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The ads are intrusive, and when you try to close the pop-up ones which is a really bad idea in touchscreen games , they open the App Store page for the app promoted anyway. To find that the best version of the app on the App Store has ads and intrusive ones at that is disappointing. I is so fun and addicting. But I am still learning. Are you supposed to get to the number ? But it still very fun! Thank you for reading this review! This is for any age or just for fun. I have to close out of the game to get the add to go away. Most of the time when I close any of the adds, i am automatically taken to the App Store.

Some adds, the volume is crazy loud. I find myself getting frustrated with the assumptions of the adds. This game is killing me. I used to love playing when the movements were smooth. Not a great experience. I'm fine ads, I know developers need to make a living. This game was ruined by them though, I get them during the game and sometimes I'm unable to close causing me to abandon my progress by closing the game.

Disappointing this is a good game ruined by the temptation to squeeze every penny from the audience Why do people keep saying this game is bad and there are crashes? Totally untrue, this game is awesome and a really good way to spend time. Really good game and I recommend it to everyone. The adds are fine. I just don't understand how people complain on this game about adds when more apps have more adds.

Love it and keep up the great work! This is a 5 star game. However it's unfair for one reason. The high scores are broke. I beat my lowest score of the 5 shown all the time, but it doesn't save. It only saves when you beat your highest score. I very rarely do reviews. However, I want this fixed so it saves it every time I beat one of the five high scores it shows. Once this is fixed, I will change to 5 stars. Which is what it deserves. This game is really fun. That what annoys me the most but I like everything else. I hope you get the game.

This game is like one of my favorite game but it is square this is the best game ever just like 2 for 2. When you tap on invite a friend it pops up the message ready to go but um I first downloaded this game in and played for hours on the subway and bus during my commute. Now, mid-swipe, an ad pops up every few minutes. Launched the game and it waited for me to touch the screen then served an ad so it would get clicked. What a scummy trick.

Then five minutes later an ad took over the screen out of the blue. Done with this game. I like the game, but hate that it closes the board when you lose. I want to be able to look at the board and see where I went wrong. This game is fun, but very defective! The more you play, the more it lags until the app finally crashes!

Fix it!! This game could be so great I love this game. The problem is when you lose a LOUD ad comes up and you can't do anything about it for 5 seconds. Nowhere to turn the sound off or even down. I can't play it waiting in doctors offices or anywhere I'm concerned about noise being obnoxious to anyone around me. Thanks for nothing. The recent update has fixed the crashing, however, now the restore purchases to remove ads no longer works. Developer makes it easy in the beginning. Has anyone ever reached the ??? I honestly love this game and have been playing for years however the pop up ads are too intrusive.

Update, tried playing again and sound in ads still there. I had to immediately get out of app. I won't be going back in until I know for sure sound on ads is disabled. Once again, with the latest update, the sound in ads cannot be turned off. I play in places where any sound is unacceptable. Therefore, until the sound on ads can be turned off, I cannot play. Ur app sure has been crashing and resetting itself back to zero a lot in recent weeks. Lots of bugs need fixing ASAP.

I love this game so much and it is so fun! I play it all the time and never get tired of it! I like the game a lot and have been playing for years the only issue I have is it will not select other players for me to to multiplayer games. That is so annoying. It just gets stuck on the screen that makes you wait to be matched then never matches me.

I did latest update and now this game is too slow, too frustrating to use. Why do vendors insist on changing things. I loved the old colors etc. The ads used to only pop up when you lost but now it pops up multiple times in the middle of the game. App deleted. We not only need to get her grades on track but also her life from this addictive game. It makes her go in full try hard mode and turned her really competitive. I would gladly ask for you to take this app down to save this poor soul. Thank you, Billy Mays. Purchased this game because I was tired of dealing with the ads on the free one.

Guess what - the ads are still there. I verified the purchase thru my cc. Have uninstalled it and reinstalled it several times but the ads are still there. At least they fixed the crashing problem iPhone 8 but I wonder if that affected the paid version regarding the ads. Rip off on purchased version. New colors or boards or differences variations? Shake it up a little creators! My high score is 94k, sit at work playing while people next to me play on Android version of the same game and they have an undo button So of course their scores are higher, much higher, one guy has hit K twice that I know of.

Cannot compete against players with an undo button.

And I don't get one simply because I bought an iPhone instead of an Android? For that reason I give this a 2. I would have given a 1 but let's be honest, the game's amazing. Just BS that the undo button function is not consistent for the same app. Had to download this programmer's version of after my favorite wasn't updated for IOS This version is frustratingly slow. I have to give slide motions over and over as it doesn't respond to my touch.


