designed to proactively promote the voices of service users in order to gain a clearer understanding of their needs, expectations and demands of victim support services.

A further element of the work is concerned with scoping existing initiatives in partner areas and using this information to identify patterns of provision, together with gaps in services and barriers to access for specific groups and individuals. Consideration will also be given to the effectiveness of multi-agency approaches. The project will seek to examine whether lessons can be learned from existing models of good practice and if these can be generalised to provide overarching principles for the development of more effective policy and practice.

A specific output from the project will be the production of case study materials that can be disseminated for inter-professional and inter-agency training purposes. It is intended that research outputs will be used to assist in developing the direction of future work. At the heart of the project is the intention to support Daphne III's aims to promote the 'positive treatment', 'well-being', equality and 'self-fulfilment' of those who are the victims of violence, exploitation and trafficking.

How to create safety for battered women? Conclusions from several decades of research and practice in Europe. Social Change Review, 9 1 , Findings from a European research project Daphne programme ]. Alice, 12 1 , Gunderson, Connie Lee A Comparative analysis of community focused initiatives aimed at supporting women, children and young people who have been the focus of violence. Klinische Sozialarbeit, 7 3 , Violence, exploitation and trafficking: Service user perspectives. Daphne Project III. Growing up with German and Israeli parents who lived through the disasters of the National Socialism — Explorations of identity issues Research on types of reminiscing as well as memories of victims of the Nazi Regime among German and Israeli citizens who survived National Socialism has increased in recent years.

However, some aspects of the impact the Nazi regime on sons or daughters of Germans and Israelis who lived through the era still remain to be explored. The purpose of the project is to contribute towards filling some gaps in the current state of the art. The intention is also to foster scientific collaboration and address some problems pertinent to both cultures and the field of social work.

We aim to explore subjects' experiences of growing up with German and Israeli parents who lived through the dramatic conditions under National Socialism. Specifically, we are interested in identifying attachment patterns, self-concepts, adopted values and indices of psychological well-being among our informants. Both in-depth interviews and self-report questionnaires will be utilized for data collection. This study is designed to be gender-specific and will seek to compare previously unstudied experiences of German and Israeli individuals whose parents lived through the genocidal dictatorship.

Eli Somer, Haifa University. Gahleitner, Silke Birgitta Ed. The generation s after the Holocaust: Israel and Germany exchanging experiences [special topic]. Klinische Sozialarbeit, 4 online issue. Paderborn: Junfermann. Klinische Sozialarbeit, 9 4 , Opladen: Budrich. Growing up with German and Israeli parents who lived through the disasters of the National Socialism: Explorations of identity issues. Research proposal. Transgenerationelle Weitergabe traumatischer Erfahrungen am Beispiel des Holocaust und Nationalsozialismus [Transgenerational transmission of traumatic experiences based on the example of the Holocaust and National Socialism].

Catamnesis survey — Therapeutic residential youth groups in Berlin This includes severe traumas, bonding disorders, personality disorders, neuroses, psychoses, eating disorders, self-inflicted injuries, addiction, social disorders etc. These adolescents are not only in need of educational help and social support by psychologists and therapists but are also legally entitled to receive this help. The major difference between usual flat-sharing communities for adolescents and therapeutic residential youth groups does not lie in a stay that is supported over a longer amount of time but a basically different quality of help.

Support includes a professionally applied understanding of clinical pictures, vulnerability, dynamics as well as the ability and scope of adolescents via the interdisciplinary support-team. This study should display the combination of approaches - concerning both quality and quantity - and half-structured interviews on the one hand, and quality-assuring surveys and test procedures on the other hand.

With this modus operandi one is able to have a wider look at the topic top-down and bottom-up. The triangulation of results offers the possibility to explain the results as good as possible, discuss ideas and approaches that are based on these results and develop new questions and answers. Arbeitskreis der Therapeutischen Jugendwohngruppen Berlin Ed. Therapeutisches Milieu als Angebot der Jugendhilfe. Konzepte und Arbeitsweisen therapeutischer Jugendwohngruppen in Berlin [Therapeutic environment as an offer of youth welfare].

Berlin: Verlag Allgemeine Jugendberatung. Konzepte und Arbeitsweisen therapeutischer Jugendwohngruppen in Berlin. Band 2: Beziehungsangebote, Diagnostik, Interventionen [Therapeutic environment as an offer of youth welfare. Volume 2: Relationship offers, diagnostics, interventions]. Band 3: Wirksamkeit und Perspektiven [The therapeutic environment as an offer of youth welfare. Volume 3: Effectiveness and perspectives]. Berlin: Verlag allgemeine jugendberatung.

The person-centred approach to complex trauma]. Trauma and relationship work in residential care]. Bonn: Psychiatrie- Verlag. Teil I [Creating a therapeutic milieu: trauma and relationship work in residential institutions for children and adolescents. Part I]. A contribution to residential children and youth work]. Soziale Arbeit, 60 7 , Teil II [Creating a therapeutic milieu: trauma and relationship work in residential institutions for children and adolescents.

