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The abduction of Charley Ross on July 1, is considered to be the first American kidnapping for ransom. In , Francisco Pizarro was paid a ransom amounting to a roomful of gold by the Inca Empire before having their leader Atahualpa , his victim, executed in a ridiculous trial.

East Germany , which built the Inner German border to stop emigration, practised ransom with people. East German citizens could emigrate through the semi-secret route of being ransomed by the West German government in a process termed Freikauf literally the buying of freedom. West Germany paid over 3.

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For a while, payments were made in kind using goods that were in short supply in East Germany, such as oranges, bananas, coffee and medical drugs. A request for ransom may be conveyed to the target of the effort by a ransom note, a written document outlining the demands of the kidnappers.

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Ransomed definition, the redemption of a prisoner, slave, or kidnapped person, of captured goods, etc., for a price. See more. Ransom definition is - a consideration paid or demanded for the release of someone or something from captivity. How to use ransom in a sentence. Synonym.

In some instances, however, the note itself can be used as forensic evidence to discover the identities of unknown kidnappers, [6] or to convict them at trial. For example, if a ransom note contains misspellings, a suspect might be asked to write a sample of text to determine if they make the same spelling errors. On other occasions, a ransom note has been used as a ploy to convince family members that a person is being held for ransom when that person has actually left of their own volition, or was already dead before the note was sent.

There were numerous instances in which towns paid to avoid being plundered, an example being Salzburg which, under Paris Lodron paid a ransom to Bavaria to prevent its being sacked during the Thirty Year's War. As late as the Peninsular War —14 , it was the belief of the English soldiers that a town taken by storm was liable to sack for three days, and they acted on their conviction at Ciudad Rodrigo , Badajoz and San Sebastian.

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Frequent mention is made of the taking of French privateers which had in them ten or a dozen ransomers. The owner could be sued on his bond. Payment of ransom was banned by the Parliament of Great Britain in [9] although this was repealed in In the Russo-Japanese War — no mention was made of ransom, and with the disappearance of privateering , which was conducted wholly for gain, it has ceased to have any place in war at sea, but the contributions levied by invading armies might still be accurately described by the name.

Although ransom is usually demanded only after the kidnapping of a person, it is not unheard of for thieves to demand ransom for the return of an inanimate object or body part. The ransom was not paid. The practice of towing vehicles and charging towing fees for the vehicles' release is often euphemised or referred to as ransoming, especially by opponents of towing. In Scotland, booting vehicles on private property is outlawed as extortion. In England, the clamping of vehicles is theoretically the Common law offence of 'holding property to ransom'.

Warring international military groups have demanded ransom for any personnel they can capture from their opposition or their opposition's supporters. Ransom paid to these groups can encourage more hostage taking.

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