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Identification of evolutionarily conserved regulatory elements in the mouse Fgf8 locus. Genesis Jan; 44 1 , Blood May 15; 10 , Nestin-Cre mediated deletion of Pitx2 in the mouse. Genesis Jul; 44 7 , Skin epidermis lacking the c-myc gene is resistant to Ras driven tumorigenesis but can re-acquire sensitivity upon additional loss of the p21CIP1 gene. GenesDev Aug 1; 20 15 , Genesis Aug; 44 8 , Dormant and self-renewing hematopoietic stem cells and their niches. Jun; , Epub Apr Telomere dysfunction induces environmental alterations limiting hematopoietic stem cell function and engraftment.

Jun; 13 6 , Unique mechanisms of growth regulation and tumor suppression upon Apc inactivation in the pancreas. Development Aug; 15 , Epub June Gastroenterology Jan; 1 , Epub Oct 9. Mechanisms of Disease: cancer stem cells - targeting the evil twin. Nat Clin Pract Oncol. Jun; 5 6 , Placental rescue reveals a sole requirement for c-Myc in erythroblast survival and hematopoietic stem cell function. Development Aug; 14 , Epub , June C-myc in the hematopoietic lineage is crucial for its angiogenic function in the mouse embryo.

Hepatology Oct; 48 4 , Epithelial Pten is dispensable for intestinal homeostasis, but suppresses adenoma development and progression following Apc mutation. Nature Genetics Dec; 40 12 , F, Bockamp E.

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Published online Dec 4, Coordinated control of self-renewal and differentiation of neural stem cells by Myc and the p19ARF-p53 pathway. Cell Biol. Dec 29; 7 , Epub Feb Journal of Virology Jun; 83 11 , Epub Mar Journal of Immunology Apr 15; 8 , Estimating dormant and active hematopoietic stem cell kinetics through extensive modeling of bromodeoxyuridine label-retaining cell dynamics. PLoS One Sep 22; 4 9 , e BMC Biol. Sep 28; 7, In vivo fate mapping with SCL regulatory elements identifies progenitors for primitive and definitive hematopoiesis in mice.

Oct; 10 , Epub Jul J Immunol. Nov 15; 10 , ; Epub Oct Blood Jan 13; 2 , Epub Jun Blood Jun 3; 22 , Inducible gene and shRNA expression in resident hematopoietic stem cells in vivo. Stem Cells Aug; 28 8 , Toward modeling the bone marrow niche using scaffold-based 3D culture systems. Biomaterials Jan; 32 2 , Genome-wide mapping of Myc binding and gene-regulation in serum-stimulated fibroblasts. Oncogene Mar 29; 31 13 , J Exp Med. Aug 29; 9 , Epub Aug 1. Lineage- and stage-restricted lentiviral vectors for the gene therapy of chronic granulomatous disease. Gene Ther. Nov; 18 11 , Epub May 5.

The prognostic impact of circulating tumor cells in subtypes of metastatic breast cancer. Breast Cancer Res Treat Jan; 2 , Epub Dec What does the concept of the stem cell niche really mean today? Mar 9; Leukemic spleen cells are more potent than bone marrow-derived cells in a transgenic mouse model of CML. Leukemia May; 26 5 , Armaro M. Constitutive gray hair in mice induced by melanocyte-specific deletion of c-Myc. Pigment Cell Melanoma Res. May; 25 3 , Therapy of chronic myeloid leukemia can benefit the activation of stem cells: simulation studies of different treatment combinations.

Br J Cancer May 22; 11 ; Proteomic cornerstones of hematopoietic stem cell differentiation: distinct signatures of multipotent progenitors and myeloid committed cells. Mol Cell Proteomics Aug; 11 8 , Blood Sep 27; 13 , Circulating microRNAs as Surrogate Markers for circulating tumour cells and prognostic markers in metastatic breast cancer. Clin Cancer Res.

Prostatavergrößerung: Beschwerden, Symptome und Therapiemöglichkeiten

Nov 1; 18 21 , Epub Sep 4. Response to Interferon-gamma impairs proliferation of hematopoietic stem cells in mice in Published September 25, Oct 21; 11 , Epub Oct Trumpp A. Hypermutation of the inactive X chromosome is a frequent event in cancer. Cell Oct 24; 3 , Development and characteristics of preclinical experimental models for the research of rare neuroendocrine bladder cancer.

J Urol. Dec; 6 , Instruction of haematopoietic lineage choices, evolution of transcriptional landscapes and cancer stem cell hierarchies derived from an AML1-ETO mouse model. Dec; 5 12 , Epub Oct 4. Improved HSC reconstitution and protection from inflammatory stress and chemotherapy in mice lacking granzyme B.