Part II]. Komplexe Anforderungsprofile: Ergebnisse aus einer Katamnesestudie Therapeutischer Jugendwohngruppen [Complex specification profiles: outcome of an Catamnesis survey of therapeutic residential youth groups]. Klinische Sozialarbeit, 5 4 , Was wirkt in Therapeutischen Jugendwohngruppen? Ergebnisse einer triangulativen Studie [What works in therapeutic adolescent residential groups? Results of a triangulative study].

Results of a study on residential youth welfare units. Today's Children Are Tomorrow's Parents, 35 1 , Katamnesestudie therapeutischer Jugendwohngruppen - Eine retrospektive Aktenanalyse zur Untersuchung von Einflussfaktoren auf den Erfolg [Follow-up study of therapeutic living groups for adolescents - Retrospective analysis of files to examine influential factors for their success]. Quality of life of tumour patients following surgery and reconstruction of the oro-mandibular region.

The contribution of the hospital clinical social work service to psycho-social care Co-operative project between the hospital clinical social work service of the unit for oro-mandibular and facial surgery of the Heidelberg University Hospital and the Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences, Berlin. Severe impairments of the quality of life due to tumor diseases are omnipresent in oncology. Nevertheless clinical care often lacks a psychosocial approach of this problem as well as sufficient offers to accompany and support patients in their extremely changed all day life.

Pressures can be so profound that psychological comorbidities develop. This includes anxiety disorders, depressive reactions or posttraumatic stress disorders. In these cases patients usually turn to staff of the hospital's social work service. Quality assurance concerning psychosocial support and help for coping with mental illnesses is gaining increasing importance. Though especially in so-called "softer areas" like psychosocial care and coping-support, quality assurance is a more complex venture than in medical or pharmacological care. Hard, easy to operate criteria still are an exception to the rule.

Therefore one should involve examinations that are combined under aspects of approaches concerning both quality and quantity and half-structured interviews on the one hand and methods of testing concerning symptoms on the other hand. With this attempt one is able to gain a deeper and more detailed insight into the subject.

To gain a deep and detailed insight into the subject this co-operative project included an explorative panel study. The contribution of the hospital clinical social work service to psychosocial care]. Stuttgart: Lambertus. URN: urn:nbn:de:bszpsydok Journal of Anxiety Disorders, 56 , Zhang, X. Do health-related factors predict major depression? A longitudinal epidemiologic study. Zlomuzica, A. Deficits in episodic memory and mental time travel in patients with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung / Forum: Qualitative Social Research, Vol 11, No 2 (2010)

The influence of frontal alpha-asymmetry on the processing of approach- and withdrawal-related stimuli—A multichannel psychophysiology study. Journal of Neural transmission, , — Universal Happiness? Psychological Assessment. Advanced online publication. How to Identify Narcissism With 13 Items? A cross-cultural study in Germany, Russia, and China: Are resilient and social supported students protected against depression, anxiety, and stress? Psychological Reports.

Cai, D. The bidirectional relationship between positive mental health and social rhythm in college students: a three-year longitudinal study. Frontiers in Psychology, Cwik, J. Information order effects in clinical psychological diagnoses. What does migration mean to Us? USA and Russia: Relationship between migration, resilience, social support, happiness, life satisfaction, depression, anxiety and stress. Coleman, J. Separate and combined effects of genetic variants and pre-treatment whole blood gene expression on response to exposure-based cognitive behavioural therapy for anxiety disorders.

The World Journal of Biological Psychiatry. Heinig, I. Optimizing exposure-based CBT for anxiety disorders via enhanced extinction: Design and meethods of a multicentre randomized clinical trial. International Journal of Methods in Psychiatric Research. DOI: 1 0. Heim, E. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology. Lukat, J. Predictors of incidence, remission and relapse of axis I mental disorders in young women: a transdiagnostic approach.

Margraf, J. Merten, E. Overdiagnosis of mental disorders in children and adolescents in developed countries. Psychotherapist trainees' professional self-doubt and negative personal reaction: Changes during cognitive behavioural therapy and association with patient progress. Psychotherapy Research. Preusser, F. Generalization of extinguished fear to untreated fear stimuli after exposure.

Genome-wide expression ans response to exposure-based psychological therapy for anxiety disorders. Translational Psychiatry, 7 8 : e Rudaz, M. The moderating role of avoidance behavior on anxiety over time: Is there a difference between social anxiety disorder and specific phobia? PLoS One, 12 7 : e Psychological Assessment, 29 11 , Wealth, justice and freedom: objective and subjective measures predicting poor mental health in a study across eight countries.

SSM — Population Health.