My brain wants it to play at my speed Love the game, but I hate that the ads are so loud. What gives? No ad bar at the bottom of the playing screen, and more annoying 30 second long ads at the end of each game. Older versions saved your game if you quit out to come back later. This doesn't so the app is useless for me now.

Clearly that doesn't work anymore. While the game is reasonably good, I was shocked by the advertising within the app. My daughter was exposed to things she should not have been whilst playing the game - which in itself is harmless. The publisher should pay far more attention to the advertisements they allow whilst playing the game. What occurred could be considered criminal and has left a child traumatized. I rarely pay much attention when people say how fantastic or addicting a game is but this one is for real!

Fun, challenging, frustrating and totally awesome! Sorry but u deserve it. Seriously great game. The ads killed the vibe. I love the app, but I have a light sensitivity that would greatly benefit from a dark mode theme. I loved this game before. I was bored so I got it. I opened the game. An ad popped up. It was a Kettchap ad! Never getting a kettchap game EVER. I had to pry myself away from a mild but relaxing addiction. So I fired it up tonight and was stunned by ads that were relentless, obtrusive and annoying, even in the middle of a game! They interrupt in the middle of the game so you end up accidentally clicking which is probably leading to inaccurate ad performance results for their advertisers.

Liked the game, deleted bc of the unpredictable loud ads. Ads are understandable, loud audio is not. This is easily one of my favorite games of all time. Its so simple to learn, but can still be fun and challenging when trying to reach the highest tiles, scores, and learning new strategies. This game is still a fun game to play and I have been addicted to it for years now, with breaks occasionally. I used to mostly just play on computers but i got annoyed with not being able to keep my high scores, or keep my game going wherever I go. So, my easy solution was to download the mobile version.

The gameplay is great, everything is super smooth and I can never recall the game crashing. Every time I open the app I anticipate and ad popping up, but there is often a delay. So as soon as I begin to play out of nowhere an ad pops up. This usually causes me to accidentally click on it and the ad opens the app store page. This is always the most annoying thing.

There is also the occasional ad that will pop up out of no where. It always throws me off and I usually will just leave the game because I get so annoyed with the ad. I really like this game, when it works. It forgets the settings starts playing sounds after they are turned off and forgets my high scores. I thought it might be associated with the ads which are very annoying, by the way , so I paid to have the ads removed. Very disappointed. I installed this game on my iPad and my phone. My mom plays on iPad sometimes.

She was confused about ads, not sure what to do. Right after the payment, an ad popped up without touching anything.

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Also, the game on my iPhone still has ads displayed. Really annoying. I love this game, very easy to play and get hooked Into. It is a good game in general, but your ads are slowing it down to the point where I cannot play it. You have to update the game. The ad that pops up during start-up is so infuriating, it freezes the game to the point where it has become completely unplayable. Your ads should be optional, not forced. The only way I can play your game again, is if you update it. Get rid of that ad. I really like the game and I understand the pop up ads but they are getting out of control.

The game itself is fine, but there are way too many ads. Ads on startup, ads on starting over, and banner ads along the bottom. The best game if your bored or if you need an excuse to play games. Some of The adds never let you X out of them. I was just about to slide a tile when an ad totally interrupted the game in the middle of move. And if I turned the sound off then the ads that pop up shouldn't be full blast, especially of my phone volume is down. I may have to delete it again because now it's just annoying.

But stop it with the notifications to play some more. Just annoying and makes me want to uninstall the game. The Discover card ad is a deal killer for me. The problem I have been having with this app is that once an ad pops up after a game is over, it gets hung up and I have to delete the app from my phone and reinstall it in order to play another game.

Very frustrating! Game us great if you can actually play it, but the ads are overwhelming. I like this game. The only negative thing i have to say is that the ads are dumb. I wish they would do the world a favor and make it completely free. Something in this app I suspect it is the ad service has a higher priority than the user gestures.

This means that, about half of the time, your swipes are ignored. I love the game, I would happily pay a few bucks for a version that had no ads and a completely responsive UI. I had ads taking me out of the app and into the browser about every 2 minutes of play iPhone 5s. Deleted app. This game is fun but it freezes on me a lot. Sometimes it lags when the numbers get really high as well.

I press my home button and open the app again without quitting the app and then it gives me a brand new game. Now, ads play in the middle of the game—sometimes multiple times! Super annoying. Game itself it pretty addictive, but the ads just make it very frustrating to play. Save yourself the aggravation and avoid this. I used to play all the time on a Samsung mid-level Android.

