Das Vorzimmer (Die Agentur 1) (German Edition)

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Eleonore Weisgerber is a member of the following lists: 21st-century German actresses , 20th-century German actresses and German television actresses. Help us build our profile of Eleonore Weisgerber! Login to add information, pictures and relationships, join in discussions and get credit for your contributions.

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Eleonore Weisgerber born August 18, is a German actress. She established a foundation to help research for the treatment of bipolar disorder.

Connect any celebrity with Eleonore Weisgerber to see how closely they are linked Holdings: Principal depository of the records of the Protestant-Lutheran Church in Bavaria and its predecessors from the thirteenth century to the present. The records document the evolution of the protestant church in Bavaria through official church records, church registers, and parish records. It also holds a large number of private papers, audiovisual records, a Kirchenkampf collection of the struggle between church and state during National Socialism, 3, posters from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, nearly 3, seals, 18, paintings, films, and 25, slides.

The archive is complemented by a large library , volumes on the church, local, and general history of Bavaria, theology, and ecclesiastical law, and also encompasses special collections of religious songbooks and literature on the Kirchenkampf. It is complemented by a large research library. Holdings: The collection encompasses the administrative and financial records of the archbishopric, personnel files, diplomas, and numerous parish records.

Contacts: Dr. Herbert W. It also holds a large collection of parish records, which provide materials for research into local- and microhistory. The parish registers also provide data for genealogical research and are available from all parishes of the diocese; these are open for public research and date from the sixteenth century to The data from the parish registers is currently being entered into a central database.

Finding aids: Herbert W. Wurster, "Passau," in Bundeskonferenz der kirchlichen Archive in Deutschland, ed. Petersweg Regensburg Telephone: Fax: E-mail: archiv bistum-regensburg. Finding aids: Bayerisches Hauptsstaatsarchiv, ed. Stephan Janker Business hours: a. Holdings: The collection consists of more than 2, diplomas dating back to , administrative, judicial, and commercial files collected since the sixteenth century, parish registers and church books, the records of the predecessor dioceses up to , the Ordinariatsarchiv since , the archive of the Katholische Kirchenrat, parish archives, private papers, photographs, and maps.

Holdings: Principal repository of the administrative and religious records for the Landeskirche Mecklenburg and its organizations, offices, and various administrative units. The archives also contain the parish records of more than parishes, dating from to the present, original church books, and copies of all the church books for all parishes in Mecklenburg, which comprise more than 4, volumes for the period to Hans Ammerich Business hours: a.

Der Pate hinter Harald Schmidt, Anke Engelke & Co.

It also holds a large number of private papers, audiovisual records, a Kirchenkampf collection of the struggle between church and state during National Socialism, 3, posters from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, nearly 3, seals, 18, paintings, films, and 25, slides. Emilien ist Polizist, und kein wirklich perfekter. Zum Beispiel Dosenbrot. Holdings: The archive contains political and judicial files, the records of various administrative departments such as police, education, construction, finance, military, and so forth , administrative records of the territorial subdivisions of Hamburg, material on various religious communities and philanthropic organizations, private papers, company archives, and a special collection of more than 7, diplomas dating from to and 1, diplomas dating from to The collection encompasses more than 80, diplomas dating back as far as , 10, maps and plans, and a library specializing in regional and local history. It contains the papers of the church's bishops, its administrative records, files of monasteries and parishes, and private papers.

Holdings: Principal depository of the records of the catholic church of the bishopric of Speyer. The archives are complemented by a library specializing in regional church history and literature. Zentralarchiv der Evangelischen Kirche der Pfalz Mailing address: Postfach Speyer Visitors address: Domplatz 6 Speyer Telephone: or Fax: E-mail: archiv evpfalz.

Holdings: Principal repository for the administrative and judicial records of the protestant church authority in the palatinate. The archives contain the files of various protestant organizations and clubs, private collections of prominent church leaders, twenty Dekanatsarchive, more than parish archives, and ca. In addition the archives collect audiovisual materials, press files, and graphic materials that document the history of the protestant church of the palatinate.

A substantial library of more than 11, volumes specializes in local and church history. The archives also provide support for genealogical research. The films include all old certificates baptism, marriage, death from the late s to , when the task of registration was taken over by the Offices of Vital Statistics, and family registers starting in Copies of all the microfilms are also held at the Genealogical Society of Utah.

