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see Second, however, is that when I hovered over It looks like people are really glad about being able to use SQLite within their Metro style apps. You can get them from the SQLite download page. The video walks through actually building SQLite from the source Visual Studio required…express is fine and adding it to a C Metro style app, create a database, populate with some data based on a class and databind the query to a ListView.

The video references my OneNote notebook on the Disclosure: At the time of this writing I do work for Microsoft, but this has been a personal effort from my own app development and during my own time late nights and weekends. I am not able to upload apps to the One of those areas was the way we would enable developers to produce localized applications. Before this process I have to be honest and as an app developer never really paid much attention to providing localized versions of any app that I wrote.

I had absolutely no good reason for coming to that decision, just never bothered. In helping to design and understand localization a bit more I Just a little post to point out a hidden gem if you are a. NET developer creating a Metro style app: you can bind to anonymous types. There may not be a tone of cases where this is valuable for you, but knowing it is there may help. Picture of the AppBar in the Bing Maps application In a blog post announcing the update, Ian notes that if you were using the previous SDK that there have been breaking changes and to use the updated SDK.

After installing their SDK which was developed using the same distribution concepts in my post about creating a distributable custom control previous post , you will be able to use Add Reference in Visual Studio, I knew that would happen, but not so quick on something so new WinRT. There are two key things when thinking about custom controls: 1 building it and 2 making it consumable by developers even if those developers are your own company. This contains a Today, Microsoft will reveal the Windows 8 Consumer Preview for download to everyone.

This builds on the momentum and feedback from the Developer Preview released in September. One of the features introduced with Silverlight 4 was the out-of-browser feature, enabling you to create an application that can be installed, run offline, automatically updated, etc.

As a part of that feature, some of the major code signing certificate vendors for Authenticode certs provided our team with test certificates so that we could go through the same process as a developer would to acquire the cert and apply it to an app…and, of course, validate it works. During that time some of those vendors had promotional codes for the first year for Silverlight developers, providing reduced-rate but not Silverlight 5 is finally released! Congratulations to the team for getting through some of the toughest parts of finishing a product and validating with customers.

As a part of my job, I like to ensure the fastest resolution or awareness depending on how you look at it to issues that affect our product. Every morning I come in and install the latest Windows build as well as the latest Visual Studio build. We have an automated Hyper-V environment Today there was an event in San Francisco which introduced the Windows Store for Windows apps as well as some details on revenue sharing and policies.

This blog will help developers learn about aspects of the store as well as serve as a place for dialog between the store teams and you, the app developer. I think it is great that the store team is following in the footsteps Trust me there is a LOT to absorb as the week continues and you should absolutely keep your eye on the BUILD conference site where session information will likely start to appear.

Today we are releasing an update to Silverlight 4. This is an update to two areas where no workarounds could be provided for customers and we found it important to fix. This update simply fixes what was a broken piece of functionality. Today we had the SIlverlight Firestarter event and revealed to the world for the first time, not only the plans for the next version of Silverlight, but also a slew of demonstrations of some key features. There has been a lot of confusion on the future of Silverlight. In the release of Visual Studio Feature Pack 2 one feature that might be interesting to Silverlight developers is the introduction of support for the coded UI test framework and Silverlight 4 applications, specifically: Use Microsoft Test Manager to capture and playback action recordings for Silverlight 4 applications Create coded UI tests for Silverlight 4 applications with Visual Studio Premium or Ultimate There are more features in the feature pack see link above for more details but also some videos to help you understand these features.

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There was a lot of talk about Internet Explorer 9 and another preview update as well as general web development. There had been some reports on the 2nd day of PDC commenting about the shift in strategy about Silverlight. You may have read the initial story from Mary Jo Foley which led to the tsunami of information about Silverlight being done, over and killed except for the Windows Phone 7 platform.

Other popular news outlets picked up on the story, NET libraries in your projects. It works with all. Just a quick shout-out to congratulate the latest Silverlight MVPs to the program. The Microsoft MVP Most Valuable Professional program is a recognition program that is in place to recognize and reward those individuals who have been identified by individuals peers, Microsoft staff, etc.