May 5; 5 , Myelodysplastic cells in patients re-program mesenchymal stromal cells to establish a transplantable stem cell-niche disease unit.

Epub Apr 3. The paper was highlighted by a Preview by Marc Raiijmakers in the same issue of Cell stem cell. Blood Jun19; 25 , Epub May 2. Loss of SPARC protects hematopoietic stem cells from chemotherapy toxicity by accelerating their return to quiescence. Blood Jun 26; 26 , Epub May Serial enumeration of circulating tumor cells predicts treatment response and prognosis in metastatic breast cancer: a prospective study in patients. BMC Cancer. Jul 11; 14, Expression and prognostic significance of cancer stem cell markers CD24 and CD44 in urothelial bladder cancer xenografts and patients undergoing radical cystectomy.

Urol Oncol. Jul; 32 5 , Plasma DNA integrity as a biomarker for primary and metastatic breast cancer and potential marker for early diagnosis. Breast Cancer Res Treat. Jul; 1 , Co-expression of MET and CD47 is a novel prognosticator for survival of luminal breast cancer patients.

Sep 30; 5 18 , Cell Stem Cell. The emphasis is on "well planned" and "balanced" Since the quotations listed here are only excerpts of the positions taken by the individual nutritional societies, it is important to appeal here to the maturity and independence of the interested reader. You should therefore be read through in "entity" in order to avoid any misunderstandings. Did you already know all these statements yeah they are in german but you can find all of these easily in english original? Kanntet Ihr schon alle Aussagen der verschiedenen Fachgesellschaften?

Many people are no longer aware that the food on their plates was once a living being. Vielen ist gar nicht mehr bewusst, dass das Essen auf ihren Tellern einmal ein lebendiges Wesen war. Stimmt Ihr zu? Ich glaube nicht. Da gilt es anzusetzen! Ich teile deshalb gerne die Worte von Louisa Juni beim Laufen wieder Kilometer sammeln. Meldet euch bei Runtastic an und legt los! Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help.

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Email or Phone Password Forgot account? See more of vwissenorg on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. Website Launch Women Women Coalitie lanceert website op Internationale Vrouwendag De wereldwijde Women coalitie lanceerde vandaag haar eigen website, op Internationale Vrouwendag. Women Meeting Social and gender aspects of local development priorities linked to SDGs Women Local NGOs exchanged experience on their work on health, environment, employment, education and gender in respect to the SDGs Regional preparatory meeting HLPF Infoblad over de normen van bestrijdingsmiddelen De huidige toelatingsprocedures voor bestrijdingsmiddelen zijn onverantwoord.

Menstrual hygiene and the environment Check out our videos for the plasticfreelent campaign! This needs to be reduced. But how? Dat moet minder. Maar hoe? Lets turn promises into action - gender equality in the Agenda Plastics Campagne: plasticvasten Op Valentijnsdag begint de plasticvasten campagne: 40 dagen geen plastic! A Plastic Free Lent Join us on our challenge for this Lent: reduce your plastics consumption for 40 days! WECF en WEP Nigeria presenteren documentaire over schadelijke stoffen in afval en het effect hiervan op de gezondheid De invloed van persistente organische verontreinigende stoffen, schadelijke stoffen en afval op de gezondheid van vrouwen en mannen.

Das Training ist der erste Baustein verschiedener Qualifizierungsmodule. Water and Sanitation Safety Planning in rural Romania, Albania and Macedonia The aim of this project is to raise awareness about environmental protection and risk based management of water supply and sanitation systems, and to take action particularly in the area of water quality and sanitation in rural communities Presentation of documentary film "what has Gender got to do with Chemicals" on Nigerian tv Better energy efficiency in Moldova thanks to insulation of public buildings Local authorities and WECF partner OA Colaborare cooperate to provide public buildings with proper insulation Successful first action against algae overgrowth in the Blue Lake in Ukraine Using fish to fight the overgrowth of algae Nu, vier jaar later stellen wetenschappers dat deze beperkingen lang niet ver genoeg gaan.

Film premiere: what does chemicals have to do with gender? UNEA3 resistance event End mercury use in dentistry by , civil society challenge European Union A call to phase out mercury use in dentistry by in the European Union has been made by health and environmental NGOs. Attacks on Environmental Women Human Rights Defenders Unacceptable This year has been the deadliest year for environmental women human rights and environmental defenders, protecting their indigenous land and resources as they face increased crackdowns, violence, threats, intimidation and murder by state and non-state actors.

