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Yours to own and use whenever you need a detox, reboot or reset.

A series of master-classes from Judy presented over three events at Mana retreat center in Coromandel, New Zealand. Activate Your Ascension Library with a series of foundational meditations, activations and short-courses to guide you on your Unique Ascension Journey. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.

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Looking for the lastest Full Moon Transmission? At this time of re-genesis our human DNA is being sparked into new life, and can be recoded through the sound and energetic activations transmitted through me from Source.

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They are part of all the meditations, activation's, short courses, live talks and master-classes featured in this Ascension Library. For over 22 years I have worked to merge sacred science and spirituality to empower people to remember who they really are.

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The second book to the Harvester of Light trilogy will be available for purchase no later than December Customers who viewed this item also viewed. What a great series!!! Loved the characters. There are some VERY exciting plans for and beyond and I look forward to you joining me on this exciting journey. And "Accelerated" for those wanting to deep-dive into the ascension journey with curated pathways, adventures with spirit, master-classes and live mentoring sessions with Judy Satori.

My mission is to assist your transformation into the amazingly, talented human being that you are. I invite you to join me on an exciting Ascension journey Or buy a Euro-Pass to receive all four event transmissions from wherever you are in the world. The Humans might be the key to their salvation, but only if he can bring them before the High Council and convince them to protect Earth.

Sixty years ago a plan was conceived to help humanity survive its first contact with an alien race. No country can stand alone.

Ascension Series

The world must unite if there is to be any hope of survival. Commander Kaylan Farrow and her crew are investigating an ancient alien signal from beyond the fringes of known space.

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Kindle Price: inclusive of all taxes includes free wireless delivery via Amazon Whispernet. Sold by: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited. Editorial Reviews. Review. PRAISE FOR THE ASCENSION SERIES. "With rich romance and contrast to Dean -- dark and broody and yet vulnerable when it comes to Cyrene and who hasn't fallen for a bad boy at least once in our lives?.

After months of searching, the Athena is starting to wear down. They must find the source of the signal and with it a means to end this war before it has a chance to reach Earth. The crew of the Athena will risk everything to unravel the mystery of an ancient alien race whose wars nearly destroyed the galaxy.

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