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In likewise manner, a tree without branches to reveal its attributes through its leaves and a fruit is meaningless. God is the tree while the branches represent Christ the image of the living God. Christ is simply God in man or rather God appearing as man. How will the only invisible God be ever seen and admired by men, how will they contemplate His beauty and perfection?

This is possible only as He reveals Himself through the branch Christ to this world. This is the great mystery of godliness unfolding before our eyes today: God manifested in the flesh man Christ and contemplated by all. As long as man lives in ignorance of His true substance as Christ the son of the living God who is one with God the Father, he is cold dead.

The fruits of death and tribulation seen in mortal man is simply a reflection of His ignorance of the seed of God within Himself, He is veiled by the lies and darkness of this age so that He losses out on the life and glory of God. When you behold people living in the ignorance of this age no knowledge of Christ within according to imaginary derived identities after the flesh walking as mere mortal beings in sin consciousness and imperfection, what you are beholding are sons of God in a drunken state.

Like wine which beclouds the judgmental power of men and makes fools of them, so do the lies of this Dark Age intoxicate men in their continuous descent from the immortal glory of God into mortality.

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The lust of the eyes the lust of the flesh and the pride of life that governs this world is the effect of the lies with which men are intoxicated. Read Proverbs , this gives a true picture of man in His folly as He is driven to and fro with wild imaginations, lust and utter recklessness unto sorrow and destruction.. When one is extremely drunk, He losses self control and self-awareness. His eyes behold idols things that are not God and He lives in shame and dishonor. That is the Adam man for you, who drinks the lies of Satan. The whole world today which spiritually speaking is of the night, is under the influence of strong wine that is why men stagger to and from in shame and misery [1Thessalonians ].

The manifestations of all forms of hate and injustice are evidence of the drunken state of those who inhabit this world, otherwise know as outer darkness or hell [Luke ]. Paul got this secret that is why He says I know no man after the flesh, but rather after the spirit. Meaning, He was seeing Christ the image of God in all men, not just in professing born again Christians but in all men, I repeat all men. Some might not awaken from their drunkenness in the days of their flesh, but it does not change the truth. That seed of God in all men like we have established is Christ, who is the branch of God or the image of the invisible God or better, God in man, appearing as man.

If any man does not realize this great mystery, His eye of understanding is blinded by the lies of this age and He consequently suffers the curse of being annihilated from the life of God. This mistaken view, spiritually points to the looking at the nakedness of the Lord and consequently leads to dishonouring Him. As long as you recognize individuals after the flesh and live in relation to a carnally perceived world, you are looking at the nakedness of the Father and dishonouring Him.

This calls for sharp alertness and discernment in the spirit. The commandments which states, "honour your Father and your Mother", is fulfilled only in those who are awake from the drunkenness of humanity and begin to function as Christ, because in that state you recognize the Father in you and in brethren. In this consciousness, there is no occasion of stumbling because in reality there is only one that is Father in all and through all.

When Jesus stooped down to wash the feet of the disciples, Peter tried to resist Him, wondering how the Lord Jesus will stoop low to wash the feet of the disciples. Jesus told Him that there was no way he could understand what He was doing at that point in time, because he was still blinded by the lies of this age. The secret is that as Jesus stooped down to wash the feet of the disciples, He was seeing the Father in them, and His work was to minister to them and cause them to awaken back into the glory of the Father from whence they had descended.

Jesus further said, blessed are you The generation of Shem and Japheth if you know this secret and do it [John ]. The greatest one among you is the one that serves, not like the gentiles or the veiled who ignorantly try to lord it over one another. Rather if any man begins to empty himself to become a servant, He will find Himself as the head, and we know that the head is the Father. As He converts Himself to honouring the Father, He will rediscover himself back on the pinnacle of Zion ruling and reigning as the Father.

Meaning we must be converted into becoming servants of all men, no more acting as gods over one another. Remember the glory we seek is that of the Father, not that of man, if we walk in relation to the revelation truth, He glorifies us with His very self, which in realty is the only one that there is. The difference between Jesus and the ordinary man is that, Jesus realized that He was one with God the Father, as we also are realizing this moment.

Nevertheless, along with this revelation comes the need to humble yourself and serve the Father as you behold Him in all men. If we do not do this, we still have not gotten the revelation of the mystery of the seed Christ of the Father in all men. The least you do unto these ones you do unto me the Father , I was hungry and you fed me, I was naked and you clothed men, I was in prison and you visited me; enter thou into the glory and the rest at the right hand of the Father you sheep of the Lord the generation of Shem and Japheth.