For some reason, the game just feels clunkier on iOS. The graphics are less clean and more cluttered. Only writing to let you know that I uninstalled this app because of the ads during the matches. This is so not cool bro.

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I loved this game until the most recent update. I'm not sure if the fault is with the app or iOS It used to have a smooth, quick UI, but I probably won't play it again, the lag removed much of the fun. And I agree with other reviews that you should be able to resume on the level you died on. The ads ruin this game. I paid to remove them.

Things went well for a while. Now I see adds. I restore purchases, nothing. Bad form! You should add different boards or game modes. For example, you can add a game mode that allows you to get an undo every time you move but can only hold a max of five. Then you can learn what to do in certain situations. Used to love this game, but the ad pop-up at start up is very annoying. It seems to have a delay built in to trick you into tapping on it, taking you to a game you do not want.

Even after I learned to wait before making my first move it still take you to the App Store even if you tap on the dismiss location. To avoid aggregation I have removed the game from my phone. When I play a game I want to feel positive emotions. I want to feel joy. I can never win. I can feel it mocking me with its smug aura. Every time I think I might actually win or at least get close my dreams are obliterated and my self worth dies. If you are a sensible person with any sliver of self respect do not download this.

It will only crush your soul. You have been warned. Every time that I play the game, I hit with an advertisement. If I lose the game, I get an advertisement. In the middle of swiping? I get an advertisement. Please reduce the amount of ads. I love this game! But I hate the fact that there are so many ads! I want to be able pay to remove ads. The game can get annoying after one had developes their skills. A simple "undo last move" could've resolved a lot the issues. The game is great, but the latest version has multiple adds which auto click links.

I loved it until recently adds started interrupting the game every other minute. Great game overall!

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Very frustrating Every Ad after each challenge, this is too many. The challenges take about 10 seconds yet Ad is 30s. Understand someone got eat but user experience is very bad. They recently added ads with an option to pay to remove them Not happening - I just quit playing. No wonder it was running so slow last time I played! This is unacceptable! I paid to be sure there were no ads.

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Anyway the new swipe responsiveness is terrible. It stutters when it used to flow nicely. Enormously frustrating. Please fix this bug. Firstly, people asking for a back button or start from a certain point need to stop.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. Reviewed by Lit Amri for Readers' Favorite This dramatic novel hits Ajha's Web: Tortured Souls - Kindle edition by Essence Bonitaz. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Ajha's Web: Tortured Souls (Volume 1) [Essence Bonitaz] on rapyzure.tk * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When Esencia asks her blog readers, “ What's.

I agree that the unpredictability is messed up. It is supposed to be more strategic than that. I'm deleting this game because whatever software you used gets bogged down on my iPod. It's almost unplayable. Great game overall, though i hate the ads that pop up every time i open the app. Way too many ads.

Fun challenge to go as fast as I can. Hit the tile several times, but the app did not save the high score. Bragging rights lost.

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No matter how far I get on using iOS, if I mess up once, there is no back button like there is on android. Whoever decided that was a smart move obviously is an idiot. The story of Zac. Do you have some unanswered questions about your relationship with God? It remains the most translated and viewed film in history.

Five strangers with nothing in common are forced to come together at a remote roadside eatery because of a road closure. They place their orders with the diners omniscient owner, who seems to know everything about them About Privacy Contact Random. YouTube 6 years ago. YouTube 4 years ago. YouTube 3 years ago. Facebook 2 months ago. YouTube 8 months ago. YouTube 2 years ago.

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YouTube 5 years ago. YouTube 8 years ago. Her testimony is incredible. YouTube 1 year ago. IMDB 10 years ago. The idea of succeeding despite not following a set standard thrills me. Paving my own way is far more gratifying than following a path worn by the masses. I revel in the hypothetical. A lifetime of observing human behavior and circumstances with my mouth shut and my mind open has left me constantly imagining, 'What if Paradoxically, my real life is very conventional, rule-oriented, and quiet. I have a regular to not worthy of mention and an unspeakable imagination. This dramatic novel hits the ground running.

From there, author Essence Bonitaz deftly weaves the story with sub-plots that aptly justify the title of this novel. It lies perfectly between comedic and serious.

Tortured Souls

Hector Martinez is certain that he has found love again after an erotic night with Tarah, who is the best friend of his sister, Ajha. When Alejandra, his ex-fiancee and mother of his teenage daughter, Bo, comes into his life again, Hector is stuck in a quandary. On the other hand, Tarah actually yearns for someone else. Secrets abound, and so do angst and heartbreaking moments. She has an exciting secret which I would not spoil for other readers.