With the Lightnings (Lt. Leary Book 1)

With the Lightnings
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Sand cleared her throat, "I wouldn't normally pry into your sources of information, but I had reason to believe that only two people in the human universe had that information until now.

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If my communications with Admiral Anston aren't secure, then I really must know that. But you're the Republic's demon, and I'm bloody well not going to let you go now that I've found you!

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Daniel: The second advantage [in this battle] is even less tangible, Adele, but it's more important. It's the fact we are the RCN. We know it and they know it. Every Alliance spacer from [Admiral] Guphill to the Landsmen in Training knows that know matter how many ships they have, they've always got to expect us to go for their throats.

Lt. Leary, Commanding

Daniel Leary and Signals Officer Adele Mundy must face riot-torn streets, spies in an outlying base, and an anarchic planet where violence is the only law Captain Daniel Leary thinks that his marriage will allow him to slip into the quiet role of a naval officer in peacetime With Lord of the Isles , David Drake returns to fantasy with a towering and complex epic of heroic adventure in an extraordinary and colorful world This two-story compiliation, read by Stefan Rudnicki, offers two stories from David Drake's popular Hammer's Slammers series David Drake. You're getting a free audiobook.

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He has caught precisely the qualities of the military that attract people -- the feeling of pride, competence and comradeship, being part of a team, solving problems, challenging your own physical and mental limits, defending a code of honour, and the sheer excitement of engaging in battle. Moreover, Drake is a supremely good writer when it comes to giving his readers the emotional pay-off. Lieutenant Leary overcomes tremendous odds to win his battles, but after the events he waits with trepidation for the navy's decision whether to promote him or discipline him for his maverick conduct.

Drake lets the tension build, then delivers good news in front of Leary's loyal crew to delighted cheers and celebration.

The Lightning Thief Chapter 11

I could list dozens of silly details in Drake's book, and there's no question he gets away with writing long swatches of lousy material because he's a big name. Nonetheless, I'd have to rate him as an excellent formula writer who gives his readers their money's worth. Dance of Knives , her first novel, was published by Tor in May, , and her book reviews won an Aurora Award the same month.

With the Lightnings

More filters. A Vietnam War veteran who has worked as a lawyer, he is now a writer in the military science fiction genre. Air and Darkness. Deep down, there's an interesting story in this book, and at times I was genuinely intrigued, but ultimately, it was told so incompetently that I was just happy to be done with it. Dogs of War.

She likes to review books first as a reader Was this a Good Read?