Those seen as perfect and righteous are those who recognize and honour the substance of the Father in themselves Christ and in all men that they come across, by allowing Him to come forth from within. We do this by rejecting the abomination of all forms of carnally and lies of this present system and conforming ourselves to Christ the Spirit who is actually the Father God in us.

This is the essence of the gospel: that we lose our meaningless life in this world of appearances and unite back in one with the Father, by allowing the seed of Christ the spirit man increase in us. The consequence of man walking in carnality and His inability to recognize the glory of the immortal and invisible God in Him, is that He becomes a slave to corruption.

If you do not exercise yourself to see truth Christ in you and unite yourself to it, you will behold the lie the flesh and serve it. In other words the curse of Ham is a pointer to men who walk carnally according to natural instincts and consequently fail to recognize and honour the only true and invisible God in themselves and in all men.

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Under the curse, man becomes a slave to the very beggarly elements that were created to serve Him. When you see men bound to a lustful and consequently sinful nature, it is simply because to have refused to retain a knowledge of the only true invisible God and eternal life within themselves, but rather they chose to serve the creature, the flesh more than the creator Christ within [Romans ]. Death and lawlessness that reigns in this world, is simply fruit of not recognizing the substance of God in man. If we awake from the drunkenness of this age and put on sobriety by the spirit of truth we will discover that we are truly one body; the body of Christ which is the only God and eternal life [1 John ].

That which will bring about true unity, love and consequently healing to all men is their awaking to the fact that the only life that there is, is the life of God the Father. If you do not see the glory of the Father in all and through all, you have a forbidden and mistaken view of God; allegorically you are simply viewing the nakedness of the Father which is a curse even according to the Law of Moses. Love God with all your heart and all your soul, and love your neighbour as yourself [Luke , Galatians ]. This is fulfilled only in those who ascend into the awareness of themselves as Christ by recognizing the Father in all men as the only life that there is.

God is one and His body is one body, when the wine clears off the eyes of men, they will then realize that they are Him and He is them. How can a man say He loves and honours the invisible God when He does not love and honour Himself and His brother, who is in reality God the invisible appearing as man the visible?

How can you bless the invisible God and at the same time curse man who is His image; we must wash our eyes from the beclouding effects of the old intoxicating wine of this world and begin see the Father in all men. The perfect man is the one that is able to recognize the seed of God in man and reverence it; He will retain His innocence and never taste death. When Shem and Japheth honoured their Father by covering His nakedness, it depicts recognition, reference and love.

It is all about walking in relation to the truth, by recognizing that the true invisible God is the only one that has being; He is the one within us and in all men.

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Like this translation? You can find what you want. The information you offer on this site has helped me greatly. Stay thy purpose ; to regal bosoms Mercy mutely ne'er should speak. Also included are two covers of Leonard Cohen songs. Where life's tide hath motion, Where death's shoreless ocean Our one bark is launch'd. A person belonging to one or more Order is just as likely to carry a flag of the counter-establishment as the flag of the establishment-- just as long as it is a flag.

We ought to be vigilant and extremely careful when we encounter men; it is like those divine encounters seen throughout the bible. One example is the encounter Abraham had with the Lord at the plains of Mamre; as He lifted up His face and saw three men standing before Him, the power of discernment that caused Him to get the best of that encounter.

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Questa è la storia di un eroe moderno: un uomo che, in modo straordinario, ha conseguito incredibili vittorie nella sua vita, non con la forza delle armi, ma con. Start reading La Fede è la mia armatura (Italian Edition) on your Kindle in under a minute. Don't have a Kindle? Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE.

Those three men appeared in the name of the Lord, and we know Christ appears in the name of the Lord Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord. Whenever God appears as a man, we know Him as Christ or the son of God. Now we know why Jesus says, that Abraham saw His day and appreciated it with gladness and gratitude [John ]. These works of Abraham is the thing that eventually led to His birthing the Isaac, which is symbolic of the promise. All that Abraham did was to lift up His eyes to recognize the presence of God the Father in these men and consequently He received the promise of the seed.

The seed is symbolic of the manifestation of Christ, the image of God in us, He is the one that is blessed with the unlimited blessings of God upon the everlasting hills of Zion. The unlimited blessing of God is all that God is and has. To repeat the blessings of Shem and Japheth follows the same pattern of recognizing and honouring the Father in us Christ in us. If we recognize the life of the Father in us and in all men and humble ourselves to serve and honour Him, we will never see death because He honours us with Himself.

So that like Christ we can confess that if you have see me you have seen the Father and we know that in the Father there is eternal life and no curse whatsoever. John Philip saith unto him, Lord, shew us the Father, and it sufficeth us. Meditate on this words: I am the Father your exceeding great reward [Genesis ]. Those that serve me will be honoured by the Father [John ].