Recently our team released a service release for Silverlight on 1-Sep NOTE: Other teams have different names for different things. In the GDR1 release I am sure that for Microsoft developers Windows Phone 7 represents a new opportunity to get out in the marketplace with your XAML skills and get recognized paid for your work! It has been exciting to see a lot of interest from Silverlight developers in Windows Phone 7. There are a series of launch events A whole list of the available tasks in the Microsoft. Tasks namespace can be found in the developer documentation.

I was basically creating a simple application that would allow you to choose PhotoChooserTask or take a picture CameraCaptureTask and then display the picture and later post it online or something. Here was my basic XAML structure Three years ago I wrote about one of the first full-featured casual games built in Silverlight at the time Silverlight 1. It was a game featuring Lt. Bennett a character who was lost in space and your job was to navigate him through simple puzzle boards back to his space ship. It is a fun little game that can keep you busy for a while and even get you frustrated on some of the harder mazes.

The project was done in concert with Terralever, an agency who has great experience in building great online casual Apparently Jeff saved his largest one for an avalanche of knowledge on Twitter in the late afternoon. Jeff Wilcox is a developer on the Silverlight team and has been working on the Silverlight for Windows Phone initiative as well as the toolkit released today. He was headed out on vacation but decided to throw out some words of wisdom for Windows Phone developers working in Silverlight.

Today, Seesmic more broadly launched Seesmic Desktop, a refreshed platform for interacting with various social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz, etc. Seesmic has been one of the leaders in this space providing client applications on various platforms across web, desktop and mobile and providing us with unified views of our interaction with others online.

You may have remembered seeing Loic on stage at MIX last year demonstrating their first preview of this updated platform and inviting developers to be a part of extending the shell. A great application that I can also After a longer-than-should-have-been delay you can blame me for that allow me to introduce JetPack.

You may have see Tsitsi talk about theming in general and introduce this theme on Silverlight TV.

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Editorial Reviews. From the Author. Hi! Thanks for taking a look at My Windows 8 Consumer Kindle App Ad. Look inside this book. My Windows 8 Consumer Preview: A Sneak Peek at the Windows 8 Public Beta ( My Windows 8 Consumer Preview: A Sneak Peek at the Windows 8 Public Beta (My) Kindle Edition. by. My Windows 8 Consumer Preview: A Sneak Peek at the Windows 8 Public Beta. by Katherine Murray. Publisher: Que. Release Date: April

The challenge behind this theme was to take some of the excitement around other Silverlight themes and create a great looking overall theme that could be used for line-of-business applications, but also extended as desired by any other application. Working with the team at Pixel Lab, our small team The Silverlight team today posted some information about what the future holds for rich Internet apps and where we have come with SIlverlight, where we see HTML5 playing a role and how Silverlight will be a part of the future of this next evolution of rich Internet apps.

Brad Becker, Director of Product Management, provides some information behind the value of Silverlight in a world where HTML5 will also co-exist: Expect to see more from Silverlight in these areas especially in our focus scenarios of high-quality media experiences, consumer apps and games, and business apps Today we released an update to Silverlight 4 update build is 4.

You can find all the details in KB Here are the relevant highlights: SDK feature to enable Add New Row capabilities in DataGrid control Improving startup performance of Silverlight applications Adding mouse wheel support for out-of-browser applications on the Mac platform Various media-related fixes around DRM content In talking with a friend about some Windows Phone 7 and Silverlight stuff recently.

The scenario is that of downloading media files and storing them for later playback. Suppose you use Firefox as your default web browser and you are a Silverlight developer using Visual Studio. You may have been frustrated at times in being able to get the debugger to attach to your breakpoints. But it works in Internet Explorer. One of the biggest discussions I started getting into when Windows Phone development was announced to the world was sparked with this single question I posed to our internal Windows Phone developer teams: What is the use case for when you would want to use a Pano versus Pivot application layout?

I asked this in the context of an application for Yelp that I was writing. Information was similar but not identical. It was only similar in the sense that the data was all about user reviews and venues. In my eyes I saw this like the fact It was a bookshelf view that I thought was cool and I wanted to use it for my own book recommendation list on my blog.

NOTE: It was It really seemed to be a holistic view of incoming feedback from all over the place.

Windows 'Threshold' to go public within weeks

The first involves making network-based calls WebClient, HttpWebRequest, etc to services hosted on a domain other than the one that is the site of origin for the XAP. This is solved by ensuring the service provider enables a clientaccesspolicy. This refers to the URI domain of the Silverlight With this release comes a free Upgrade for licensed version 3 Studio or Web users!

