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Hot Chocolate. I got this book from the library before purchasing as I wanted to make sure it would be what I wanted. It was - great recipes, easy to make and has made it deliciously simple to continue with this very healthy diet. I have made many of the recipes and am still shocked that cauliflower pizza base can be so wonderful. I loved it. This book is great.

Lola Berry is amazing and I love her recipes.

The 20/20 Diet - Dr. Phil McGraw

They are so easy to make and yummy too. It's great to eat healthy and enjoy it.

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Pretty simple recipes that can be found by a quick google search online. As a lover of healthy cooking and a follower of health food blogs, I found the recipes to be quite basic. Following recipe suggestions to improve healthy eating for myself and ultimately the family. Very amazed at how healthy can actually taste great and not like cardboard. Particurlay love the Bircher muesli and the snack section - spicy nuts. Wonderful to see you, as always.

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Rani March 19, , am. Penny Hammond January 2, , pm. And I believe that Dr. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. This will help keep you on track in the grocery store and prevent you from purchasing things you don't need. You could try substituting them with another allowed fat or an allowed vegetable plus an allowed fat, although you might have to be inventive in some of the recipes!

Good to see you again. This is not a buffet we're looking at over here. It could. We could mow that down in no time. That's the problem but you actually conducted a survey. You wanted to find out why die he is fail and have seven keys. I did. You know, I wrote about weight ten years ago because I'm a diabetic and so it's a struggle because bio chemically I don't do well with foods so my whole family has struggled with obesity my whole life.

I haven't written about it ten years and waited till there were new things to talk about. So we came up with the seven reasons that diets fail and I knew I've got to come up with a strategy to deal with those things or why do it at all and we did. We identified those things like one of them is a big thing is people rebel, right? Come on. You get on a diet. You get bored. You get stagnant and lose for awhile then you hit a plateau and go, it's not working so I quit so you got to deal with those things where you plateau out. You have to deal with the boredom where people rebel.

All of those things we had to deal with. If you stay within -- look, there's no magic pill. No easy way. You got to break a sweat. You can't just -- this stuff about eat what you want and lose weight, nah.

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You don't buy into that if right in front of the book the ftc's seven warnings for diet scams. You can't do that. But there are foods that are super clean and in combination work well and that's the 20 foods for 20 days. Not superfoods. We've ban hearing that word a lot and superfoods and all the experts say there's no truth to that but these are 20 that make a difference. They do because the foods are clean. They're clean in terms of how well your body can process them. Some of these foods, the theories are that they have thermogenic properties and burn quickly and they help the metabolism.

John Sarno's books on "Healing back pain with the mind" to unlock the hidden power of our minds to dictate our health. Trust me on this. It changed my life. This is a really good book. It breaks down everything so you can understand it and you can do it step by step. This book contains no new information.

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Perhaps it might be helpful to the novice dieter, but I found it a waste of my time. It was really inspiring and motivating to read. Nice book for sure! Reasearch was taken from other books I found it boring and false nothing different to any other diet out there! This was an easy to follow diet with accompanying app. Great ideas for changing mind set.

Your audiobook is waiting…. By: Phil McGraw. Narrated by: Eddie Garvar. Length: 4 hrs and 54 mins. People who bought this also bought Phil McGraw Narrated by: Dr. The Doctor's Diet Dr. P Bird Street Books, Inc. More from the same Author Dr.

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Narrator The Domino Effect. What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall. Amazon Reviews. Sort by:. Most Helpful Most Recent. Blaqbutahfly Requires a Workbook Good book and information.

The 20/20 Diet plan – what to eat and foods to avoid

When we heard that the 20/20 Diet, a weight-loss plan created by Dr. Phil (yes, that Dr. Phil), was the top trending diet search on Google in. The 20/20 Diet: Turn Your Weight Loss Vision Into Reality Hardcover – January 6, In The 20/20 Diet, Dr. Phil McGraw identifies seven reasons other diets fail people over and over again: hunger, cravings, feeling of restriction, impracticality and expense, boredom.

Tami J. Jacobson Austin, TX Good book, better in hard copy It would be better in hardcopy because there is quite bit of information you need to review and read and fill out. Reggie Great audio book, but still have to purchase hard copy to follow the diet I really enjoy Dr Phil, I think he is straight forward but considerate at the same time. Dreamluvr Carlsbad, NM Better buy the book hard copy Book is very good but it is a lot easier to follow when you have the actual book.

Top 3 Things You Should Know About The Dr Phil 20 20 Diet (Part 1)

Clayton Not Really New Any additional comments? Amber Great Book This is a really good book. Nothing I didn't already know. Pretty good It was really inspiring and motivating to read. Show More. Diane Great purchase This was an easy to follow diet with accompanying app.