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Yo no soy yo (Italian translation)
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http://archon.cardiffwomensaid.org.uk/japan-as-anything-but.php I wanted to thank you for this unforgettable experience! Above my expectations! All organized in detail and thanks to you I visited places that alone I would not be able to see. I met fantastic people, including you and I hope to be able to leave as soon as possible for a new journey to some other wonderful place. Smells, colors, people and emotions that I will always carry in my heart. Thanks letmeitalianyou, It is just the beginning. For me it were a unforgettable days in a beautiful place with wonderfull team.

I think I can tell that it were intensive days, but even work was a really pleasure and I felt just like I spent time with friends. If you want visit beautiful places, take a good photos and meet new friends from all over world you should join any "Discover I hope to see you all again. Thanks to all of you for this great experience that I'll never forget It was a pleasure to share with you this trip and learn a lot of new things not only about photography, even a bit of Italian language.

It saddens me that the experience has ended so quickly, but I hope to be able to share new moments with you very soon in another project. Thank you twins for all your efforts and your attention, for worrying about the welfare of the participants, and for making these projects better and better, not only for the new destinations, but also for improving the quality of the workshops, of which we have could learn a lot and improve in photography.

Ti mando tutti molti baci! My second experience with LetMeItalianYou has been unforgettable! Marrakesh is a colorful and wonderful city and they allowed me to see it.

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These two guys have created the opportunity to travel, to improve yourself as a photographer and to meet beautiful people with the same passion. There are no words to describe it! These projects have given me the will to travel more and more Massimiliano and Gabriele made all things perfect and it is not really easy in such a caothic place like Marrakech. They are really beautiful and kind and funny persons. Our twins are the only one in the world!

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Uno sconosciuto accanto a me (Italian Edition) - Kindle edition by Marilena Barbagallo. Cosa proveresti se ti svegliassi imprigionata? Questo è ciò che accade a Lena Morozov, prelevata con la forza dal Settore Zero per portare a Amir Shakib è pura oscurità, è marcio dentro, conosce il dolore, ma non lo sente più. Uno sconosciuto accanto a me (Italian Edition) eBook: Marilena Barbagallo: rapyzure.tk: Amir Shakib è pura oscurità, è marcio dentro, conosce il dolore, ma non lo sente più. Cinque stelle non mi bastano, ma è tutto quello che ho.

Soooo special and patient also! The group of guys I met this time was amazing! We have shared wonderful moments laughing, shooting and sharing our common love about photography, improving our skills with the Master Yan Pekar and also with local photographer Sala..

Marrakech is a magical place … when we left the city we were crying for how much we will miss it and will miss the old and the new lovely friends. The city of Marrakech is a mix of colors, people, animals, traffic jams, sunshine and thousands of handmade shoes, hats, bags, oils, perfumes that catch your eyes and nose instantly and never let you go. When you've just been gobsmacked by the absolute absence of rules and order through the streets, immediately after you are amazed by the smile of people that you've never met before. It's a strange city that fascinates the heart in a strange way.

Let Me Italian You project puts together people from all over the world, and in just a few days you can learn a lot about photography, life and humanity itself. It's the second experience for me with this project and it's really going better and better. Many thanks to Massimiliano and Gabriele.

I just came back from Discover Marrakesh!! It was an unforgettable experience. I meet so many wonderful people and we became a small international family during these couple of days. It was my first time with Let me Italian you and I would loved to join another project. Everything was well organized and we had a lot of fun. A big thanks to the Twins! A lot of people from different countries coming together and having an awesome time while improving their skills, living their passion and taking awesome pictures! Letmeitalianyou gave me the opportunity to travel safely and well organised while exploring beautiful Marrakech and having an awesome time with many wonderful moments!

Thank you so much for these perfect days in Morocco and see you soon in another project! Vi abbraccio fortissimo! Ecco cosa mi ha fatto Marrakech: mi ha catturata, in un mattino di sole, mentre correvo non so dove, strappandomi, con inaspettata furia, un eterno sorriso. Io di stelline ne metterei millemila! My experience in Discover Marrakech II was unforgettable! The Massimiliano and Gabriele organized the trip very well and took care of the partecipants before, during and after the trip! I had no doubts, everything was very clear the whole time. They even searched the best cheap flights for me, as a student it was important.

