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TEMPS: temperament evaluation of hypomanic personality. Memphis, Pisa, Paris and San Diego. Erfurth, A. The theoretical underpinnings of affective Studies on a German Munster version of the temperament temperaments: implications for evolutionary foundations of bipolar autoquestionnaire TEMPS-A: construction and validation of the brief disorder and human nature.

Akiskal, H.

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McElroy, S. Suggestive linkage of a chromosomal locus to cyclothymic temperament Cyclothymic disorder: validating criteria for inclusion in the bipolar in bipolar disorder families. B Neuropsychiatr. Psychiatry , — The Detection of Psychiatric Illness by Questionnaire. Fraud, J. Validating affective temperamento in their subaffective and socially Gonda, X.

Subthreshold positive attributes: psychometric, clinical and familial data from the French depression is linked to functional polymorphism of the 5HT transporter national study.

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Brutte notizie (Italian Edition) - Kindle edition by Maria Luisa Busi. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like. Cattive Notizie (Italian Edition) [Michele Loporcaro] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Towards a genetically validated new Akiskal, H. TEMPS-A Rome : psychometric validation of affective affective temperament scale: a delineation of the temperament temperaments in clinically well subjects in mid- and south Italy. Haro, J. Evidence for three distinct classes of typical, Masala, C. Acta Peters et al. Delusions inventory: a Receiver Operating Characteristic Psychiatr. Psychiatry 48, 62— Kang, J. Hallucinatory DRD4 VNTR polymorphisms with affective temperamental traits in experiences, delusional thought proneness and psychological distress in a healthy volunteers.

Karam, E. Affective temperaments: psychometric properties of the Hungar- epidemiologic study. Keller, J. Bagdy, G.

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A study of affective Kelsoe, J. Arguments for the genetic basis of the bipolar spectrum. Kochman, F.

Meredith da una lezione ai tirocinanti su come dare brutte notizie.

Cyclothymic temperament as a prospective predictor of bipolarity Montes, J. Process of adaptation to Spanish and suicidality in children and adolescents with major depressive disorder. Actas Esp, Psiquiatr. Krebs, M. The French Scott, J. Acta Psychiatr.

Further evidence of the Stanghellini, G. Exploring the margins of the bipolar multi-dimensionality of hallucinatory predisposition: factor structure of spectrum: temperamental features of the typus melancholicus. Vahip, S. Launay, G. The measurement of hallucinatory predisposition Affective temperaments in clinically-well subjects in Turkey: initial in male and female prisoners.

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Lorenzo-Seva, U. The temperament evaluation of the Memphis, exploratory factor analysis model. Buenos Aires. Vertex, Rev.

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Matsumoto, S. Validation of the non-clinical population: application to unipolar and bipolar depressives. In a slap at Macron, German chancellor focuses on a leadership deal between conservatives and Social Democrats. Every time the US president has a chance to cast aside doubts about his relationship with the Russian leader, he does the opposite.

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