Agenda und SDG-Prozess. Possible cover up of leak at nuclear facility Mayak in Russia Since October this year, very high levels of radioactive Ruthenium- have been measured all over Russia and Europe. Press Conference Gender Just Climate Solutions Award Winners During this press conference you will be able to meet the award winners and hear about their project Feministen eisen een gender rechtvaardige transitie COP23 Deze eisen bevorderen een gender rechtvaardige transitie weg van fossiele brandstoffen English summary of WECF publication on pesticides in surface waters in Dutch province Drenthe For our non Dutch readers we now publish an English summary of the publication about pesticide pollution in the surface waters of Drenthe Findings of a literature study: Plastics, Gender and the Environment Lifecycle of plastics and its impacts on women and men from production to marine litter Over 20 NGOs urge European Parliament to fully implement Monsanto lobby ban One month after the European Parliament voted to ban pesticide manufacturer Monsanto from entering Parliament premises, 24 transparency and environment groups remind them to implement their decision as comprehensively and effectively as possible.

Uganda: Better Lives- Less Rural Migration The aim of this project is to improve the living conditions of the rural, young population through a more sustainable agriculture, based on organic and conservation agriculture methods. Mogelijk relatie tussen medicijnvervuiling en autisme In onlangs gepubliceerd Amerikaans onderzoek in Neuroscience Letters wordt een verband gelegd tussen verontreiniging van oppervlaktewater door uitgescheiden medicijnen en autisme bij de mens.

De hoofdauteur van dit onderzoek, Gaurav Kaushik, licht tijdens de Green Pharmacy conferentie in Utrecht, op 27 oktober, zijn onderzoeksbevindingen toe CLEEN project ends: joint activities continue! Three years of activities have led to the creation of a network of experienced public organizations involved in local energy policies, with a focus on energy efficiency. Green Pharmacy: nu maatregelen nodig om vervuiling door medicijnen aan banden te leggen Vrijdag 27 Oktober vindt de Green Pharmacy Conference plaats, georganiseerd door de VVM en Huize Aarde, in samenwerking met o.

Audrey Ledanois Project Officer Women Thank you, we couldn't have made it without your incredible support and votes! Schoon en circulair: kan het samen? Environmental toxins' influence on male fertility De stemming vond plaats op 4 oktober. September in Kiboga, Uganda. EU and European governments spend billion a year on fossil fuel subsidies A new report by the Overseas Development Institute and Climate Action Network shows that the EU and European government continue to support the fossil fuel industry Kijk verder dan fipronil en het ei Het spel met de maximale residu limiet Hormoonverstoorders hopen zich op in menselijk brein Recent wetenschappelijk onderzoek, geleid door het UMCG, heeft nu aangetoond dat hormoonverstorende stoffen zich ophopen in het menselijk brein.

Drents water nog steeds vervuild met bestrijdingsmiddelen Na eerder onderzoek door WECF tonen metingen van de provincie vervuiling boven de norm aan Onsite wastewater treatment: hands-on-workshop in An Oston, Kyrgyzstan A hands-on-workshop on wastewater treatment was organised in An Oston to give villagers the capacities to manage their waste water. WECF co-organising partner Green Pharmacy Conference The environmental cycle of medicines - an incentive for innovation in the human and veterinary medicine chain Biomonitoring of lead and cadmium: Preliminary study on the added value for human exposure and effect assessment The RIVM Dutch national institute for public health and the environment published a report on the biomonitoring of substances possibly hazardous to health Biomonitoring van lood en cadmium: Verkenning naar de toegevoegde waarde voor de beoordeling van humane blootstelling en effect Rapport gepubliceerd door de RIVM over het belang van biomonitoring van stoffen die mogelijk schadelijk zijn voor de gezondheid.

Am Oktober geht unsere Veranstaltung in die 2. WECF's and other civil society organisations' work paid off! Het werk van WECF en andere civil society organisaties heeft haar vruchten afgeworpen!


WECF is op zoek naar een directeur voor haar kantoor in Utrecht die samen met ons wil werken aan een rechtvaardige, gezonde en duurzame toekomst Petition and letter to Secretary General UN: NO to pro-nuclear energy lobbying at the UN Global governments agreed on banning Nuclear Weapons, but at the United Nationsduring its Sustainable Development summit were panels falsely promoting nuclear energy as a sustainable energy source EDCs in Germany: WECF is networking for more protection WECF encourages media, scientists, local communities and national authorities and local communities to take action for more protection from endocrine disrupting chemicals Nicole Elert Save the bees!

NGOs acknowledge vote on first ever EDC criteria - call on European Parliament to reject flawed criteria for the sake of human health and environment protection Today, representatives of European member states from the EU pesticides committee adopted the criteria that are supposed to be used to identify endocrine disrupting chemicals or EDCs in the future Sixth Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health Not Wasting Our Future Further delay on flawed EDC criteria maintains unnecessary risks on human health and the environment The criteria to identify hormone disrupting chemicals or EDCs , for which a decision was expected today, continue to cause disagreements among EU member states.