I have no bad things to say! The people who I met during the project were amazing, we had so much fun and everyone learned from each other. We were a great international team!

Juan Ramón Jiménez - Yo no soy yo lyrics + Italian translation

Thank you for the beautiful experience! The whole group was incredible! Just want to thank you guys again for this oportunity, for your kindness and availability. You were truly amazing and we saw you doing everything you could to make this go right! And you were right: we had a group that seemed to know eachother for a lifetime, and it felt so right! And you all took a piece of mine too, thank you all for that. Hope to see you soon wherever it may be!

Metti che invece, inaspettatamente, vieni travolta dalle emozioni, dai colori di una terra meravigliosa. Talmente forte da far venire le lacrime agli occhi. Very happy about this experience in Marrakech! Wonderful people, wonderful visits, a good discovery of the country, good photo workshops overall. Thanks to Gabriele and Massimiliano for their immense kindness!

In ritardo come sempre ma arrivo anche io. E per sempre, discover Marrakech e voi, avrete un posto fisso nel mio cuore. Indescrivibile la sintonia che si crea tra persone sconosciute legate dalla stessa passione Grazie davvero di tutto! Vi si vuole bene. Discover Marrakech II was my second project with Lemeitalianyou.

Marrakech is such a vibrant and colorful city, it's a perfect place for photography lovers. Get ready to get lost in the souks! As usual the twins were kind and helpful and always trying to keep the group satisfied. This new adventure was really fun, thanks guys! Era da tempo che non mi stupivo in un viaggio. I twins sono stati eccezionali, organizzati e sempre pazienti ed educati.

Motivo per cui vedrete tante tantissime foto su Marrakech! Grazie Let me Italian you ed alla prossima avventura! Thank you very much Massi and Gabri for one wonderful adventure in Marrakech, I will remember it forever!! You guys are to fantastic persons and I'm very grateful and proud to be a part of this Letmeitalian family. Photography, travel, meeting new people and make new friends is awesome combination, and every goals where active once again!!

I will definitely join you guys in more Discover events in the future! Even this experience in Marrakech did not disappoint my expectations! Gabriele and Massimiliano always impeccable. See you next guys! Discover Marrakech. First round in the souk, the soul and the heart of the city. You are impressed by the colors, the smells and the thousands of people who work and sell their products.

Carpets, spices, typical products, women who cook. Every trip with letmeitalianyou changes you, you know people and different places that you will surely miss, exchange opinions with photographers from all over the world and shots with amazing models. Marrakech is a dream and sometimes dreams comes true… this has been my second experience with Let me Italian You, the first one was in Barcelona! So at the end this experience just overwhelmed me!

The city itself with its colors and smells, the magic locations for the photo shootings, but the most importantly - the people! I had a lot of fun and will defined never forget this trip! Thank you letmeitalianyou for the perfect organization and planning, and especially, for taking such a great care of us! I felt part of the big, loud and crazy familia.

Ciao Ragazzi! Marrakech is a city full of colors, sounds, smells, emotions I was very worried at the beginning, a little bit for everything; when you decide to leave alone you never know what will wait for you. It was a challenge. Exceeded great. I think I've never experienced so many emotions like these days.

I met people from 10 different nationalities, a very formidable group. An experience difficult to explain if you do not try it yourself. Thank you all for this fantastic experience. I left a piece of my heart there. I hope to see you guys again soon, anywhere in the world. A special thanks goes to the Let me Italian you twins, for giving life to all this.

We will meet again on the next trip! I wish the world was filled with more such kind, nice and positive people like you pizzaholics! I had a wonderful, unforgettable time. Thank you for letting me get to know so many interesting people. Can't wait for more editions! It has been an unforgettable experience. Highly recommended! I have fantastic proper in a magical and wonderful place. I hope to repeat this experience very soon. I'll miss you guys!

