Teach Me How to Shave (Lesbian Erotica)

How to Shave Your Pubic Area for Sex
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As Annie lifted her armpit and started shaving, Michelle caught a glorious glimpse of Annie's soaking wet, naked body. Her tits bounced and jiggled freely,and her then waste and flat stomach curved down between her thighs to her soft, exposed pussy.

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Michelle couldn't believe how perfect it looked, bare, fully shaved, spotless and clean. But then, Annie looked up to rinse the razor, and Michelle had to duck back down behind the shower curtain.

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Joanna is a college girl excited to be going out on her first date. Her best friend comes over to help her get ready, and tells her that she needs to get her bush. Free Original Erotic Stories. tag Lesbian SexShaving Ron has always wanted me to shave my uh, well my " "Your pussy?" I blurted "I think it might work best of you lay here on the towels so I can show you want to do. If you lay this way (I.

The next day, after school, Annie came over to study. As they were going over their algebra homework, Annie suddenly said "So, you decided to sneak a peak yesterday, huh? You can't be serious, right!?!? So, like, what do you want me to do? Right here? Michelle was standing before Annie, trembling in her underwear. We see each others undies all the time, I wanna see your pussy. Although she trimmed occasionally, and shaved her bikini line, she had a fairly large bush that matched her dark brown hair. She made sure it never poked out of her clothes, but it was still obvious behind her plain gray panties.

Now, undo the bra and we're even. I only got a peek at you, and you get to stare while I stand here naked. She tossed it at Michelle.

Finally, she slid down the skirt and the two girls were naked and alone together in the room. Michelle did. She could hardly keep herself from staring at Annie's beautiful shaved pussy. Her own snatch was starting to get wet just looking at Annie's perfectly denuded crotch, her tight outer lips and her voluptuous inner labia. She could see a gleam of moisture glistening under Annie's clitoral hood, indeed, she could see every gorgeous detail of Annie's sex, on full display.

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But looking at you, I can see why you're not ashamed to show yourself off. Michelle had no choice but to follow. In the bathroom, Annie was going through Michelle's shower, and she came out with a razor and a can of shaving cream. There was already a pair of scissors laid out on the sink, which Annie picked up and clicked playfully in the air. Annie began to trim away at Michelle's pubes, slowly clipping them down until there was nothing but a short layer left. At least you can see it now. But now for the good part.

Again, Michelle winced away, but Annie gave a stern look and she did not protest. Michelle was now totally under her command as Annie reached down and stroked the cream onto her outer labia, making sure her fingers made contact with Michelle's soft flesh. She took her time, careful to remove every last hair with the first stroke, as she didn't want to give her friend razor burn.

You'll have to keep yourself clean when I can't help you," she said, in a way that was both sexual and nurturing. The pubic mound now completely bare, she moved on to Michelle's soft tender pussy lips.

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They seemed to grow ever softer and more delectable as each stroke of the razor revealed more of Michelle's beautiful intimate skin. Annie teased the razor around the clit, but with an expert's nimble hands she slashed away every last hair without leaving a mark on Michelle's beautiful pussy. Then, with a towel, she wiped away the shaving cream to reveal her masterpiece. She had done a stunning job, Michelle's pussy looked naturally bald, without a hint of stubble or razor burn, as if there had simply never been any hair there at all. Michelle stared at Annie, then down at her own nude pussy, and Annie softly said, "Feel it.

Feel how soft it is. Just the first stroke of the bare skin sent shivers of pleasure down her spine as she ran her fingers down over her pubic mound and down to the top of her pussy. She parted the outer lips and felt her clit, which now seemed more exposed to the open air, and all the more aroused for it. Then she heard deep breathing, and looked up to see that Annie was rubbing her cunt in a circular motion, fingering herself and stimulating her clit.

She was shocked, but a single glance from Annie seemed to tell her "don't talk now Michelle, you'll ruin it. Just trust me.

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They just stood there, in the bathroom, watching each other rub at their vaginas, each one quivering at the excitement of seeing the other's perfectly naked pussy. Slowly, the two intensified their actions, until one of them dared to moan. Once the silence was broken they began to heave and gasp as they fingered their clits and penetrated their moist cunts with their fingers.

I don't like girls, I like guys. I like guys I can't explain it, but it's true. And it's something that I couldn't even admit to myself, that I had a huge crush on my twin sister, that she turned me on, and that I wanted to do what we'd done last night again and again and again. It was something that I couldn't admit And all the time I was watching her, and finally admitting some hard truths to myself, she was watching me undress. She was watching me undress, and she was breathing harder and harder, faster and faster. Finally, I was the one who broke the silence.

Every impulse in my body was to lean forward and kiss her, but I shut my eyes and breathed deeply for a few seconds, until I had control of my body once more. I mean, it might be nice if Create Widget.

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