All you need to do is install the trial version of v4 on top of your licensed version of Expression Studio 3 or Expression Web 3 and the installer will find your license and upgrade it to the The feedback from the Silverlight 4 application themes released and the latest in process have been overwhelmingly toward the positive.

We appreciate the feedback and hopefully you appreciate the transparency in the process. Download the refreshed Silverlight Today we released a service update for Silverlight 4. This is a minor release that addresses some items found immediately after release that have now completed our test passes with those who reported them. This update 4. A few items were serviced for DRM users as well as 2nd monitor usage for media on the Mac platform. If you are Building on the positive feedback of the previous Silverlight application themes released last month Cosmopolitan, Accent Color, and Windows the design team is working on another theme targeting business application developers.

Today, they are no longer and are officially released. There is no new update to Silverlight itself, but these tools are the final bits of this version. Get the Tools If you have a clean machine you can get everything you need using the Web Platform Installer by clicking on the link at the Silverlight community site.

And the offers keep coming in! Another one of our key partners for testing XAP signing for trusted applications was Thawte. Their group helped provide us with valid certificates to verify their process and signing worked as expected and verified for Silverlight 4. Our team wanted to do more than just the overall base theme and provide the themes for the core, SDK and some Silverlight Toolkit controls as well.

In addition, there was a lot of internal chatter about how cool these new themes were and a lot of teams wanting to adopt them as default, including WCF RIA Services. While we finalize a better distribution plan for these templates and some may show up as defaults As most of you know at MIX10, we released the first version of the Windows Phone 7 developer tools which are free targeting Silverlight and XNA development to the world.

This was a community technology preview CTP release and targeted Visual Studio RC at the time which was the publically available version. Since MIX10, Visual Studio has released in final form and the phone developer tools team has been working to get a working version finalized. This is A little bit of hidden gem in the Silverlight 4 release is the ability to modify the Authorization header in network calls. For most, the sheer ability to leverage network credentials in the networking stack will be enough.

But there are times when you may be working with an API that requires something other than basic authentication, but uses the Authorization HTTP header. The Details Basically you just set the header value. One of the new features in Silverlight 4 is the ability to sign your XAP applications so that your out-of-browser trusted applications look more friendly trusted to your users, they come from a verified publisher, and they can take advantage of the auto-update APIs in Silverlight.

This week, Seesmic announced a new Seesmic Desktop platform. They finally revealed more details to the public and released developer previews of their shell, SDK and some sample plugins. You can get them on the Seesmic Developer Wiki. The best part? This is awesome news for those of us who have been using various clients that have been locked down to specific use scenarios.

Each release of Silverlight it is the goal to make sure existing Silverlight applications continue to work.

Stay ahead with the world's most comprehensive technology and business learning platform.

Silverlight 3 application working with Silverlight 4 Okay, scenario 1 is I have a Silverlight 3 application XAP , will that still work as-is in Silverlight 4? Yes, this is the situation we refer to as backward compatibility. What this means is that existing compiled XAPs under previous versions should continue to work as-is even if your users In order to use the updated one, you must follow these instructions: First, uninstall the previous version you have.

Ensure you have Silverlight 4 installed. I used a basic UI to mock up the similarities: And then clicked the button. The text translated fine, but no audio. Then I remembered about XNA. NOTE: I actually think this is a bug Scott will provide updates on the progress made in Silverlight 4 and will provide the details of availability of the developer tools, runtime and other news.

After the keynote, Channel 9 will be hosting interviews with Scott and other key members of the Silverlight and Expression teams. You Add Service Reference to your application and got the client proxy code. You start cursing Microsoft and the Silverlight team and add to the threads in the forums or perhaps initiate a new wishlist item for the team and throw it out on Twitter and encourage votes. Since Colin Help me out with a bit of some research here. It was a better format than the typical live meeting text-based QA I thought.

I think hearing questions gives you a better chance of articulating your inquiry more. Thanks to all those who listened and asked questions. I know it seemed short and there were a few more questions in the queue — feel free to send me questions you may have. There were Currently every out-of-browser application trusted or not starts from an in-browser mechanism.

