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Topic: Duolingo. Any Good Spanish Songs? July 9, Here are a few songs.

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July 10, These are great! Eey91 Plus If you also like poetry try Silvio Rodriguez. I could recommend Sin miedo a nada - Alex Ubago ft.

I love all of these. I really like these. A fun way to learn the lyrics. I find this one catchy and very danceable: Bebe - Como los olivos This has been a huge hit in Mexico, I believe: Camila - Alejate de mi If you like a bit more old-fashioned sound, I recommend searching for Maria Dolores Pradera; she performs a pick of most beautiful classics, mainly South American.

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One of the saddest songs I've ever heard: Maria Dolores Pradera - Alazan The first song I've ever learned in Spanish, one of my favorite choices for karaoke to this day :D Mecano-Hijo de la luna Gloria Estefan - Hoy And finally, telenovelas are one of the best sources for silly catchiness! Romeo Santos - Rival ft.

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Enrique Iglesias - Loco Re-Edit ft. Romeo Santos - Odio Feat.

Hostal Van Gogh Sevilla 1 - Picture of Hostal Vincent Van Gogh, Seville

Drake Lyric Video - Romeo Santos Van Gogh included sketches of the composition in this letter as well as in a letter to Gauguin, written slightly later. Theo proposed to have it relined and sent back to him in order to copy it. Both paintings were then sent back to Theo.

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In The Bedroom the miniature portrait to the left recalls van Gogh's Peasant of Zundert self-portrait. The one to the right cannot be linked convincingly to any existing painting by van Gogh.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the Vincent van Gogh painting series.

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For the Roy Lichtenstein painting, see Bedroom at Arles. F JH First version, October Oil on canvas, 72 x 90 cm, Van Gogh Museum , Amsterdam.

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Second version, September Oil on canvas, 72 x 90 cm, Art Institute of Chicago. Third version, end September Oil on canvas, Archived from the original on