Martin Persch Business hours: a. Holdings: The archive contains the records of the archbishopric and bishoprics of Trier from the eighth to the twentieth centuries. Its main body encompasses administrative files for the years , parish archives, diplomas dating back as far as , and 6, church books from to the present.

Finding aids: Stefan Nicolay and Thomas J. Schmitt, eds. Holdings: This archive holds the records of the Protestant-Lutheran Church in Braunschweig since the Reformation of , files of the supervising institutions, parishes, religious institutions and organizations, and church registers.

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In addition, the archive contains medieval documents, seals, maps, and private papers. It contains the papers of the church's bishops, its administrative records, files of monasteries and parishes, and private papers. Gerda Krug and Ms. Gerlinde Simon Business hours: a.

Ralf Husmann: Der Pate hinter Harald Schmidt, Anke Engelke & Co.

They encompass sales registers, journals, employment registers, deeds, correspondence, annual and other business reports, publications, papers of the directors, photographs and film footage, drawings and other graphic records, technical documentation, books, and miscellaneous materials.

The collection is divided into four main parts: general information on the company's operating environment as well as history of technology; the companies of the MAN group; materials on the business development of MAN and its numerous subcompanies, their organizational structure, their annual development, biographical information on senior executives, and corporate publications; and the factories, records of construction and operation of production facilities, recruitment and training of personnel, and records of union activities and worker representation councils.

This part also features records on the early years of the industrial revolution in Germany, provisions for worker care among them the construction of living quarters for employees and the establishment of health-care plans ; products and all records on the development, manufacture, and sale of the products of the MAN group; technical publications and sales and supply figures.

A special collection chronicles the construction of the world's first diesel engine more than a century ago. It includes a substantial portion of Rudolf Diesel's private papers. Another focus of this part of the archive is the documentation of the year-old tradition of constructing printing presses. Additional materials provide information on the history of water turbines, pumping stations, steam engines, and physical instruments. Holdings: This archive functions as the principal repository for the records of the Rheinbraun AG, one of the world's largest surface-mining companies and brown-coal producers, and its predecessor and subsidiary companies since The holdings encompass files, protocols, business records, technical drawings and materials, photographs, film reels, and a special collection of charcoal briquettes, coins, and medals.

Holdings: Although AEG's company archives were partially destroyed during World War II and in part moved to the former USSR, a substantial collection is still extant and consists of large numbers of business and administrative records, business reports, correspondence, patents, technical drawings, and public relations materials.

The special collections encompass more than 1 million photographs, film reels, and audio records. In addition, the collection encompasses a 5,volume library and a museum of 2, objects from the varied activities of AEG and its subsidiaries e. Kroker lb. Evelyn Kroker Business hours: a. Holdings: The archive is the principal repository for the mining industry. It has collected the records of closed mines since and consists of fifteen company collections from the Erzbergbau, fifty-nine collections of companies from the Steinkohlebergbau, thirty-two collections of records from specialized institutes and organizations, three collections of companies from the Braunkohlebergbau, one collection from an alkali company, almost private papers, and twenty-six special collections.

Bochum, DE Web site: www. Holdings: The Lufthansa archives contain records, books, and magazines covering civil air transport from to the present. At the end of World War II the archives of the prewar Lufthansa were almost completely destroyed; only about 10 percent of the records remain. Still, some areas are well documented, such as timetables and routes, aircraft, and subsidiary companies Deruluft, Eurasia, Iberia, and Syndicato Condor, among others.

The postwar files are divided into nine groups: corporate management, traffic, filed organizations, marketing, operations, engineering, finance, personnel, and subsidiary companies. Special files document German airports, aircraft companies, other German airlines, and biographical sketches of aviation pioneers.

Klara van Eyll Business hours: a. Founded in , it is the principal depository for the economic history of Rhineland-Westphalia. It consists of the records of fifteen chambers of commerce, a substantial number of company files e. Oppenheim Jr. Holdings: The archive contains the records of the Sal. The records encompass the history of the bank, correspondence, genealogy, charitable foundations and public activities, internal bank affairs, activities in support of the Jewish cause, colonial affairs, railway and shipping, insurance companies, mining and heavy industry, the history of the bank during the Nazi era, and the bank's postwar history.