It's a whirlwind of wonderful emotions that has bound me and my colleagues in this experience of Marrakch 3. We were immersed in exciting colors that make light turn us photographers.. We were pampered by our fantastic brothers Ragusa, who as always managed to unite different photographers but with a common denominator respect, friendship and involvement. The trip to Marrakech was so well organized.

We visited a lot of fantastic places, the Souk was great for "street and Urban photograpy",. I learned a lot and made great photos. I have also got a lot of new friends with the same interest in photographing. It was such a great team changing experiences and ideas. Looking forward to meet some of them agin on Let me Italian you's next trip.

I was lucky, this photographic project gave me the opportunity to visit Marrakech in fluency and security.

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In your opinion, what makes a foreign title more or less attractive in translation? Come, save yourself! Signs of normal life. Showing Jeans puliti.

A truly magical place. Thank you Let me italian you, for the competence and kindness, I never felt lonely, the transfers and visits were all taken care of beautifully. It could not be better! A group of beautiful people, all united by the same passion. A beautiful experience, certainly to be repeated. Thanks to Gabriele and Massimiliano, two really smart guys and I wish them to continue with their positiveness that distinguishes them.

I recommend this experience to everyone, it will certainly be unforgettable, as it was for me. Thank you for letting me ex perience this experience. You are able to put together good people, beautiful places and many opportunities to make unique photos, creating a wonderful combination of memories. I am very sorry that it ended so early, but I try to see the positive side, reliving through the photos what I experienced, who I met and especially thinking that as soon as I have the opportunity I will make another trip with you.

Barcelona maybe?

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Thanks anyway for now. Everything was perfect and it is thanks to you and your passion for this job. Keep it up. I will continue to advise you endlessly. We had the privilege to work with a wonderful team Let me Italian you of young highly-motivated and dedicated photographers and models. It was also a pleasure to exchange about our respective cultures, knowledge and expertise. On behalf of the Kounouz Family, we thank Gabriele and Massimiliano and all the Let me italian you team for choosing Kounouz to be part of the Discover Marrakech Experience!

Interesting, informative, well-organized project - I'd advise it to everyone. Especially if you need an adventure, but you are scary to go alone or have no time to organize it. Four days in the company of surprisingly consonant people, in spite of different languages, different experiences, different cameras.

Excellent organization - everything is thought out, every detail is provided. And all this is made by a fantastic couple - twins Gabriele and Massimiliano. Guys, I hope to participate in your projects again! Travel is an experience that changes you in everything. Learn to know your limits, your feelings, and your emotions. Everything is different. Compare yourself with different cultures, meet new people, strange languages and smells, colors, styles.

But more than anything else it reinforces you. Every experience makes you feeling different, yes in the same body, but different in your soul. It's always worth it! A city that is a chaos of people, colors, spices, markets, life! I was so lucky to meet and share this adventure with wonderful people. There is not two without three, see you soon Let me Italian You.

During the project in Marrakech I was discovered a new culture, new colors, a new way of living. Everything was different from our world but it was an amazing experience! Thanks for the opportunity! Highly recommendable! It is the perfect combination between passion, traveling, knowing new cultures, new people. It is an unforgettable experience! Thanks ragazzi I can not wait to see you again and make new memories by your side knowing more places and wonderful people!

I wish you all the best! Marrakech it's such a beautiful place. Once again I've been enjoying another trip with Let me italian you and once again it's been an incredibly adventure. He struck metal against wood with force. Two challenging eyes stared back at him from the peephole, and he adjusted the cowl on his head. The chain was removed to reveal an old woman on the threshold. She led him down a dank and gloomy corridor, and invited him to follow her up the stairs.

They arrived at the upper floor and the old woman lit a lantern. The room was bare, the flaking walls darkened with soot. Incense burned on the grate in the fireplace but it was not enough to cover the stench of disease, which was worsened by the suffocating August heat. A man was lying on an iron bed in a corner of the room. Nei prossimi mesi, vorrei condividere alcuni dei miei brani preferiti fra le mie traduzioni. Ho scelto questo brano per la tenerezza che mi suscita verso la protagonista e per la sua infinita voglia di amicizia:.