Father I have done your will; glorify me with yourself with the glory I had with you before this world was [John ]. The resurrection or the ascension is the blessed exaltation from our lifeless and hell bound human identities back into the glory of the Father, where Fear, sorrow, sense of lack and abandonment vanish. In the glory of the Father, death is no more because in Him, there is no death, but rather joy and laughter is ours forever.

On the other hand, those who carry on with the lie of humanity by refusing to recognize the Father and to honour Him, remain without the gates of the heavenly city of light. In this hour present and continuous , God is sending out the spirit of Elijah to bring about a repentance from our old ways, which dishonour the Father. The spirit of Elijah restores the way of the Lord in us exactly the way it was in the beginning. Like we read in the scripture from proverbs , the ravens which is symbolic of the voice of one crying in the wilderness Elijah is out today to pluck out that evil eye of man that causes him to mock and dishonour His Father and the Mother Christ the Church.

These are the true witnesses of God revealing truth, so that the heart of the Father is turned back to the heart of the children and the children to the Father. This is all about the restoring every one back in one in the Father, the way we truly are from the beginning. All men the branches , must be grafted back into the tree so that they can once more partake of the life of the tree God the Father and bring forth the fruits accordingly.

This calls for strong resolve and focus on the part of the saints who receive this revelation of the Father in his creation. It means viewing our lives in this world as meaningless and therefore letting go of all to gain the glory of God the Father. Se riuscite a comprendere tale mistero, volete con le ali dello Spirito e ritornerete alla Gloria. In passato, molte di queste associazioni cercando di riconoscere i discendenti di Cam, li hanno collegati con gli antenati del popolo dell'Africa nera, o dell'Arabia.

Pertanto, focalizziamo le nostre menti sul vero ed eterno significato spirituale della maledizione di Cam. Mentre, benedisse ampiamente gli altri due figli, Sem e Iafet. A questo punto, qualcuno potrebbe definire tali parole altisonanti ed arroganti. Ogni cosa, celeste, terrena o invisibile ci parla della nostra unione con Dio Padre. Tale ignoranza nel cuore umano, ha portato l'uomo a vivere proprio come un ramo separato dall'albero, che poi secca e muore.

La lussuria degli occhi e della carne e l'orgoglio della vita, che governano il mondo, rappresenta l'effetto delle menzogne con le quali gli uomini vengono intossicati. Non pessando che fosse indemoniato,. Per mille volte tu sia il mai venuto,. Dei tradimenti avete fatti tanti,. Che hen se' dengnio d'essere apenduto,. Ma se 'n stil canpo t'abatto. Iscannare farotti per amore Che tu se' si perfetto traditore.

Nondimeno Gano si porta da uomo valente.

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Dopo questi baroni esce Orlando, C. Una grande spronata allor gli tocca ;. Il cont' Orlando sua faccia rimira;. Lagrimar la vedea, onde si scocca, ,. Parecchie parole si scambiano i due aversari prima di venire alla zuffa, la quale, in causa delle grida, ha termine colla prigionia di Orlando, sebbene Bravieri sia stato abbattuto da cavallo.

Col medesimo. Mentre accade tutto questo Malagigi, che si stava a custodire Montai-bano,. Ma uno Cristian conquistar lo do vea;. Crede che sia Rinaldo a ta' mestieri,. Ond' a frategli in tal guisa diciea :. Ciascun s'allegri sasza aver dolore,. A lui ancora accade di abbattere Bravieri e di esser preso colle grida. VII f che subito si mette in via con Guicciardo. La loro venuta non fa che aggiongere due altri prigioni. Ma secondo la storia dell' affare Truovo che fur guerrier trecientoventi4. Ma Cario rifiuta :.

II tuo talento di noi far potrai,. Malla mia terra non arai giammai1. Bravieri gli assegna un mese di tempo. Bravieri fa apparecchiare le forche :. Che di Parigi si potean vedere. Dicieva Galerana ad Ermellina :. Ma ecco venirgli avanti vestita di bianco la fata che sotto Verona egli ha campato dal folletto C. Uggeri torna indietro per dar esecuzione al suggeri-mento ; poi esce di nuovo e va a Bravieri, alie domande del quale, non sentendo nulla, o non risponde o risponde a sproposito :.