Daarom hebben de organisaties Partos en de Groene Zaak het initiatief genomen voor een publieke oproep aan de om de SDG's op te nemen in het regeerakkoord. Meer dan bedrijven en maatschappelijke organisaties hebben hieraan gehoor gegeven, waaronder WECF. Feasibility study of gender-sensitive energy cooperatives in Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia and Moldova New report by WECF offers report offers an overview of the feasibility of gender-sensitive energy cooperatives in Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia and Moldova.

Feasibility study of gender-sensitive energy cooperatives in Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia and Moldova An overview of the feasibility of gender-sensitive energy cooperatives in Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia and Moldova. In each country, existing national climate and energy policies are examined and, if existing, feed-in tariffs for renewable energy are explained. Lessons and best practices integrating gender into the implementation of the BRS Conventions Komt er ooit een verbod op hormoonverstorende stoffen? In juni zal de Europese Commissie nieuwe regelgeving rondom chemische middelen presenteren, waarin duidelijk moet worden of er strengere maatregelen komen rondom hormoonverstorende stoffen in producten.

Towards improved - sustainable - sanitation for rural women, men and children National technical standards on ecosan toilets and constructed wetlands initiated by WECF for the Republic of Moldova Veel bestrijdingsmiddelen in Drents oppervlaktewater; de helft geclassificeerd als zeer gevaarlijk WECF publiceert rapport over bestrijdingsmiddelen in het oppervlaktewater in Drenthe How can we ensure that the international community remains committed to the pledges it made?

Women Media Training Toolkit If you need to know more about how to communicate your campaign to others, this Media Training Toolkit will help you. Weltwassertag am Why waste water is part of the Sustainable Development Goals? SDG6 is about ensuring adequate and sustainable water supply. One of the targets is to halve the proportion of untreated wastewater ADHD en lager IQ mogelijk gevolg schadelijke stoffen in huis Schadelijke stoffen kunnen schadelijk zijn voor de hersenontwikkeling van kinderen, zo blijkt uit het rapport No Brainer van de Britse organisatie ChemTrust Huize Aarde Huize Aarde is a non-profit consultancy in the Netherlands, founded in Integrating gender dimensions into the implementation of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions Gender and Chemicals Prozess zu Umwelt und Gesundheit in Europa: 6.

Who will stop the destruction of trees in Kamiansk Dniprodzerzhynsk? Ukrainian partner Voice of Nature protects the environment in the Ukrainian city of Kamiansk Compendium to develop a Water and Sanitation Safety Plan in a Rural Community 2nd completely revised edition of the compendium is out and available in English, Romanian, Macedonian, Albanian and Bulgarian Resultaat crowdfundingsactie De biogas toiletten werken!

Call to implement Better Regulation principles in EU action on Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals NGOs call for horizontal criteria to identify endocrine disruptors in all types of applications, not just pesticides and biocides and urge EU Commission to redesign its currently proposed EDC criteria Stem namens jouw organisatie mee in de verkiezingen van de Women's Major Group! Een groep actieve Kirgizische vrouwen bouwt een duurzaam en eco-vriendelijk resource centrum om met kleine acties grote veranderingen te bewerkstelligen Water solidarity between Kyrgyzstan and France continues successfully Safe water and sustainable sanitation for the village An-Oston, Issyk Kul, Kyrgyzstan Active Kyrgyz women are building a sustainable and eco-friendly resource centre as little actions can make great things happening.

Take part in these changes! Regional Women Workshop in Romania Gender Just Climate Solutions Award uitgereikt tijdens ceremonie op Klimaattop in Marokko "Als vrouwen oplossingen ontwerpen, slaan ze niemand over", stelde Amina Mohammed, Minister van Milieu van Nigeria tijdens de uitreikingsceremonie UN's climate conference is officially over - but there is a lot left to do! De klimaatconferentie van de Verenigde Naties is officieel voorbij - maar er valt nog veel te doen!

It honours the fundamental contribution of women in the fight against climate change and demonstrates the pertinence of integrating gender equality in all climate policies. The success story of the Khmelnytskyi Youth Development Club For the very first time in the history of Khmelnytsk, energy conservation not only became the main discussion point of local authorities and politicians, but also of its youth Barbara Hendricks und Bundeslandwirtschaftsminister Christian Schmidt Everyday there will be some report back on the highlights of the day Musical Performance today at 4.

Gender Events at COP 22 Taking responsibility for safe water and adequate sanitation in rural Romania In the frame of the annual professional water and wastewater conference EcoImpuls in Timisoara, Romania, Aquademica organized a workshop for mayors in the region. The aim was to raise awareness about the responsibilities of the mayors to safely manage water and sanitation in their rural areas.