Dal giorno in cui la nonna le aveva detto che solo una bambina bianca come lei poteva esserle amica, Adimu aveva iniziato a fantasticare di una compagna di giochi dalla pelle candida. Recandosi a scuola, vide una bambola abbandonata a terra. Era bianca, del suo stesso colore. Era sporca, con un foro al posto di un occhio e priva di un braccio. Un ciuffo di capelli biondi incrostati di fango le pendeva da un lato.

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Il vestito era un brandello di stoffa che rimase attaccato a terra nel sollevare il giocattolo. Era stata abbandonata; sarebbe stata sua e avrebbe portato il suo stesso nome, Adimu. From the day her grandmother had told her that only a white girl could be her friend, Adimu dreamed of a playmate with pale skin. She thought about her so often that she was able to describe her features in detail. Going to school one morning, Adimu saw a doll on the ground, and it was her same color. She picked it up. It was dirty and had a hole in place of an eye, and it was missing one arm.

A tuft of blond hair, caked with mud, hung on one side. Its dress was little more than a scrap of fabric. Adimu examined every detail of the doll that had fallen into a state of disrepair, and, in a fit of compassion, she hugged it to her chest. It had been abandoned. Along the road to school, she found a place to hide her treasure, behind a bush that was before the clearing where the other students crowded. In the evening she showed her grandmother what she had found. I hid her so no one will take her.

Nkamba laughed. One of the best parts of being a translator is the chance to work on many different types of texts. Non sto dicendo che un rapporto diretto fra autore e traduttore sostituisce la revisione o la correzione della bozza; anzi, occhi nuovi sono sempre importanti. Speravo con tutto il mio cuore di arrivare in fondo alla traduzione senza incorrere in errori gravi. A un certo punto, sudavo per ogni parola. Credo che questa mia esperienza sia molto simile a quella di un autore quando mette il suo manoscritto in mano a un esperto.

Gli autori, e spesso anche i traduttori, non possono permettersi di fare a meno. Working with living authors is a different experience: I can discuss the rough spots with my client and together we can find solutions. With an author who died a hundred years ago, the process is different. This experience is, I believe, very close to what an author faces when she turns her original manuscript over to an expert. Whether the aim is to have it published traditionally or to self-publish, the professional editor is a fundamental figure in the process and a step which authors, and frequently also translators, cannot afford to skip.

Sono stata, in parte uguali, ghostwriter, editor e traduttrice. Ogni sera dal , Chef Bruno prepara la pasta per bambini nella contea di Orange in California che altrimenti andrebbero a letto con lo stomaco vuoto. E non solo. Io, come traduttrice, gioisco di ogni libro che passa dalla mia scrivania e rimango sempre toccata in modo unico e profondo. Nel , disponibile anche in italiano.

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And not only. Books can tell an infinite number of stories and, as a translator, I love how each one that comes my way touches me uniquely and deeply. English translation below. Grazie Rachel per il tuo tempo. I nostri progetti sono tanti. Per esempio, solo per citarne qualcuno, la creazione di liste per le biblioteche scolastiche, pubbliche, e accademiche; dei premi per letteratura in traduzione; e lo sviluppo di una piattaforma per promuovere le traduzioni auto-pubblicate. Ci sono grande differenze in Italia al livello regionale nel uso delle biblioteche. Puoi aiutarci a capire il ruolo delle biblioteche negli Stati Uniti?

Molte biblioteche si vedono come ponti fra la varie popolazioni nella loro zona, offrendo servizi agli individui che sono diverse culturalmente, etnicamente e linguisticamente. Offrono un luogo per tutti, specialmente quelli marginalizzati, tipo le persone LBGT, gli immigranti e i rifugiati, e le minoranze etniche. Secondo te, sono scettici i lettori americani verso i libri in traduzione? Non credo che il problema sia che i lettori americani sono reticenti verso la letteratura tradotta. Invece credo che non sanno dove trovare libri che vengono da altre parti del mondo che potrebbero interessarli.

Quindi non si rende conto della offerta dei libri in traduzione. Come traduttrice dal tedesco, quale sfide trovi nel rendere un libro straniero per i lettori anglosassoni? La tua piccola casa editrice, Weyward Sisters Publishing, pubblica libri tradotti in inglese dal tedesco di genere noir e polizieschi scritti da autrici in Germania, Austria e Svizzera.