Il re Bravier diciea: Scco sollazzo, ,. Come Bravier fu di vita passato Videsi il corpo suo fracido tutto;. Che ma' no si senti cotanto brutto ;. A Cristo ne rendea grazia molta. II caval di Bravier tosto spario;. Ma' non si vide po' che '1 re fu morto,. Ma non mi levo, in tal gujtsa parlava,. Che tu, re Carlo, mi perdonerai ;. Per solo Iddio tal grazia mi farai. Perdono niuno non debbe acadere ;. Disse : I' vo' che sappi, re pregiato,.

Ch'io son Danese, che tanto offallato. Nel principio la prosa, fedele al costume che essa e tutte le altre opere consimili seguono a ogni cominciamento di libro, annoda la nar-razione coi fetti raccontati nei libri anteriori, e precisamente colla morte di Mambrino. Qui s'incontrano alcune tra le maggiori discrepanze che siano fra i due testi.

La cavalcatura Notre dame de paris

Cosl gli elementi del racconto vengono ad essere i medesimi, ma si trovano composti insieme diversamente. Bisogna dunque portar pazienza e discorrerne con un pd di agio. In generale s'abbia a mente che il testo fr. Carlo adunque, irritato per il tributo che il saracino. Pure alla fine si ravvede :. Seguito dalla folla,. Le parole da una parte e dall' altra abbondano ; la conclusion? Questi se ne va alloggiare. L'oste promette di essere in suo soccorso ; va a parlare agli amici, e con questi viene la mattina seguente al palazzo, ciascuno avendo ia spada nascosta sotto la cappa.

Finalmente Uggeri s'accosta piano piano, afierra il Maximo , e gli spicca il capo. Allora quelli della corte si scagliano su! L'uccisore fugge, e ben presto la novella si sparge. Magliepisodiipassio-nati che abbelliscono a questo punto le versioni toscane non trovano riscontro nel testo fr. Che Floriamon — cosi qui si chiama la madre —. Qeli rois li perdone sa ire e mal talant,. Por amo[r] K. E del dux N. Qui giunta, l' azione viene a patire un interrompimento che i testi toscani non conoscono.

Del Danese si arriva a dire che. Un giorno che appunto sono intenti a giocare, Carlotto, il quale perde, inveisce contro Uggeri e lo minaccia :. Quel ricordo crudele risuscita tutto il dolore e lo sdegno nell' animo del povero padre :. Di Rinaldo non si parla in nessun modo. Anche nel cantare fr. Qe ben se poit de toto saoler. Qui si abbandona Uggeri per venire a Braier, 0 Braer, del quale l'autore non narra punto l'origine ; bensi dice com' egli venisse a sapere per malie non esserci de sor tera cayaliere alcuno di cui egli abbia a temere.

Avuta la risposta Braier si mette in mare con trenta re e quattrocento mila uomini, epassato in Franck si ayvia verso Parigi. F0 71 v" Ben le fust le cont R. Orlando intende bene che! Esce allora Ulivieri, di cui si narra alungo 1' armarsi, le parole con 1 Braer, e ii duello, che termina eolia vittoria del saracino. Questi vince col valore, non colle grida; le gridaci sono, aiutano ancor esse, ma non hanno potenza soprannaturale :. Por q' do braise tan forte e feremant,. Tutti i pari, a eccezione di Orlando, riraangono prigionieri. A qi 0 oldu li Danois mentoer? Le rois l'oldl, ne olsa plu parler.

Ripetutasi due volte questa scena, Carlo toglie per il meno maie il divieto :. Carlo consente che esca di prigione ; ma il Danese rifiuta :. Dist R. A questi conforti si aggiunge un moto generoso dell' animo :. Pero Carlo consente ; e non ne segue alcun male. Uggeri vuol solo pagarlo di panra ; ride vedendplo coprirsi di due elmi :. Una vista fi duna grande remie;. Ne fose por cii usa moscha perie. T ros colpi ferl li rois con la spea forbie. Vedendosi vicino a spccombere il saracino manda un grido e fa accorrere la sua gente; ma allora si avanza anche una schiera di cristiani e si viene a battaglia.

Finalmente Uggeri uccide Braer, che per qualche poco si era spiccato da lui e azzuffato con Orlando. Non atendoit li pere son enfant. La liberazione dei prigionieri, la cacciadei fuggiaschi, il ritomo a Parigi, mettono termine alla rama :. Mai non fo tel oldua par nesun hon. L'andata a Marmora, o a Verona, che dir si voglia, non trova riscontro nel testo francese, che ai fatti di Rama fa seguitare immediatamente il principio delle peripezie di Uggeri.

