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The children, we learn from Bradford's notes, include two sets of twins: Jimmy and Timmy are identical; Carol and Lucy are fraternal.

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The nanny, Bradford wrote, "is a Scot. One of the dogs answers to Spot. The attention to detail that Bradford lavished on the project is apparent in each room, where her eye for color, texture and minutiae is evident at every turn. The kitchen icebox holds tiny milk bottles; a miniature smoked ham hangs on the wall. But for all its wealth of objects, the house—as Bradford admitted in the early s—remained a work in progress. Until her final days, Bradford, who died in at age 90, returned a couple of times each year to conduct what she described as "house cleanings" by which she meant thorough dustings.

Without fail, the winter tidyings-up coincided with holiday decorating.

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Nearly six decades after the house first went on view, it still does. Bird acknowledges, however, that he isn't always punctual when it comes to removing the Christmas trimmings and returning them to the dollhouse attic.

The Doll Play: A Miniature Revolution

On one occasion, he recalls, "My boss, Margaret Brown Klapthor, asked me when the decorations were coming down. I replied that the Dolls left them up until the Super Bowl. Subscribe or Give a Gift.

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Everything you wanted to know about Fashion Dolls in Miniature: Finished dolls, kits, doll bodies, supplies, special promotions, guidelines and books. Everything you wanted to know about Fashion Dolls in Miniature: Finished.

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Paper Litho Box has tin trim,leather handles. Completed items. This little sweetheart has molded black hair and molded shoes and socks. If you are planning on visiting the beautiful ancient City of York. Links to Handcrafted Miniature Creations. Antique Bisque Baby Doll. This is an antique trio of miniature bisque dolls in a peanut.

Photo of the Day. The transformation of a clay-like, chalky, brittle piece of ground material into a silky, shiny, precious doll always seems like magic to me.

Microdolls – Daniela Kiefhaber

But my little porcelain people should also be able to move. So I had no choice I have to equip the miniature dolls with numerous joints. Long times of development, with all its ups and downs are behind me. My husband could tell you a lot! But the years of experience have continued to optimize and refine the manufacturing process.

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Little individual people bring life into your dollhouse and will bring you years of happiness. All the best wishes,. Unable to display Facebook posts. Show error. Microdolls — Daniela Kiefhaber. The result for you as a dollhouse fan and collector: Little individual people bring life into your dollhouse and will bring you years of happiness.

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