Positive and negative mental health across the lifespan: A cross-cultural comparison. International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology. Costs an benefits of self-efficacy: Differences of the stress response and clinical implications. Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews, 75, Siegmann, P. Resilience to suicide ideation: A cross-cultural test of the buffering hypothesis. Sommer, M. Psychiatrische Praxis. Positive mental health moderates the association between depression and suicide ideation: A longitudinal study.

Satisfaction guaranteed? How individual, partner, and relationship factors impact sexual satisfaction within partnerships. Sexual excitation and sexual inhibition as predictors of sexual functioning: A cross sectional and longitudinal assessment. Psychophysiological reactivity of currently dental phobic-, remitted dental phobic- and never-dental phobic individuals during exposure to dental-related and other affect-inducing materials.

Behaviour Research and Therapy, 90, 76— Frontiers in Psychology. Computers in Human Behavior, 71, The dopamine D2 receptor mediates approach-avoidance tendencies in smokers. European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience. DOI Frontiers in Psychology, 7, Comparing Facebook users and Facebook non-users: relationship between personality traits and mental health variables — an exploratory study.

The circular structure of values: The case of China. International Journal of Psychology. BMC Psychology, Machulska, A. Approach bias modification in inpatient psychiatric smokers. Journal of Psychiatric Research, 76, From neuroleptics to neuroscience and from Pavlov to psychotherapy: more than just the "emperor's new treatments" for mental illnesses? Dysfunctional attitudes and anxiety sensitivity in the manifestation and first onset of social anxiety disorder versus specific phobia and healthy: A prospective longitudinal study.

Psychology, 7, Schindler, B.

Professor Markus Hausmann

Ways of Acquiring Flying Phobia. Depression and Anxiety, 33 2 , The effects of daily stress on positive and negative mental health: Mediation through self-efficacy. International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology 16, Remission of suicidal thoughts: Findings from a longitudinal epidemiological study. Perceived burdensomeness and suicide ideation in adult outpatients receiving exposure therapy for anxiety disorders.

Behaviour Research and Therapy, 85, Archives of Sexual Behavior. The Journal of Sexual Medicine, 13 3 , — DOI: Velten, J. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 45 2 , Erratum to: Lifestyle choices and mental health: a representative population survey. Large group exposure treatment: a feasibility study in highly spider fearful individuals. Catastrophizing misinterpretations predict somatoform-related symptoms and new onsets of somatoform disorders.

Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 81, Behavioural Brain Research, , PlosOne, 10, 2. Published online February 18th, Changing the future, not the past: Towards a translational paradigm shift in treating anxiety disorders. EMBO Reports, 16, Psychological health and aims of aesthetic surgery seekers. Clinical Psychological Science, 3, Kleim, B. Simply avoiding reactivating fear memory after exposure therapy may help to consolidate fear extinction memory — a reply.

Psychological Medicine, 45, Maercker, A. Personal value orientations as mediated predictors of mental health: A three-culture study of Chinese, Russian and German university students. International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology, 15 1 , Pfaltz, M.

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Metabolic decoupling in daily life in patients with panic disorder and agoraphobia. Journal ofPsychiatric Research, 68, Status quo und Agenda. Increased perceived self-efficacy facilitates the extenction of fear in healthy participants. Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience, Zur Lage der Psychologie. Psychologische Rundschau, 66 1 , Psychological health and aims of aestheric surgery patients. Lifestyle choices and mental health: a representative population survey. Sleep enhances exposure therapy.

Psychological Medicine, 43, Mosig, C. Enhanced discriminative fear learning of phobia-irrelevant stimuli in spider-fearful individuals. Evaluation of a practice team-supported exposure training for patients with panic disorder with or without agoraphobia in primary care — study protocol of a cluster randomised controlled superiority trial [ISRCTN].

Trials, 15, DOI Episodic memories in anxiety disorders: Clinical implications. Journal of Anxiety Disorders, 28 , De Albuquerque, J. Learning processes associated with panic-related symptoms in families with and without panic disordered mothers. Gao, Z. China Journal of Health Psychology, 21, Jenny, M.

Simple Rules for Detecting Depression. Bentz, D. Glucocorticoids enhance extinction-based psychotherapy in virtual reality. Schneider, S. Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics, 82, Margraf, J.

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Well-Being From the Knife? Psychological Effects of Aesthetic Surgery. Vriends, N. Associative learning in flying phobia. Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry, 2, Is ADHD diagnosed in accord with diagnostic criteria? Overdiagnosis and influence of client gender on diagnosis. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 80,1, Ich glaube, dass weniger oft mehr ist.

Psychotherapie im Dialog — PID, 13, Manz, R.

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Primary prevention of anxious and depressive symptoms in adolescents. Journal of Public Health, 9, German Journal of Psychiatry,14, 2, Schelling, S. Relationship between motivation for weight loss and dieting and binge eating in a representative population survey. International Journal of Eating Disorders, 44, Wilhelm, F. The influence of state anxiety on the acquisition and extinction of fear. Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry, 42, De Quervain, D.

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[Criterion Validity of the German Version of the CES-D in the General Population].

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