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Carlotto Kallos o Churlos uccide qui Baldovino Bauduinet colla scacchiera, adirato per essere stato vinto al giuoco. Uggeri vorrebbe bene vendicarsi :. S'il vos escape je vos ferai irier. Condotto a Carlo, a fatica sfugge alie forche ; pure alla fine Turpino ottiene che sia solo imprigionato, e ne diventa egli medesimo il carceriere. Qui dunque comincia 1a parte colla quale anche le versioni italiane hanno somiglianze streite. Ed ecco anche qui sopraggiungere l'africano Brehus 0 Braihier 1 , mettere il. E oraegli, credendo morto da un pezzo il prigioniero, si pente del suo operare ; saputolo in vita, corre per liberarlo.

E la cosa non avrebbe qui la riuscita buffonesca ehe hanno nel testo fr. Mi-chele e non ordinasse al Danese di risparmiarlo :. La compiuta disfatta dei saracini e le nozze del Danese colla donzella da lui salvata terminano lietamente il lungo poema. Lasciando le sue lungaggini insopportabili nel racconto delle peripeziedel protagonista, si.

Tant fu souspris de s'amor maintenant,. Aine ne fu si de nule amor vivant. Se non che alle ragioni negative non si deve mai dare troppo peso, quando non siano sorrette da altri argomenti. Uno non dispregevole mi pare si possa cavare dagli accident! Sor le brun marbre se gist Ii gentieus hom ;. Blance ot 1. Ma queste contraddizioni evidenti non fianno che confermare quanto io dico, non potendo, pare a me, derivare daaltro, se non da una fusione imperfetta del vecchio col nuovo.

Un soio cavaliere, Dos de Nantuel 99 66 segg. Del resto anche su questa assenza dobbiamo intrattenerci un poco. Per quelli che divulgati da un pezzo avevano messo radici profonde, i rima-tori si contentavano di trasformare i versi e le rime, ammodernare la lingua, interpolare il racconto, conservando qual era la tela.

Ma ogni volta che le narrazioni trasmigrarono in Italia, il tramutamento non poteva fer-marsi casi vicino; la lingua doveva farsi altra cosa, se il popolo aveva a intendere, e cosi veniva a mancare un ritegno efficacissimo alie innova-zioni. XIII di Venezia. La perfetta concordanza di queste conclusion], ottenute per una via affatto diversa, con quelle a cui mi ha condotto lo studio delle Enfances , pud servire di riprova e alie cose esposte qui e a quelle dette nella prima parte J. Guafrjdez le bea, ja ne l'verrai des oilz.

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H testo fr. Cosl, sebbene il verso dica di lui,. Le tort c'avons faites li adrechier Com jugeront duc et conte et princhier,. Trente roi sont de la loy Tervagant,. Vingt amirant ki region ont grant :. Quatre cent mile sont Sarrasin puant. En meir s'enpaignent Brehus et si baron, etc. E si le estoit. Neiia guerra poi di Parigi,sl nel ms.

XIII che nel poema di Raimbert. Ou es tu Kalle? Ou au millor de trestote ta gent. A questo principio credo si devatantori-spetto, che non solo non terrei conto, se fossero sole, delle frequenti analogie dove ricorrono luoghi comuni, come sarebbe ad es. Va t'adober de par Den le poissant. Alez a prendere ves arme e ves eorer. E nel testo francesa e nel fr. Or cha, mes armes!

Or me le faites mantenant aporter. In que8te, appena naifato Hmprigionamento di Uggeri, gli autori dicono. Ou'jl mengaroit contre cinq chevaliers :. Si faitement. Questa volta 1' aiuto viene da un' opera dove nessuno certo avrebbe pensato ad andarne in cerca : dal! Dell' elmo la messaggera che lo ha portato d'oriente parla cosi al signore degli Ungari :. Allacciato l'elmo egli si scaglia tra i nemici :. Que tot h autres barons ne savont Que fer Par ce rie acatoit homes por tot l'univers mon Que contre lui poist conbatre front a fron :.

Et espoeutables vois, semble que tot confon. Terminata appena 1a preghiera. Que dist : Lieve tantost, mister doter ne toi fa. E fais que les oreilles stupe soient et sera,. Si que celle vois pas non li noira;. Si fais de toy meismes, et ne te intonira. De soy meismes tel meicine fist,. D'une grant bande de sa insaigne que i mist.

De li foiiaus mon hiaumes cestui pas non churoit. Anzi ne! Y Attila -, ma. E che altro mai allora. E parlando di un poema fr. Alia compilazione del ms. La versione del ms. Ed ella gli rispuose ch' ella trovava che non era uomo sopra la terra che to potesse offendere. E Uggieri stava in un fondo di torre ch' era sotierra.

I sua guerrier ciascufi gli rispondea :. Sol colle grida tue di tale altea Farai morir quelle gienti ismarrite.

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