Well, MIX10 is over. It was a great time to meet a lot of people and see friends from afar. As anyone knows, the networking is a HUGE part of being in-person at any conference…that vibe, value and friendship cannot be matched online. But the sessions — there were a TON of them. It is quite impossible to be in 3 places at one time. Thankfully the MIX team record all regular sessions and make them available for viewing online or offline.

If you installed the Silverlight Client for Facebook, and also upgraded to the release candidate for Silverlight 4, you may have noticed it stopped working As with all pre-release software, this type of breaking can be expected. Follow these steps: Uninstall the Silverlight Facebook client. You can do this in a few ways.

Windows 8 Now in Public Beta

A lot of research has gone into the engine from Microsoft Research and others. I have heard that the most challenging in machine translation is to Asian languages. If you are just getting started, I created some quickstart videos to help you through some of the basics. You can view them here. As you might expect, this makes it So the news is out! We also made available an update to Silverlight 4 that you might be interested in too!

You may be wondering how you get started. If you are new to Silverlight, I recommend getting familiar with Silverlight first. You can find all the tools you will need at the Silverlight community site. A few things have changed since the beta which was released in November. The features still exist, but there are some changes to the implementations of some of the features as well as some new ones. Please go read the previous post to familiarize yourself with the features. The laptops were paved removed of their glitz In hopes that they soon will get some new bits.

Our UX design team for Silverlight has been thinking about app building a lot this past year, One of the pioneers of promoting this pattern for WPF development, This week at Microsoft we are hosting roughly 1, of our top community experts around the world in various technical competencies.

This is a media playback framework for Silverlight that is based off of a lot of best practices from such implementations as the NBC Olympics, Sunday Night Football and others. It has a lot of features built-in to the framework such as: Logging DVR-style features Fast forward Slow motion Media Markers etc Basic stuff plus some great included features and extensibility points. Missing Features This release represents a significant improvement in the overall Visual Studio product and a lot was based on beta tester feedback. A: The Visual Studio Over the years there has been an evolution of this format, with the In RIA Services demonstrations, most of them have been single-table samples as well.

What's in the Consumer Preview?

Chose during install and the key would decide. This design decision reeks of the insularity that makes Outlook look as tombstone-ugly as it does [the folder tree has a grey background, which of course you cannot change]. For most, the sheer ability to leverage network credentials in the networking stack will be enough. This is another post in my series of providing migration tips from certain Callisto controls to using Windows 8. Underneath the glass will be beat an Atom Z "Clover Trail" chip: dual-core capable with "burst mode" for quick bursts of performance when needed and Hyperthreading -- the latter allows a dual-core chip to behave in quad-core-like fashion in some cases.

You compile one last time and then right-click in Visual Studio on the web project and click Publish. NET developers and gathering feedback along the way. You may remember Glenn from his work with the Prism framework as well. I snagged Glenn at the end of PDC to grab a sound-byte: Glenn has already started a series on MEF in Silverlight starting with the basics and then continuing along deeper.

One of the cool features for Silverlight 4 Out-of-browser applications that was announced as a part of the Silverlight 4 beta release is the NotificationWindow class. Any user of Microsoft Outlook no doubt has seen them. Well…if you are an eager developer and have installed VS and the Blend Preview for.

NET 4, you may have noticed that integration broken. Problem 1: VS and Blend Preview for. But some may have had an experience afterwards of launching VS and Well, PDC09 is over and it was a blast. What a relief it is to finally be able to show the world what the Silverlight team has been working on since Silverlight 3. Based on the feedback at the conference, people are excited to dig into the new bits and start building solutions. Go read my updated post on what has changed after you read below about the core features.

Silverlight 3 released just over 3 months ago and here we are with yet another release full of features that our community has been asking for. This beta release Two SDK libraries have released this week, helping developers integrate Silverlight experiences into their applications. This is a replacement for the previous Virtual Earth Javascript control and provides a great DeepZoom experience for using the mapping platform.

Previously I made note of things about the release of Visual Studio beta 2 with regard to Silverlight development. Perhaps I can help provide you with the best information I can to make that decision…so here it goes. Go-live support Visual Studio and.

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If you have never bothered yourself with previous go-live products at Microsoft you may not understand what that One of the cool things I came across the in the October Silverlight Toolkit release was the addition of drag-n-drop targets for some of the core controls. Now I know you are thinking great, another drag-n-drop useless control?!? One thing I see too often though is the conversation being diminished to UI only.

