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And a familiar taste finds it way to our beer test, but does so in surprising fashion.

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The Super Bowl is behind us, and while it may not have been a great game it certainly gave us plenty to talk about. Now that the biggest non pilgrim sanctioned food orgy of the year is behind us we thought it might be time to try some ultra light beers. If that doesn't help us lose some weight we may need to talk to Dr Huxtable to get a profess Beer distribution laws are quirky at best. Not quirky like hiring a coach to pull another coach from the sidelines to avoid the ref.


Not even quirky like responding to a text message chain that obviously wasn't for you, and then going so far as to show up at the event the group was talking about. More like quirky in the way they can force you t The times they are a changing. We take a look back and to the future of the electric vehicle.

IPA's are trying to tackle a new market and chip away at light beers, and Gillette jumps into the fray of "toxic masculinity" for better or worse. Sometimes when you rarely leave the house the stories come to you. Listeners reach out for good and bad, music festivals show up at your door, and images of idiots missing kicks fill your feed.

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All you need is a 27 pound bucket of mac and cheese, and you may never have to leave again. This week we recap the NFL playoffs, one crazy ski trip, the Concorde, played quarters, and a lot more We are back for our 3rd Holiday Drink Challenge, and while the results were not official until after the vote at least one result was easy to predict.

Unknown to the crew we were locked in the Pallet House, but we finally did make it out to see the New Year and celebrate the winner. For Christmas this year we focused on comfort in many different ways. While the modes are diverse the area of focus is pretty precise.

Another Christmas miracle of sorts is realized when we are joined by Pat, and a story 4 years in the making comes full circle. Some investments just make good sense, like those that can fix your hearing. A log that will make your house smell like fried chicken though is one we can all agree is a wise choice. We recap our last night with our mustaches, but not before an unfortunate audible is called that almost derails the show. A Cupcake Sommelier tries his best to discredit a mayonnaise stain, and the joy of Christmas lights is revisited with the results you would expect.

So sit back and enjoy the ride even if it is in the wrong direction. When you have one of the most sought after beer lists in the country we come to you, and that is exactly what we did. No Zima's were consumed, but An made sure that nobody was lacking for a great beer at anytime during our conversation.

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The word you use when you are talking about something that happened in the recent past, but you can't remember the exact day (due to a black out), or it really . Define lasterday (adverb) and get synonyms. What is lasterday (adverb)? lasterday (adverb) meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan.

It is that time of year that we stop to give thanks for the past year's bounty, and this week have plenty of to be thankful for. The mustaches are coming in nicely, good news is overheard in the most random of places, the flu shots seem to be working on some level, and we get to spend some quality time with family and friends. This week we visit the Midnight Brewery to compare mustaches, and are visited by our friend the Human Abacus.

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We are reminded that Disney is one of the greatest places on earth for most , and that a porto potty is often one of the worst places on earth for most. Gingerbread stout is here, and we take a look back 3 years in the making. Our mustaches are not quite here yet, but they have us looking forward to the glory that is soon to be. We are joined by this year's president of M4K Richmond to learn more about the reason for the season, and are reminded to mind what you eat. Reality TV has not gotten any better, but far too many of us are still watching.

Apparently underwear has gotten a lot better, but most of us are still rocking the old stuff. Better glasses are almost always an upgrade, but if you don't remove the film on the lenses you will never see what is right in front of you. Speaking of right in front of Halloween is on the horizon which means far too much attention is being given to an outfit you will never wear again. If you are lucky you will at least make some memories in that outfit, but this night is not always known for its "good" times. Either way if you can find yourself a beer that pairs well with ice cream and candy the night should Some concerts are expensive on the front end, but others are more expensive on the way out.

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Artwork is typically more expensive when pristine, but this week a trashed piece of art jumped in value. Not everything has to add up, but if the stories make for a good episode then all is well. Electric rental scooters have been showing up in cities all around the country, and love em or hate em it appears they may be here to stay. We learn a bit more about the Bird, and we also bear witness to a pretty sneaky way to create a hometeam sports fan. Lightning and rain is typically the enemy of good golf, but this week we find out that it really only affects one of us.

Crown Lasterday Amber Ale

Rain on a golf course can also lead to longer hours at the clubhouse bar, but not necessarily an all night party, for that you may have to venture out. Football season is back and it is getting us hyped up for the wrong reasons. We celebrate a wedding and a couple birthdays, and learn two things: A sack is a sack, and you can't talk at Van Morrison. This week Hurricane Florence blew into the Carolina's and with it a steady flow of visitors to the surrounding states. One of these refugees was our friend Sean from Nectar Sunglasses, and he has some big news on the horizon, and we aren't just talking about sunglasses.

Many of us have been in hurricane prep mode this week, and because of this the shelves are pretty bare which is keeping one VP pretty busy. Elon Musk is reeling from his past week and learning that it can be hard to be the cool or funny guy and maintain solid executive status. Here in the Pallet House we fall prey to marketing twice this week a Loopholes may be controversial, but they do have their place in society.

Riverboat casinos have obviously figured out to work these angles. Getting fired from your job could also have a brightside if you work the loophole of recording why you were let go. Even Thanos may have created job openings despite his bad deeds. This week we get a late night show recorded live from Beth Page Camp Resort.

We answer the tough questions like, "What is the difference between a gas and electric golf cart? Some weekends don't generate a lot of stories and other weekends generate too many to remember. This week we do our best to remember the stories from one that falls in the latter. That is bound to happen when you visit the un-hidden gem that is Seacrets. Speaking of secrets we have another sighting of our mystery beer benefactor.

This week we say goodbye to one of our regulars, JJ, and we are so upset we are planning a trip to Ocean City to drown our sorrows. If that isn't what has gotten us down maybe it is the steady stream of Craigslist mishaps. At least we don't have an 8 pound parasite in our belly. When it comes to getting from point A to point B few options illicit as much emotion as the car. Oftentimes they are fun, and other times they are just damn expensive. Sometimes they are built for speed, but all cars crawl in traffic This week cars are fro As a rule of thumb you should probably delete your old Twitter account at age 21 and start a new one, but for some reason we keep hearing about idiots being burnt by their old teenage tweets.

While we are at it can we move on from using pennies? It seems we are full of good ideas this week, and that goes for the axe throwing too. Sometimes you start planning for something so far in advance that no matter what happens you feel like you need to carry out the original plan. This week we fall victim to this, and the consequences are cold and miserable. Sounds like the new Jurassic Park movie may have also run into a similar situation.

Bummer, no nearby places on BeerMenus have this beer.

At least we did find a company that set It is the dead of summer and you know what that means It is the only competitive sport dominated by the polite and built on a foundation of beer drinking. The polite use less F bombs, and we work on curbing ours this week. Or maybe it is just the introduction of a new kitten that has softened our tone. Welcome to Player FM What if radio played only the shows you care about, when you want? Take it with you. Guides you to smart, interesting podcasts based on category, channel, or even specific topics. Looking for a high-quality podcasts app on Android?

Player FM might just be it. Brilliantly useful, fantastically intuitive, beautiful UI. Developers constantly update and improve. Easy and intuitive to use.

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New features frequently added. Just what you need. Not what you don't. Programmer gives this app a lot of love and attention and it shows.


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