The Priest (The Ginecean Chronicles Book 1)

The Priest
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Young werewolf Lupo has lost everything. His soulmate, Jasmine, died in a tragic accident he feels responsible for. A paranormal court sentenced him to a year in Regina Coeli, the dreaded Roman prison every paranormal fears. The archangel and the alpha werewolf, two men from rival species, an everlasting forbidden love.

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A father and a son, estranged for eighteen years and reunited by fate. Amidst bigotry and racism, Ludwig and Quintilius have been in love for almost two Raphael has nowhere to go, nobody who loves him, and his past has scarred him deeply. A young werewolf on the run, living rough in the catacombs beneath Rome and with nothing else to call his own but his freedom, he desperately tries to elude the Con Everything is ready except for a small detail.

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A pariah among paranormals, Peter can touch the dead and read their last thoughts. Once an angel, now a demon, he is only tolerated by most because of his gift. Cursed with the power of influencing every woman or man he touches, Peter has lost any ho Betrayed by the man he loved and stranded on Earth after losing his powers, Samuel is alone and broken.

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Unable to find peace on his own, but try Alexander Drako: handsome, famous, rich, and on the cover of every tabloid in Europe. He has done it all and seen it all. Born a Greek in the times of the Roman Empire, he was chosen by a capricious goddess as one of her immortal followers.

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With his As a fathered woman, she is set to make the best she can with what she was given and dreams of when she will sta The chains of Love are stronger than the bonds of Revenge The Roman centurion Marcus has sworn to avenge his wife's death—even if it takes an eternity to hunt down the vampire who murdered her. Turned immortal by a capricious god, for the last two He had no name until she gave him one. Elios has existed for eons, yet he has never lived. As a Solean Observer, his latest assignment is to study human nature.

While vacationing in Greece, Gaia locks eyes with a stranger, twice. Two years later, back in Rome, she should be enjoying college life; instead, the memories of his lapis lazuli eyes and Mona Lisa smile still haunt her. Gaia longs to meet him again Sometimes, social status and gender mean nothing. The purest of affections can be born between two people living in different worlds. In a society where women rule over an enslaved race of men and love between a Would you please notify Amazon about the price change so it becomes free there too?

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On Ginecea, they're not even needed to create children - at least not according to the government. Children who are naturally conceived are considered 'inferior' and destined for a life of drudgery.

Marie is one of these 'fathered' children. Throughout the story she grows, and rids herself of prejudice, so allowing herself to embrace freedom. Having read "The Priest", I was again struck by the author's gentle message told in beautiful prose: To accept and respect the differences between people is to become truly "humankind".

Entertaining and thought provoking, a story to savour. The setting is still relatively the same, Ginecea, but it's thirty years after the events of "The Priest". Also, in a society where the roles of men and women are so very different, it was interesting to see things from the other side. The pace was faster, and the scenery was more vivid. The plot was a roller coaster of despair and hope, with bits of utopia.

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The Priest (The Ginecean Chronicles Book 1) - Kindle edition by Monica La Porta . Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. The Priest book. Read 37 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Mauricio is a slave. Like any man born on Ginecea, he is but a number fo.

The central story of social injustice, rebellion, and forbidden love still rang true. I adored it! The Ginecean Chronicles. In a dystopian world where women hold all the power and men are slaves, a few courageous individuals fight for the rights of many. The Priest Mauricio is a slave. Like any man born on Ginecea, he is but a number to the pure breed women who rule over him with cruel hands. Imprisoned inside the Tem More Kindle Deals for Great Books Great Deals. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers….

The Lost Centurion is out! Only 99 cents for a limited time! The Lost Centurion The Immortals.

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Marcus has sworn to avenge his wife's death—even if it takes an eternity to hunt down the vampire who murdered her. Once a Roman Centurion, Marcus is now immortal and, for the past two thousand years, impervious to human emotions. Until the night he rescues Diana… Diana knew nothing Operation Mallory. When people complain that technology is limiting interactions in real life, I ca

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