Water and Sanitation Safety Planning in rural Romania and Macedonia The aim of this project is to raise awareness about environmental protection and to take action particularly in the area of water quality and sanitation in rural communities. SDG Watch Europe launch UN elects their 9th male Secretary General - do women need to grow a moustache to have leadership position at the UN?

This broad coalition will work to ensure that the European Union and its Member States live up to their commitments, made when signing the Agenda agreement in New York last September, to enable a sustainable future at home and abroad. CLEEN Network: Platform for cooperation between local grass roots organizations on energy efficiency Regional Network Meeting of Green Initiatives seeking to green the world with green energy for a sustainable and clean environment Donau Leserinnenbrief anbei But proper sanitation is dignity" Ecological sanitation as an opportunity for rural areas of Albania High Level Political Forum VN machteloos als het niet obstakels overwint die in de weg staan van implementatie van de Global Goals, de Duurzame Ontwikkelingsdoelen Women, een alliantie van vijf regionale vrouwennetwerken wereldwijd, waaronder WECF International, is ongerust omdat VN er niet in slaagt obstakels uit de weg te ruimen voor implementatie van Duurzame Ontwikkelingsdoelen, de Sustainable Development Goals How dry toilets can both reduce use of chemicals and contamination of drink water sources Impression of an ecosan toilet workshop in Macedonia What does the Brexit mean for us women?

We've made it - overwhelming success of our crowdfunding campaign! In the last 4 weeks we run a crowdfunding campaign to collect 4. Thanks to your great support we can now build even more! Measures against endocrine disrupting chemicals. Maatregelen tegen hormoonverstorende stoffen. Europese Commissie neemt beslissing over EDC criteria Geheel in tegenspraak met voorzorgsprincipe: Schandalig voorstel, aldus artsen-, vrouwen- en milieuorganisaties Europese Commissie neemt beslissing over EDC criteria Schandalig voorstel, aldus artsen-, vrouwen- en milieuorganisaties, geheel in tegenspraak met voorzorgsprincipe Commission's EDC criteria proposal: More humans will have to be harmed before action is taken The European Commission presented today its proposal for criteria to identify endocrine disrupting chemicals EDCs.

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However, what is less well known is that many everyday products contain pollutants that can also be harmful to your baby. It now also available in Spanish. The letter urges President Juncker to present EDC criteria based on best available scientific evidence, excluding potency. Project Start-up of Women in Nairobi Partners from around the world gathered last weekend in Nairobi, Kenya, for the exciting initiation phase of the project Women WECF is running a crowdfunding campaign in order to finance 15 biogas toilets for deprived families in Uganda - please get involved!

Jan Olsson Swedish Environment Ambassador opened up the session in front of a packed room. Am Mittwoch, den International Symposium WECF France on the impact of early life exposure to toxic chemicals Mobilising public authorities, perinatal professionals and civil society on primary prevention and the importance of environmental health issues in health practices Bridging the knowledge gap - Demo farm in Uganda In cooperation with our local partner organization ARUWE, WECF builds in Uganda a demonstration farm in order to improve the education of local farmers, present sustainable technologies and increase the people's lifequality Let us have a review about the present results WECF trained Energy Cooperatives founded in rural Georgia Four community based groups have started the formation of energy cooperatives as a way to finance Solar Water Heaters in rural areas of Georgia Endocrine disrupting chemicals may lead to billions of euros in health care costs in Europe A new research of the Utrecht University presents the socio-economic costs of EDC-associated diseases.

Reducing chemicals and contamination of drinking water sources in rural communities in Bosnia-Herzegovina, FYR Macedonia and Albania How Ecosan toilets, greywater filters and composting can help reducing the use of chemical fertilisers and protecting water sources in rural areas of South Eastern Europe Experts discuss integration of chemicals management with SDGs Last week, stakeholders involved in international chemicals activities met in Geneva and compiled a course of action for linking sound chemicals and waste management with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Capacity Building and Strategic Partnerships for Chemicals Safety in the Republic of Serbia Building capacity and strengthening cooperation between government agencies, NGOs, and other civil society sectors, to strengthen legislation, enforcement and partnerships for chemical safety, in particular harmful chemicals in products The importance of solar energy for women Four renewable energy cooperations will be build in Georgia, in which women will be the essential actors After nine months she obtained in April officially asylum.

Improving education, sanitation and food security in Busi parents' primary school By providing hygienic toilets with privacy and hand wash facilities, WECF improves in cooperation with local partner ARUWE education and sanitation conditions in Busi parent's primary school Uganda France grants asylum to Russian environmental activist and WECF partner Nadezhda Kutepova Kutepova fled her native country in July with three children, after being labelled 'foreign agent' by Russian authorities WECF en haar partners stemmen vandaag voor!