I have a plea for my developer brethren: please stop Today 19 Oct the Visual Studio team released the second beta for Visual Studio to the public. This is a significant milestone for the team and a huge improvement over the previous beta in my opinion as a user. NET Framework 4 beta 2 from here. After installing the tools, one thing you may notice right away is a different look of branding of Visual Studio going forward for now. These will be showing up on the Silverlight Community Site soon, but I wanted to post a link to it here first.

Getting Started with Silverlight Development is a 7-part series where I aim to do my best in trying to stuff as much as possible about Silverlight development in a simple application we develop at different steps. It uses: Navigation I had posted the updated code and binaries for WatermarkedTextbox here for you to use if you wish. After thinking about it though, I decided to take a stab at updating this getting started guide for new developers to Silverlight to incorporate some new features.

This is a first part in a series of getting started posts for Silverlight developers. This is part 2 in a series on getting started with Silverlight. To view the index to the series click here. You can download the completed project files for this sample application in C or Visual Basic.

Understanding layout management in XAML applications is an important aspect in being successful in Silverlight development. For most coming from the web world, this will be one of the bigger challenges if you are not a CSS wizard. Understanding Layout Options Silverlight provides a flexible system for laying out UI elements on a surface. There are layout models to support This is part 3 in a series on getting started with Silverlight. This is part 4 in a series on getting started with Silverlight.

In the previous step 3 we did a lot of work to get back our data from a public web service and display it in a control. This will introduce us to XAML This is part 6 in a series on getting started with Silverlight. We now have a functioning application but could use some more polish. These modifications can be done in Blend just like we have been doing with the editing template features. This is part 7 in a series on getting started with Silverlight.

In our final stage of this getting started series, we are going to make our application available for installation outside of the browser.

Windows 8: The Gist

The steps are much simpler than you think. The question was how to change that icon. Well, easily. Mithun just posted that the videos are now available online from the Silverlight Firestarter Seattle event. You can view the videos here in WMV form, but I also took a quick stab at putting them together in a playlist using the Silverlight Expression Encoder templates.

Here they are: You can click the little icon in the upper right to see the playlist option and to navigate. Sleepless in Seattle…definitely not — Silverlight in Seattle baby! NET DA user group meeting on. Just a casual gathering of people who speak in acronyms and like food. Bellevue Crossroads food court awesome choices for anyone. It is a bit of a supply chain management application…where the supply is soldiers! This is a pretty cool application that was taken from a full client Windows Forms application and brought to Silverlight by ProModel.

They specialize in supply and demand issues. Sure, it would have been cool to have a drill sergeant How do you prefer to learn Silverlight and how do you decide on choosing Silverlight? Are you using the provided Silverlight Toolkit themes in your applications? If you A few of us in the Silverlight team have been talking about various things and speculating on how we think the universe works.

If you would, that would be great and help us understand better where we need to fight for prioritization of certain resources. Please forward this along I saw a note on Twitter come through yesterday about building pixel shaders for Silverlight in Visual Studio. I replied that you can use the same build task and thought I had written my work around on how to do that, but apparently I never clicked published somewhere along the line. I recall doing some work for this for a presentation a while back on VSLive and started to write Small public service announcement here for Silverlight developers…we released a minor update to the runtime and SDK today.

You may see this referred to as Silverlight 3 GDR2. Formally it is version 3. If you are interested in the full release history for Silverlight it is always available online click the deployment section. This latest minor release really had several updates for improving some media and network scenarios, but namely the main driver One of my colleagues, Corrina, pointed me today to some research her team is conducting on user experience with Visual Studio and Silverlight.

The research involves… A short survey A telephone interview to discuss your development experiences A gratuity will be offered to individuals selected to participate in the telephone interview, I normally hate short posts — but my friend John Papa put a poll up that I wanted to make sure gets some attention…please provide your opinion on this poll: What kinds of samples would you most like to see in a community Silverlight code sharing site? Help John out shape something useful! One of them was Sergey Barskiy. Sergey was doing a session on deployment and while in the speaker area we were chatting about overall feedback on Silverlight.