The archive also contains the records of orientalist and diplomat Max von Oppenheim. Oppenheim jr. Ulrich Eisenbach and Ute Mayer Business hours: a. Holdings: The economic archive of the state of Hesse, founded in , is the principal depository of the records of Hessian chambers of commerce, commercial organizations e.

The archives collect business records, annual reports, protocols of business meetings, contracts, public relations materials, posters, coins, stock certificates, money, plans, technical drawings, photographs, film footage, and sound recordings. The archives are complemented by a large library focusing on economic and business history. Holdings: This archive documents the economic and social history of the regions of Westphalia and Lippe from the eighteenth century to the present. It contains sources on the technical, social, and economic development of the Ruhrgebiet, and Westphalian industry e.

The holdings encompass more than 11, business books and substantial collections of business correspondence more than a half-million letters. The archival collection is complemented by a research library that specializes in regional economic and social history, and also contains a large number of Firmenfestschriften and company journals.

Finding aids: Ottfried Dascher, ed. FHC haniel. Bernhard Weber-Brosamer Business hours: By appointment only. Holdings: The archive of more than 3, files, several hundred maps, plans, and technical drawings documents the early phase of German industrialization, particularly the activities of Franz Haniel , an industrial pioneer from the Ruhr industrial region. Records are available on mining, railroad construction, and harbor construction in Duisburg. Few records on the history of the Haniel company after are available. GmbH," Archiv und Wirtschaft 26 : ff.

Church Archives

Manfred Rasch Business hours: By appointment only. Holdings: The archives function as the the main depository for the records of the Thyssen company and its numerous subsidiaries. They encompass documents on the development of the Thyssen company and records of the history of the German iron and steel industries since the nineteenth century.

A library of over 8, volumes complements the substantial collection. In addition to the business records of the company and its subsidiaries, the archive holds the private papers of its CEOs but not the private papers of the Thyssen family , a large collection of audiovisual material 10, photographs, 7, slides, more than 1, reels of film, and several hundred videos , a poster and flyer collection, paintings, coins and medals, emergency money, public relations material, technical drawings, maps, and construction plans.

Duisburg, Holdings: This archive functions as the principal depository for the records of the Henkel company. It holds the files of the company's many subdivisions dating back to the mid-nineteenth century, and those of its overseas subsidiaries since The files encompass diplomas, administrative records, protocols, business books, technical drawings, and records of the various administrative and business units of the company.

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Horst A. Wessel and Kornelia Rennert Business hours: By appointment only. Holdings: The Mannesmann archive is one of the largest business archives in the world and documents the development of the tube and pipe industry. The Phoenix files are of particular relevance to studying Franco-German business relations in general. The special collections department holds more than one million photographs and 10, film reels. The records of the archive consist of the standard business and economic files, but also hold many sources for social and political history, and the history of technology.

Art historians have focused on Mannesmann's outstanding factory and administrative buildings, which were designed by Peter Behrens, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Walter Gropius, and Le Corbusier. Finding aids: Horst A. Deutsche Wirtschaftsarchive , vol. Stuttgart, , Christian Leitzbach Business hours: By appointment only. The files consist of annual business reports, minutes of board meetings, the records of the finance department, photographs, technical drawings, and press clippings. Mailing address: Postfach Berlin. Visitors address: Kurstrasse 31 Berlin.

Mailing address: Postfach 13 40 Koblenz.

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Visitors Address: Karmeliterstr. Mailing address: Postfach Magdeburg. Visitors address: Hegelstr.

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Visitors address: Dudweilerstr. Das Gegenteil von Fundamentalismus. Auch bei den professionellen Abnehmern seiner Gags hat Husmann Erfolg.

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Ralf Husmann sagt immer: einen Gag bauen, wohl weil das am meisten nach Handwerk klingt. Jetzt lacht Husmann.

GODZILLA 2: King of the Monsters Trailer 2 German Deutsch (2019)

Und davon, dass er sich vergangenes Jahr gerade zu dem Zeitpunkt von seiner Frau trennte, als er den Fernsehpreis gewann. Husmann ist mit seinen 44 Jahren bereits der Senior. Einem Paten.

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Husmann bleibt bei allem freundlich, die Botschaft aber lautet: Das hat zu passieren, und zwar so, wie ich es sage.