Doet u mee? Managing Wastewater through Global Partnership Reducing the pollution of the Black Sea by introducing sustainable wastewater and nutrient management in rural Georgian communities During this visits partners are coming together, information are exchanged and project sites inspected. Tegengaan van hormoonverstorende chemische stoffen in onze leefomgeving Tegengaan van hormoonverstorende chemische stoffen in onze leefomgeving CLEEN winners for announced!

Succesful media outreach on sustainable energy issues in Ukraine Subgrantees in the CLEEN project: From energy audits in kindergartens to round tables in youth development clubs Two participants in the trainings share their views Heating failures in schools of Dneprodzerzhinsk cause extensive closures and diseases among pupils Annual school closures are a in the Ukrainian city a vicious tradition by having adverse educational impacts.

The organization "Voice of Nature" disagrees with the official version and blames poor heating conditions for the mass diseases. Baby cosmetics still contain too many ingredients of concern WECF releases survey on baby cosmetics products of which contain high risk ingredients Bescherm je baby, beperk hormoonverstoorders Informatiebrochure bij zwangerschap German Members of the Parliament show great interest in the topic of endocrine disrupters WECF has initiated a parliamentary event to provide an impetus to regulate endocrine disrupting chemicals EDCs Europese Commissie lijkt veroordeling Europees Hof in de wind te slaan: Volksgezondheid lijkt geen prioriteit!

In december oordeelde het Europees Hof van Justitie dat de Europese Commissie de wetgeving heeft overtreden. De Commissie heeft echter nagelaten wetenschappelijke criteria voor hormoonverstorende eigenschappen van biociden vast te leggen, of tenminste de deadline hiervoor niet gerespecteerd. Ruim Op 9 december hebben 16 publieke belangenorganisaties, waaronder WECF, een petitie voor een verbod op glysofaat overhandigd aan de Europese Commissie.

De petitie werd ondertekend door meer dan , Europeanen Duurzame ontwikkelingsdoelen en de post agenda Waarom milieuduurzaamheid en gendergelijkheid zo belangrijk zijn voor het terugdringen van armoede en ongelijkheid Waarom gendergelijkheid de Sustainable Development Goals kan maken of breken WECF directeur Sascha Gabizon schreef een artikel voor een serie van het World Economic Forum over de nieuwe mondiale doelen voor duurzame ontwikkeling.

Haar artikel richt zich op doel 5: het bereik van gendergelijkheid en het versterken van de positie van vrouwen en meisjes Serbian journalists and consumer associations highly interested in chemical safety Around 30 journalists met with representatives from the NGO ALHem, UNDP Serbia, Serbian public authorities and Ministries, science, and consumer organisations to discuss various topics of chemical safety in Serbia A coalition of public interest groups representing more than 31 organisations across Europe have come together through a concern about endocrine disrupting chemicals EDCs and efforts to raise public awareness and urge quicker governmental action.

UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights, Toxins and Waste criticizes double standards of German chemical production Tuncak calls for stronger global standards and encourages both the German government and German companies to reduce the export of hazardous substances. Uitbannen hormoonverstorende stoffen komt dichterbij Europese Commissie veroordeeld door Europese Hof: EU moet criteria opstellen Historisch klimaatakkoord laat echte verandering zien, maar voor vrouwen zal dit veel te langzaam gaan Reality Check doorde Women and Gender Constituency WGC van het Parijse Klimaatakkoord Vrouwen vragen om rechtvaardige actie van wereldleiders in Parijs De belangrijkste eisen van vrouwen voor de klimaattop in Parijs Europese Commissie voor Europees Hof van Justitie gedaagd vanwege uitblijven criteria voor hormoonverstoorders De Europese Commissie EC is door Zweden voor de rechter gedaagd vanwege het uitblijven van criteria voor hormoonverstorende stoffen EDCs die noodzakelijk zijn om gepaste maatregelen te nemen om de blootstelling aan EDC's aan te pakken.

Gezamenlijke brief tegen hormoonverstoorders in medische hulpmiddelen WECF ondertekend een brief ter ondersteuning voor het uitbannen van EDC's in medische hulpmiddelen Nieuwsbrief Nederlandse ambassade Georgie wijdt aandacht aan WECFconferentie Mensgerichte water en sanitatiebeheer en duurzaam milieu was thema conferentie Khobi Ask Today's Expert A people-centred approach to sustainable sanitation and wastewater management, water supply and environmental protection Regional Round Tabel in Khobi, Georgia Bambus-Biogasanlagen und Regenwassertanks in Uganda nach indischem Vorbild Strengthening environmental and sustainable development dialogue in Europe in the context of the SD Agenda The online launch of the designs is scheduled for tomorrow Gerechtigheid nu!