One of the things he mentioned was what he thought was a bug in Visual Studio Tools for Silverlight. More on that later. Sergey was using RESX files for localization. While investigating the bug for him, I realized how many people might not He writes below: Tim did me a favor with this article, and his comments on Connected Internet. I have left the article up on Connected, because frankly, I deserve the lumps I get over it. When Silverlight 3 launched, we also published several additional application themes for the navigation and business application for.

I just uploaded two more themes from one of our designers, Corrina, to the Expression Gallery. There are versions for both navigation application template as well as the. I also added. I have the pleasure of being invited to participate in two Silverlight events coming up soon one very soon. One of the features that a lot of developers seem to enjoy is the out-of-browser feature in Silverlight. This is the feature that allows you to take your Silverlight application and run it like a desktop application without some of the trust levels right now.

I was messing around with a new internal application the other day and made a wise crack about some of the features out in the open. On one of my suggestions someone pointed out a RTFM moment that the feature was actually in there but had a dependency. I was talking with a good friend the other day about some feedback about DataForm. One of the use cases he felt would be common with the Silverlight DataForm control available in the Silverlight Toolkit was the concept of confirming the delete action.

I agreed as well that confirming permanent delete actions is a common line-of-business application pattern. It got me thinking about some things… The Problem DataForm is a great control. I love it. It will benefit many developers in This is it. The geeks conference. If you are a bit twiddler, this is for you. PDC is where most of the forward-looking stuff is revealed. It is also where certain executives come out for their semi-annual keynote ;-.

PDC is in their 14th year! Learn about new stuff, see things I came across this add-in for Visual Studio the other day that is subtle but added some productivity features to Visual Studio for me. This is an unsolicited opinion. Take a look at the before after of the same content open in VS: In I got enough feedback and suggestions that I figured it would be better just to put the code up on CodePlex rather than package zips on my blog Here it is: FloatableWindow project.

Show does today. No changes there, popup is used.

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But when you just want some simple MDI type windows, use Show which will not use Popup but rather add the elements Perhaps the only real change is to accommodate the new requirement that pixel shaders are resources of the project. Relative ; If you are writing shaders, Generally speaking what this means is that if you install the Silverlight 3 tools, you have a Silverlight 3 development environment with VS True multi-targeting for Silverlight in the IDE will come in Visual Studio you can see how that works in this post. There are a few things missing in VS10 beta 1 for full Let me show you how and start with the current situation.

For some situations this is fine At last, Silverlight 3 is released! Anyhow, we are finally released. There are, of course, some subtle changes in a few things from an implementation side of things, but those are all documented in the release. FloatableWindow CodePlex Project.

Windows 8: A Sneak Peek at Microsoft's Newest Client OS | IT Pro

My buddy Karl Shifflett decided to use it in Glimpse as the diagnostic window — I was honored to be asked by ComponentArt to participate in a judging panel for their just now released Summer Silverlight Coding Competition. ComponentArt is even kicking in 2 runner-up prizes of licensing to their products, which is also a sweet deal! We'll obviously let you use our products Today, we posted on the. What is. NET and Silverlight platforms.

The RIA Services provides a pattern to write application logic that runs on the mid-tier and controls access to data for queries, changes and custom operations. It also provides end-to-end support for common tasks such as data validation, authentication and roles by integrating with Silverlight components on the One of the goals of new versions of Silverlight is to be be backward compatible with previous versions.

We make this a priority goal so that people can keep their previous applications deployed while not worrying that people with newer Silverlight will have a broken experience. If you have existing Silverlight 2 applications that are deployed, I wanted to draw your attention to some action items if you I got more confused with all the replies So I had a moment this If you looked at the updated RIA Services Business Application template which had the authentication built-in, you may have seen the login screen with a little icon next to the password field: When you hover over this some helpful information displays in tool tip form: So how did that get there?

The power of the data annotations. If you look at your model definition, you can add a DisplayAttribute and provide some additional information. There has been some comments on that post and a few emails and Twitter replies as well with some great follow-up questions. Well today was the public release of Visual Studio Beta 1. It is the first time developers will have the chance to take it for a spin and kick the tires. I wanted to share some information specific for Silverlight developers with regard to Visual Studio Beta 1. Visual Studio is the first IDE that will support two key features for Silverlight developers: multi-targeted Silverlight development and editable design surface for Silverlight.