Conosci altri piccole case editrici che pubblicano traduzioni per un settore ristretto, come voi? Per esempio, Le French Book pubblica crime fiction francese in traduzione, mentre Plamen, Pica Pica, Istros, Gallic e Kurodahan pubblicano libri in traduzione da regioni bene precisi. Vorrei pensare che il futuro sia positivo. Ma il fatto sta che la maggior parte dei lettori americani non hanno letto libri contemporanei in traduzione, punto.

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Comunque, si spera che attraverso il lavoro di queste case editrici i lettori scopriranno culture letterarie ricche e interessante. Translator Rachel Hildebrandt is the mastermind behind the Global Literature in Libraries Initiative , a growing force in the diffusion of international literature among American libraries. Recently, Rachel agreed to answer some of my questions about GLLI and the outlook for books in translation. GLLI was the brainchild of a small group of translators and publishers who realized that librarians would make natural allies in their efforts to celebrate and promote international literature.

Back in Winter , we started out as a small email circle, and soon our base began to grow with the addition of an increasing number of librarians. We recognized early on the need to build connections with the professional associations in which librarians are active. I joined ALA as an affiliate member, and along with several librarians, I successfully proposed a session for the ALA conference on international literature and its importance to libraries. Since that time, our numbers have grown and our engagement is expanding. In the short-term, one of our major goals is to situate ourselves organizationally such that we can become partners with libraries and library organizations of all kinds.

We are exploring some options for fiscal sponsorship, which would provide us with umbrella nonprofit status. With this status, we would be in a good place to apply for grants and corporate sponsorships in order to create a sustainable base for us and to increase the reach of our efforts and projects. Our projects are varied, including: age- and genre-specific book lists for school, public and academic libraries; exploring options for new translated literature awards; pulling together library-focused pan-publisher catalogs across the international literature space; sessions and engagement at library conferences; developing platforms to promote self-published translations among librarians and library users.

Yo no soy yo

Long-term we would like to build connections with specific aspects of the library framework, such as partnerships with library venders, aggregators, e-content providers, and such. Ultimately we want to become the go-to resource for librarians seeking to globalize their collections and programs to meet the changing needs of their diverse populations of children, teen and adult users. One statistic regarding Italian state-run libraries mentions 1.

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Can you shed any light on American libraries and their users? American libraries have spent the past 20 years reinventing themselves. They still are repositories of countless books, but the library of today is just as much shaped by the services it provides, as it is by the number of books in its collection. Libraries have become community spaces and hubs unlike anything else we have today. They are homes to book clubs, artists in residence programs, teen services, legal services, computer labs, maker labs, writing spaces, you name it. Many libraries see themselves as the bridges between the diverse populations in their jurisdictions, and they are servicing individuals from diverse cultural, ethnic, and linguistic backgrounds.

Libraries are positioned to be truly communal spaces, and they conceive of themselves as havens, ports of call and safety, for anyone and everyone. Library users truly are a cross-section of American sociey in the breadth of its diversity and nuances. Do you think American readers are skeptical about reading books that have been translated? And if so, how do you think their reluctance can be overcome? What I feel is sooner the case is that they are not knowledgeable about where to find international works in general and the kind of works that would interest them specifically.

They also are not aware that in the globalized world in which we live, they really NEED to be reading globally. With that said, unless you are a reader of international literature journals or a follower of certain presses, how is the average reader going to easily find these works? On the other hand, I feel like many of the international works being celebrated in the major review platforms fall solidly into the literary fiction camp.

To be honest, many US readers are avid consumers of genre fiction. Yes, we need the dark, obscure, genre-breaking works, but to be honest, what is going to win the day for US readers are authors like Backman and Koch and Jonasson. At the same time, readers need to know that these works are non-Anglophone works so they can recognize their inherent diversity and learn from the alternate perspectives that are expressed by authors around the world.

I think that the answer to overcoming skepticism is a complicated one. I do firmly believe that one answer is libraries, which have a long tradition of being tastemakers for readers, young and old.