Atomkraft ist kein Klimaretter Petition zum Weltklimagipfel ZijSpreekt Booking agency for female speakers Check out our project activities in Tajikistan! Flame retardants in consumer products remain a hot topic for environmental health Lying on your couch did you ever wonder if you were being exposed to potentially toxic flame retardants? A new report by ANSES, French national risk assessment agency for health and environment, about flame retardants used in upholstered furniture might help you to figure out Stop state-sponsored forced labour in Uzbekistan!

Sign the petition by Walk Free and Cotton Campaign Sascha Gabizon speaker at the post SDG's evening about gender equality Letter to EU vice-president Timmermans, regarding the sustainable development goals EU vice-president Timmermans, who is responsible for Sustainable Development was asked to ensure greatest priority for an ambitious implementation, monitoring and accountability plan and strategy, and integration through all policy areas of the European Commission. Umsetzung nachhaltiger Entwicklungsziele auf kommunalter Ebene Hoe kunnen gender sensitieve indicatoren toegepast worden op Duurzame Ontwikkelingsdoel 6?

Victory for citizens, victory for the Human Right to Water! Another milestone for the Human Right to Water. Water and sanitation are a human right! Just one last step to go! Reverse the flows EU G20 countries should stop funding fossil fuels and increase financial support for real climate solutions Over worried grand parents signed petition: "We do not want hormone disrupting chemicals in products for our children! Side event World Water Week Gender sensitive indicators in sanitation and wastewater planning and implementation AT Uganda Ltd Asodecom News Network Soil for Life Quercus National Association of Large Families Duurzame Ontwikkelingsagenda presenteert gedurfde visie voor vrouwen en meisjes WECF en de Women's Major Group maken zich klaar voor werk dat eraan komt Is the EU still leading?

Terra Preta Sanitation 1: Background, Principles and Innovations This handbook provides an account of main theories of Terra Preta formation and principles of Terra Preta Sanitation concerning material recycling and soil fertility improvement Female deputies of Kyrgyz National Parliament commit to women empowerment and improved access to water and sanitation A high-level stakeholder meeting took place on 28 May , at the National Parliament Jogorku Kenesh of Kyrgyzstan in the framework of the Forum of Women of the Jogorku Kenesh WHO report We want You!

Symposium on the SDGs and their financial sustainability Transformative PostAgenda? Kyrgyz deputies are concerned about water, sanitation and hygiene conditions in villages Deputies of Kyrgyz Supreme Council visit villages to assess WASH issues in schools and kindergartens Safe drinking water and sustainable energy for rural Uganda Improving living conditions in rural Uganda through sustainable technologies for renewable energy, agriculture and water Over countries handed in a total of over entries.

And is gender equality a prerequisite for development?

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Join the workshop on 11th of June to find out more.. EU Conference "Endocrine disruptors: criteria for identification and related impacts" WECF urges for a precautionary approach of biocides at Chemical Watch Biocides Event "Adopting a precautionary approach to reduce impacts of biocidal products on human health and the environment" Hormoonverstoorders aan banden leggen: het kan!

WECF presents film on how to protect children from Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals Pregnant women know it is important to avoid alcohol, nicotine and certain foods. Rotterdam Konvention COP 7 Litte Hero start petitie ter vervanging van hormoonverstorende stoffen in medische hulpmiddelen At least one in three Europeans can be exposed to asbestos at work and in the environment WHO press release Nederland blijft achter Patagonia France Fondation Lemarchand France CU Strasbourg France CG Val de Marne France Agence de L'eau Artois - Picardie France ARS d'Aquitaine France NGO Newsletter From Parma to Haifa: how far have we gotten?

Rotterdam Convention and Asbestos Overcoming the blocking attitude of opposing countries with the objective of a functioning international chemical policy and a better protection of the environment and health in countries which use or produce asbestos Zwischenstopp Addis Auf dem Weg zu neuen Nachhaltigkeitszielen Water Solidarity France- Kyrgystan Women as drivers of change Werkervaring opdoen bij Een Veilig Nest als webredacteur?

Een Veilig Nest is op zoek naar een aanstaande of jonge ouder met een neus voor groen nieuws WECF presenteert voorlichtingsfilmpje over bescherming van kinderen tegen hormoonverstorende stoffen Zwangere vrouwen weten dat het belangrijk is om alcohol, nicotine en bepaald eten te vermijden. Maar wat minder algemeen bekend is, is dat veel alledaagse artikelen stoffen kunnen bevatten die ook schadelijk kunnen zijn voor de baby.

