Ranger of Darkwood

Ranger of Darkwood: An Elven Tale
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enter Protect all gentles in any manner necessary as required by the code of chivalry.

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Uphold the ideals of chivalrous behavior as embodied in the Society for Creative Anachronism. Maintain a level of competence in accordance with the requirements of the rank. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Search for:. Blog at WordPress. Post to Cancel. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. We are anything but uber. This Dragon is a gimp by todays standards, with an extremely under rated loot table.

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A yearning to see the afterlife before anyone else? Anyone can contribute. Near the zone to Greater Faydark slightly passed the big camp there is a mountain that turns into the spectre area, however right before this in a little rounded corner there should be a spot with goblin highwaymen. And how difficult is it? Q: What level do you suggest doing the ivy etched armor quest? Explore More Fantasy Books.

Some of those BPs do some really uber tricks even by todays standards. Just bought this BP.

Just grabbed up this rare BP for K, and it is worth every copper spent on it. Considering a stack of gate potions runs 4K each, this BP will pay for itself many times over. Uninterruptable evac for rangers. How do you beat that? No wonder you almost never see one for sale in bazaar. They're just too useful to the peeps that own them, even if they wear something else, they probably keep this one in their backpack to swap on if they have to make a fast getaway. RE: Evac.

I see one for sale right now in the Bazaar on Povar.

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A steal at a low, low K! Daggerwolf View User Forum. I'm smoking crack because of what someone else was charging. If it makes you feel better, I see it in Bazaar for 75K right now, the lowest I've ever seen it. Man yer servers are messed up. Saw this for sale in bazaar for 25K earlier this year. And yer right most rangers probably do carry this around in a backpack at least until they get the Origin AA.

Yup, thats exactly what I got it for.. Wonderful for the Ranger who has ventured far from civilization and needs to get back quickly.

On a side note tho, it CAN be interrupted The only time mine was interrupted was when getting hit moved me back a few steps. I found a nifty little combo to ensure it works is tap weaponshield right b4 you click it and you will parry every attack from your front buying you just enough time to port safely! This BP rocks if your thinking about getting one, then do its worth it.

If you already have one grats you know how precious it really is. Got it tonight on a raid I lead to Trak, didn't actually think I'd ever see it drop, but done a few anyway in case. Combat use. The spell can be interrupted. It can be interrupted by things hitting you though it seems rare so far so perhaps this has been changed. Which is pretty great, essentially a PoK port. Furthermore, you can now be a melee in a group of casters going to dangerous, gate-might-be-needed places without having a druid or wizzie there. Best wipe use suggestions: If you're not wearing it which you probably aren't at 65ish Switch from bag, click Weaponshield on, cast BP.

You now have 15 seconds of the 30 second cast time which are hp-loss free and interrupt free.

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And until I get that, my BP will always be in my bag ornate pips it stats-wise with the HP I'm afraid in case I fall down a pit or something. Much happy tonight, thanks to the Dead Dwagon! Tolan BP Rules. The other night in Seb my BP got it's first real test. The zone crashed and I log back to find no grp, and a very empty dhall the the froggies found me. Clicked my BP and prayed I figured I was toast 3 mobs beating on me and i'm still taking hits. I believe that the clickable effect is uninteruptable unless you move. That might be why the spell was not interupted.

RE: POS. You're HP's not bad could be better but the resists are a little low. But once again, you said that you'd delete the tolan's darkwood BP if you looted it, like Percuno said, then why do you have one in your inventory? Very fake profile you have there. You also have a Breastplate of the Void in your inventory which is isn't even ranger usuable and is no drop. Unless your raiding party was smoking crack, you wouldn't have it. Not only that but you have over ac and atk.

Then why in your magelo profile do you have it in your inventory? Life Saver. I have this BP - It has saved my butt more than a few times. Say you're doing the Royals in Chardok and the tide turns against you - a wipe is imminent, Clerics are dead, Main Tank, SA TA either dead or dying, no chance of survival. Right click the BP and pray for 30 secs.

