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Can nervous patients really become fans of your practice? Laura Horton discusses how nervous patient The missing link Laura Horton discusses how to incorporate a treatment co-ordinator in to your pract Having discussed incorporating a treatment co-ordinator in the last issue, Laura Horton now explains Have you begun your aesthetic portfolio? Laura Horton reiterates the importance of why every cosmeti Keep up to date with our latest articles For many years now our articles have been published in dental journals, we have a selection of articles for you to enjoy and we have divided them into sections to help you get to the information you need quicker!

Please make sure the role you would like to read about is highlighted in bright pink below! April — Diary Zoning April, April — The evolution of the practice manager April, February — Business vs Clinical Manager February, October — Visions and Planning October, July — Overcoming Objections Laura Horton explains how you can jump over the hurdles to get the patients to say yes July, May, April, April — Fake it until you make it! March, January — How To How to get patients to own their own problems January, October — Consultancy Room Direct Access October, June — Enhancing The Client Experience Laura Horton discusses how dentists and the dental team can ensure a professional and enjoyable clie June, Picture Perfect — April Continuing her series, business coach Laura Horton explains why systems need to be put in place to e March — Mutual benefit How the role of treatment co-ordinator helps develop the individual and benefit the practice March — How the role of TCO helps develop the individual and benefits the practice How the role of treatment co-ordinator helps develop the individual and benefit the practice February — Reaching new heights Laura Horton presents 10 reasons why implementing a follow-up system can keep you head and shoulders February, Reaching new heights — Feb Laura Horton presents 10 reasons why implementing a follow-up system can keep you head and shoulders Self-Development Plan — Achieving your goals — Feb In her first article of a brand new bi-monthly series, business coach Laura Horton advises on how to Use our clinical resources and tools to discuss treatment planning with your referrers.

Learn More. Videos Produced by AAE for patients and general dentists. Market Research Data on referral dynamics, as well as endodontic perceptions by the public, dental professionals, dental educators and students. Save Your Tooth Month takes place all May long! Join the American Association of Endodontists as we advocate for the valuable role that endodontists play on the dental team.

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Marketing the Endodontic Practice This three-part series is intended to help endodontists, office managers and professional relations staff build referrals with general dentists and promote endodontic services to patients using the AAE's market research and contemporary marketing principles. Part I: Referral Outreach. What if you could build a practice you love and have a great life, too?

Why do we think you have to pick one over the other? We get off the treadmill by leading instead of managing. Figure out what is the highest and best use of your time, and lead other people to their highest and best. Very few people in your practice maybe including you are in their groove. Are you making decisions based on where you are, or on where you want to be? Decide today to get off the treadmill, unleash the latent potential of those around you to make great decisions and lead from their strengths, and build a practice that everyone would love to buy, but you would never want to sell.

You are one team and there are thousands of dollars worth of opportunities calling and walking into your office every day, your job is to ensure that your whole team is skilled up to maximise these opportunities. The second piece of advice is to ask every patient this question: is there anything that you would like to change or improve about your smile? If so what would it be? Sit back and listen attentively. Implement systems and training along with regular team meetings to allow your vision to become a reality. There are four primary tasks of management in your practice.

In order for you to provide a service and take home a paycheck for your work, these four tasks need to be accomplished to make your business go. Task B — Tasks of Production—Task B actions, can most easily be defined as the activities in your practice that create income. When any team member is performing a task for which you will bill a client they are involved in a Task B activity. Task C — Tasks of Support—Task C actions, are those tasks that directly support the creation of income.

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When your receptionist is making an appointment she is working on a Task C activity. Task D — Tasks of Maintenance—Task D actions are those tasks that do NOT directly support or enable the creation of income but must still be done in order to maintain the practice.

When your assistant takes out the trash or your office manager orders supplies they are engaged in Task D activities. Most practices operate on a Task B-D level. Dentists operating on this level can create income and jobs and provide services. They can get the job done but something important is missing.

The dentist is the practice leader. You can certainly produce income Task B , perform the jobs that support the production of income Task C , and can even maintain the practice and keep the windows clean Task D , but ONLY you, the dentist, can perform the Task A task of Leadership. A friend of mine was traveling in Germany with his wife a few years ago. He told me one day they were driving through a beautiful countryside when he saw a lone sheepherder with his dog and a flock of sheep.

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He thought this was a great opportunity to once and for all find the answer to a question he had pondered for years. He pulled over and walked to where he could get the attention of the sheepherder and motion for him to come over. If he is going where the sheep have been before he lets the sheep go ahead and drives them from behind. If he is going where the sheep have never been he walks in front and leads them.

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The Job of Task A is the job of Leadership. In areas where the team know the processes and have the skills he or she lets them move forward and take initiative while offering support, encouragement, and persuasive guidance. If they are attempting new goals, new systems, or changes in the practice the Task A leader walks ahead, setting the example and leading the team.

It is Leadership, determined by developing the discipline to do what only you, the doctor, the owner, the leader can do. And that is the Job of Task A. Share the 1 unique, ethical service that only you provide for your patients. Share this in everything that you do and say, and you will create your dream practice. You will have patients who are raving fans, a full schedule, and patients who want to pay for what you offer. You can track these old school with pen and paper, or more high-tech using an analytic dashboard such as Dental Intel.

However you do it, review your KPIs daily with your team and discuss your verbs; those action words determine if you stand still or move forward. Make sure you have updated bios for yourself and your team on your website. These are the No. If your bio is non-existent or poorly written, with outdated, grainy photos, your chance of that person calling your practice to schedule a new patient appointment is slim to none.

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Search Search this website. Suni Provides a feature-rich range of options plus the capability for advanced practice management software integration. Primary Preventive Dentistry by Norman O. Most Recent Blogs. Learn more about Prime Dental Powerful and affordable practice management software that is easy to learn giving you total control over your data.

Attracting new patients, and retaining existing ones is vital to the long-term health and profitability of any dental practice. And yet, despite how hard you work to do just that, many patients simply fade away over time, never to be heard from again. What is it that you are doing, or not doing, or could be doing better that causes this to happen? Chances are it has nothing to do with your skills as a clinician.

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Change is constant. Marc B. At the end of the day or evening call every patient that received an injection at your office that day to see how they are doing. Be the leader in your practice and have a clear statement of what your vision is for your practice, something that your team can articulate, embrace and own. Then walk your talk! Share your expectations with your team, in detail, and prioritize. One of the most common complaints I hear from team members is that they do not know what the doctor wants. They are anxious to please the doctor, but they feel they are just winging it most of the time.

This can lead to frustration for the entire team and can have a negative impact on the overall production of the practice. A while back one of my clients was very frustrated that his dental assistant was never in the treatment room when he was ready to deliver anesthetic.

Using the example above, the doctor said the assistant was very detail oriented and could trim models to perfection, which is usually what she was engaged in when he needed her most. Once he made it clear that it was important to him that she be in the treatment room when he was ready to deliver anesthetic AND that it took priority over trimming models, it was never an issue again. Embezzlement is always done by an employee who you have decided to trust. Remember that trust is a fluid concept and needs to periodically be reevaluated.

Start with your team. Hire based on well-developed core values. Do not hire anyone who does not possess or aspire to possess your values. Be convicted to fire someone who repeatedly violates a core value. Be prepared to incur a significant financial liability to protect those values. Choose to measure and track specific metrics that are critical to your practice, using goals and plans as the path toward your mission of improving the health of every patient.

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