Long before the instant watch came to the desktop and the XBOX, there were a lot of folks wanting the Netflix experience on their Windows Media Center boxes and extenders. One such person was Anthony Park who is now with Netflix as of this writing , who picked up a the MyNetflix media center plugin a while back. Well, today Netflix officially has a Media Center solution for their customers. I just got done firing my media The updated May preview can be downloaded here:. You may have to uninstall your previous version before installing this one.

It also provides end-to-end support All demo, all tech, all Visual Studio as my presentation tool Come out and join us for the event! While a lot of the information from the first version of the guidance targeted at Silverlight 1. This is a great control that creates a modal dialog for you. When you use it, it disables your root layout application and shows the dialog you provide: This is great for those true modal needs.

It responds to normal windows DialogResult type responses if you have buttons, etc. Prior to the actual conference, John managed to get all the speakers together for a reception and then a dinner afterwards. Mark your calendars: 26 May — AM The community leaders in the area have organized another big event for your benefit. So who is coming? I get emails a lot about people asking me questions about Silverlight and after a bit of prodding, I see that their target platform for their application is Windows.

I then begin my rant on why it should be WPF if that is the target platform. Well, our team rallied and created some new guidance and sample code to provide for you to implement the best possible experience. The guidance whitepaper can be found on the Silverlight Community Site in the whitepapers section and includes: Documentation for defining a good user experience Sample code for media applications Sample code for non-media applications Sample code for implementing various states: not Not entirely unexpectedly, Microsoft is aiming for an October launch for Windows 8 and we should see both the x86 and ARM versions launch at the same time.

This would give Microsoft ample time to get its new OS out into the channel in time for the holiday shopping season,. It has come to light that software developer Microsoft has patented a gaming helmet and projector eyeware for the Xbox, which could be a planned feature for the company's next-generation console. Keeping in line with its strategy of releasing public previews of their next-generation software, Microsoft has released public beta versions of their next generation operating system and SQL for the enterprise.

Nokia has confirmed that it is working on a tablet computer of its own, marking the once dominant mobile phone company's first competition with the Apple iPad and myriad of Android tablets. Microsoft's next-generation Xbox console will not feature a disc drive, which suggests that digital downloads are the way to go, a reality which could cause devastation to already struggling brick-and-mortar game stores.

Microsoft is gearing up for another Patch Tuesday next week which will comprise six new updates - one rated as being 'Critical', four that are 'Important' and one 'Moderate'. Following the release of Microsoft's Windows 8 Consumer Preview on Wednesday which was super quick to see over a million downloads within the first 24 hours, through some deeper investigation via the system registry it's been discovered that there will likely be no less than nine variations of the operating.

Microsoft has released a consumer preview of Windows 8, the next version of its popular operating system, giving people a sneak peek at what is to come and letting them help iron out any kinks before its expected release later this year. Star Wars fan who are looking to get the "Kinect Star Wars" game and Limited Edition "Kinect Star Wars" console bundle can pre-order at participating retailers in Singapore, starting today.

Are you ready for war? Developed by Epic Games, Gears of War 3 is the third instalment of its series and the final game in the story. At the Mobile World Congress , Microsoft has announced the beta version of Skype for Windows Phone; new hardware support; and new developer opportunities with the launch of the Windows Phone marketplace in 23 more markets, including China, Thailand and Vietnam for Asia. It has been discovered through Microsoft's soon to be released Windows 8 Consumer Preview that the software giant is planning to do away with a couple of its big user-facing brands, namely Zune and Windows Live.

The associating programs will still be there, but with simpler names applied to appear. Some screenshots have appeared online of Microsoft's Office 15 productivity suite following a Technical Preview release that was provided to a number of businesses and partners last month.

All applications within are designed to run as standard on Windows 7 or 8 with the ribbon interface that we saw introduced. Say goodbye to the multicolored Windows flag, as what you see here is the new Windows logo for Microsoft's next consumer level OS, Windows 8. The codename for Microsoft's next-generation console is Durango, according to several sources cited by gaming news website Kotaku. Microsoft has released a critical update for Internet Explorer that it is advising all users to download and install, warning of several vulnerabilities that could allow hackers to gain user rights on your PC.

Following the recent release of Kinect for Windows, forms of further expansion in the differing ways Kinect can be used in Windows are starting to show face with the first major add-in being Kinect for Media Center.