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keep your pecker up
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Keep your pecker up, James,' he added, in a tone which the patron and the bully spoke at once. Add to Churchillian speeches that encouraged Britons to keep their pecker up during those trying times. The link to the list ' ' has been copied. You have reached the maximum word limit. The Partridge Calamity.

It seems that, contrary to public perception, size really does matter, especially when it comes to fertility, as a new study suggests. Men who are infertile are also less well endowed. Having a shorter appendage was more common in men who were struggling to conceive, than in those with other genital health problems. The research, to be presented at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine Conference in Colorado, is the first to link penile length with fertility.

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It found that on average, men who were infertile were around one centimeter shorter than their fertile counterparts. Those without reproductive issues had an average length of Dr Austen Slade, from the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, who led the study, said healthy men should not begin to fret over their size and their chance of becoming a father.

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He said underlying conditions that caused infertility, such as hormonal issues or problems in the testes, may also lead to a shorter penile length. The study looked at data on men visiting a health clinic between and As we expected, there were lots of little phrases that were slightly different from the American English version, our favorite being the British phrase "Keep our peckers up" found in Chap.

The American version contains the somewhat tamer phrase "Keep our spirits up".

Keep Your Pecker Up, Kiwi

I assume the two mean approximately the same thing. So my question is, "pecker" is slang for "pensu" over here.

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What's the meaning and origin of the phrase 'Keep your pecker up'?. The pecker in question is probably not a penis, I think it may come from Woody Woodpecker? Or possibly pecker meaning your beak so equating to looking up?.

What's it mean across the pond? I'd read that as 'keep our noses up', that's my first impression anyhow.

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However in another google link, a dictionary one, has 'peckish' meaning hungry. I always felt it meant being nervous. Though maybe peckers and peckish are totally different or perhaps 'peckish' and slanged towards the use of being nervous. Pecker - Beak - Face - Chin? This is a very novel idea but the study does not tell us what a normal penile length is. It does not say if the shorter penis found in the study is abnormal.

More research is needed.

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Keep your pecker up

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