WECF presenteert animatiefilm voor zwangere vrouwen over hormoonverstorende stoffen Niet roken en niet drinken is logisch tijdens een zwangerschap. Maar minder bekend is dat veel alledaagse artikelen stoffen bevatten die ook schadelijk kunnen zijn voor de baby. Application open until May 15 Juni und 1. Onkruidverdelger Roundup gelinkt aan non-hodgkin lyfoom WECF waarschuwt voor risico's kinderen bij gebruik onkruidverdelger en vraagt om onmiddellijke stop verkoop Netherlands identifies hazardous substances in textiles Netherlands, Textiles IARC classifies glyphosate as "probably carcinogen to humans " The news came out just in time for the 10th year of the Pesticide Action Week : IARC - adopted a new classification for 5 insecticides and herbicides, among which glyphosate, malathion, diazinon, tetrachlorvinphos and parthion Joint efforts are needed towards increased safe water supply Combining ecological sanitation and the production of Terra Preta soil in Kyrgyzstan Ecosan toilets or Urine Diverting Dry Toilets UDDT are an adequate and sustainable sanitation solution in areas where there is no piped water and sewerage.

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WECF leert lokale bevolking in Georgie hoe zonnepanelen te maken And it is now possible. Please sign the petition online in Dutch. Gender Equality and Earth's Future Event and workshop for health and patient groups on EDCs and health in Munich Zonder hormoonverstorende en andere schadelijke stoffen. Dat wil natuurlijk ieder ouder.


En daarom is het nu ook mogelijk om online de petitie te tekenen Jeder Tag ist Weltfrauentag Am 8. App "Giftfrei einkaufen" jetzt auch mit Tipps zu Textilien OHCHR publishes alarming report on increased violence against women in Ukraine Women in Ukraine are confronted with heightened sexual and domestic violence BabyBeGood en Een Veilig Nest, project van het internationale Vrouwen en Milieunetwerk WECF, besloten dit jaar de krachten te bundelen voor een uniek concept: een duurzame babykamer, vrij van schadelijke stoffen.

The Dangers of Cashier Receipts Women working at cashiers are exposed to high levels of BPA used on thermal receipts, resulting in harmful health effects and adverse effects during pregnancy Communiceren over Zeer zorgwekkende stoffen Art. Laatste kans om NEE te zeggen tegen hormoonverstorende stoffen! Laat de Europese Commissie weten dat hormoonverstorende stoffen bedreiging vormen voor volksgezondheid This is shown in the ChemSec report Cry wolf.

Europe-wide cancer group calls for action on hormone disruptors Written by Christel Schaldemose on 9 January in Opinion, Parliament Magazine. Christel Schaldemose is calling on the EU to take urgent action in the fight against cancer by identifying and eliminating endocrine disrupting chemicals EDCs EDC vrij coalitie biedt grote publiek via publieke consultatie je stem te laten horen in Brussel Grijp je kans: "Zeg Nee tegen Hormoonverstorende Stoffen" WECF Press Release: 9 Member States urge Council to target chemicals policy and non-toxic environment Environment Council: Ministers of the environment of the 28 gathered yesterday in Brussels for a last meeting during the Italian presidency.

Willst Du hormonell wirksame Chemikalien? Ein Beitrag auf Utopia. Women pushing it so hard in Lima! An article about the Women and Gender Constituency in Lima Organic farming can feed the world if done right, scientists claim Tom Bawden, Independent, Wednesday 10 December Ein Bericht auf utopia. November in Bonn statt Engaging youth as multiplication agents in climate change and energy awarenes raising in rural communities Mid-term review of WHO Environment and Health process, April In April , representatives of health and environment ministries from 53 countries will come together to assess progress in reaching ambitious targets to protect children from environmental threats.

Welt-Toiletten-Tag am Kosten van chemische stoffen op de reproductieve gezondheid van mannen in the EU worden geschat op gemiddeld miljoen per jaar Rapport Noord Europese Landen: hoge gezondheidskosten van 59 miljoen tot 1 miljard euro door chemische blootstelling WECF co-signed letter to European Commission Letter addresses the principles for transparency, excellence and independence in scientific advice Bigger cucumbers in Kyrgyzstan thanks to ecosan toilets World Toilet Day remembers us that proper sanitation is not common all over the world Women's Major Group wants to achieve gender equitable in Post agreement WECF contributes by increasing outreach activities on the need for strong gender instruments to implement the Post agenda Publication of WHO on EDCs at the country level Report: "Identification of risks from exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals at the country level" WECF informeert daarom het publiek over internationale discussies inzake blootstelling van met name kinderen en vrouwen aan hormoonverstorende stoffen Pesticideresiduen en hormoonverstorende stoffen in voeding - wie garandeert de veiligheid?

In vele groenten en fruit aangeboden in de supermarkt worden te veel pesticidenresiduen en vooral te veel pesticiden met hormoonverstorende werking gevonden.