Fable: Anniversary - Part 12 - Darkwood Brings out the Ranger in You Malcolm

Don't get me wrong, if you need to stand and die, you do it, but sometimes it's OK to port out and noone minds a bit. One less corpse to summon, one more for the rescue team - whatever. Another nice deal - you are on a raid and RL pops up - you have to log - you are in PoH or Umbral Planes or Kael Arena, ToV, Faydedar raid, whereever or the raid is over for that matter - no looking for a wizzy to port you out, just click and go.

Advantage 3 - since SoL, it's easy to get anywhere except WC - just port to LFay, zone to either GFay for wizzy spires - Meet your wizzy friend for port or go anywhere via Nexus Port Velious is normally 3 minutes or less from the time you get to Nexus from GFay , or run to Steamfont Druid rings to meet your druid friend to hook up for a group. If you aren't fortunate enough to be on a Trak raid where this drops and you get it, then by all means, if you ever get the chance RanJars, BUY IT - you will never regret it.

RE: Life Saver. Ever heard of the Thurgadin Gate potion? Added bonus: The cast time is about as fast as a gate spell to cast. I'm in trouble soloing? Gonna die with a nasty CR? I talk to one NPC close to the bank , do one combine haven't failed on it yet, the pottery part I have, but this is just adding an NPC item, not using the wheel and I am good to go, have another gate potion. Farming the stuff out of crystal caverns to make this potion is easy. Orcs for velium, crystal spiders for crystaline silk, easily soloed at my level, and easily grouped earlier, look up the forums on CC.

For the level this zone has great loot, plus a bank in zone. MADE for farming this stuff, no need to carry heavy velium around. Pottery skill needed for this potion is trivial. Getting pottery to is a joke. Has to be the easist skill to master at least up to there. The guide I used said "pottery to in Thurgadin in under an hour for less than 20pp". The guide was right. In under an hour, for less than 20pp, I was ready for the ability to gate to Thurg for the rest of my EQ career already had done the farming. I was able to stay in the Plane of Hate when everyone camped for the night at the safespot, even though I wasn't sure if I would make it back in time the next day to meet up with everyone before we left for good.

I can run to the Spires for a port to the nexus in a matter of minutes, even in the middle of the night when I can't find a port. I can go into zones I have no way out of and do some exploring, and know I can get out at any time. If your faction isn't good enough to talk to the merchants in Thurg, sneak works well, if you have it if you are a ranger, you have it.

All the items to make the potion are farmed out of Crystal Caverns easily, which the entrance to is just a zone away from Thurg, so when I see supplies running low, I hop in there for a bit. Loot isn't bad there, so no biggie. I even can get the Blackened Crystaline Robe to sell, or the herbalist pack, or a few other decent sellable items while I'm there. If you have this BP, grats, you are either in a good guild that hits that spot often, or you have a ton of money. If you don't have this BP, do yourself a favor and make this potion, over and over.

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The BP you won't see for a long time, if at all, this potion can be made as soon as you are high enough level late 20's? Modi View User Forum. The site for the Pottery in Thurg guide is disabled Could you provide the recipe to make the gate potion. I could not find it on EQtraders. Thanks for your help. Valiantt Ranger 49 Karana. Still useful to have, but doesn't compare at all to the BP albeit far easier to get. Pure Luck. Syfiari View User Forum. Was given this Breastplate tonight and a ton of other items by a Ranger who decided to quit the game and I just happened to be close by.

Makes the other Tolan pieces look like crap by comparison. RE: Luck Pretty sure he meant the stats. This BP and the legs are very usable fighting gear well into your 50's. The other pieces are typically equipped only for effect, then put your real armour back on. Edited, Tue Sep 17 Cast Time Cast time is about 30 secs I think, its a long cast time thats for sure!

RE: Cast Time You mean other than the fact that sitting down to camp immediately makes you a nice target and you get hit for a ton of damage and stand back up again? You can, however, cast spells.

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Cast time? I've looked through these posts, and haven't seen this listed.