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Journey to Freedom
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Freedom from the Pain of Grief and Disappointment Learn how to overcome anger associated with loss Work through stages of grief Understand what forgiveness and acceptance mean for you.

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Freedom from Fear Identify types of fear Develop tools to overcome rage and anxiety Build a life of faith, surrender, passion and courage. First Name. Last Name. Phone Number. What is your preferred contact method?

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Paul Downtown St. Personal inspiration? Prison Ministry? The mission of the Journey to Freedom Foundation, a c 3 charitable corporation, is to distribute copies of the book " Journey to Freedom: 30 Days to Forgiveness and Hope.

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Our goal is to help those imprisoned by their sense of failure and who are trying to change and rebuild their lives through a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. As the title suggests, the book promotes freedom, forgiveness and hope for the future.

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This ministry is donor-supported and run by committed volunteers. A Spanish edition is now available. Long after the human atrocities have occurred, all we remember are the numbers. We remember there were six million victims of the Holocaust and one million casualties during the Vietnam War. As usual issues involving human lives become overshadowed by numbers that relegate people to the status of mere statistics. We remember the numbers, but we forget the human faces behind them. We forget that people, whether they be refugees or not, are mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, sons and daughters.

History books and newspapers purport to telling the facts, but facts do not only consist of numbers. Human experience is real; human suffering is real, and so are the stories that capture them.

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We need stories to restore the human face to such atrocities. Numbers become concrete and meaningless. Stories, in essence, are timeless, transcendent. We need these stories to give human faces, not numbers, to the refugees who arrive on our shores; to refugees used as numbers in an unbalanced political and social equation. This is one of those stories. My parents have been in Australia for almost fourteen years, but scarcely does the number come up. Throughout my childhood, I have heard fragments of our experience fleeing Vietnam, like snippets of an old, barely visible movie.

My memories are few and far between, but my parents recall it with vivid accuracy. On that Thursday evening, they told their story for the first time. My father said the trip had been planned for months. The vessel that would take us to our freedom was a dishevelled, barely sea-worthy fishing boat about twelve metres long and three metres wide.

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It could only hold about forty people, but would be forced to hold twice its capacity. The night we left my mother recalls having never said goodbye to my grandparents—she could not even tell them where we were going.

Journey To Freedom

It was a heartbreaking deception, but much like what we experienced as refugees, it was done out of necessity, not choice. Before we left, the boat was loaded with cargo, in the hopes that it would hide the human cargo it was to contain. At that time, many were still fleeing Vietnam and the authorities fiercely guarded the coasts.

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Only several years earlier, if you were caught trying to escape you would have been shot. At the time we chose to leave, if you were caught, you were captured and imprisoned.

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We left just after the last drops of light had trickled from the horizon. The final glimpse any of us got of our homeland was of a large black mass of land and the distinct silhouette of wind-ruffled coconut palms.

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I was four, my sister was eight and my brother was ten. My parents shielded me from the pain of the experience through deception, much in the same way they had my grandparents. The next morning we were out of Vietnamese waters and well on our way across the South China Sea. We had overcome the first obstacle, but any security we felt was brief because we knew the potential dangers that lay ahead. The greatest fear confronting all Vietnamese refugee boats at that time was having to cross the waters of Thailand and come across a Thai fishing boat. These boats were occupied by people whose brutal acts had earned them the title of pirates.

They deliberately sought out Vietnamese fishing boats, knowing we were vulnerable. They were most interested in our belongings, but that was not all they stole.