My Time as Caz Hazard (Orca Soundings)

My Time as Caz Hazard
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Author: Frizzell, Colin. Coming Clean. Author: Ross, Jeff. Cuts Like a Knife. Author: Ryan, Darlene. The Darwin Expedition. Author: Tullson, Diane. Dead End Job. Dead Run. Author: Rodman, Sean.

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Death Wind. Author: Bell, William. Exit Point. Author: Langston, Laura.

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Grade 8 Up–Punching out her so-called boyfriend for sleeping with another girl seemed like a good idea at the time, but Caz Hallard finds herself in a. Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Grade 8 Up–Punching out her so -called My Time as Caz Hazard (Orca Soundings) by [Kyi, Tanya Lloyd].

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My Time as Caz Hazard. Author: Kyi, Tanya Lloyd. Night Terrors. No More Pranks. No Problem. Author: Gaetz, Dayle Campbell. One More Step. Author: Fitch, Sheree. One Way. Picture This. Author: Van Tol, Alex. Refuge Cove. Riley Park. Riot Act. Rock Star. Author: Chamberlain, Adrian. Running the Risk. Saving Grace. Sea Change. Shallow Grave. Something Girl. Sticks and Stones. Tough Trails. Author: Morck, Irene. The Trouble With Liberty. Wave Warrior. Who Owns Kelly Paddik? Yellow Line. Zee's Way. Have any questions? B Negative B Negative Author: Grant, Vicki When Paddy discovers that the man he thought was his father isn't, he struggles to put his life back together.

My Time As Caz Hazard

ISBN: Breathless Breathless Author: Withers, Pam Beverly gets into serious trouble when her starvation diet interferes with her scuba diving. Charmed Charmed Author: Mac, Carrie Izzy finds she is one in a long line of girls ensnared in prostitution, with no way to escape. Damage Damage Author: Stevenson, Robin Theo ends up in a strange situation with a girl who has kidnapped her own child.

The Darwin Expedition The Darwin Expedition Author: Tullson, Diane Following an accident on a remote logging road, Liam and Tej must call on all their resources to survive the elements and escape the bear that is following them. Dead Run Dead Run Author: Rodman, Sean Wanting to become a world-class cyclist, Sam ends up working as a courier, delivering packages for a criminal organization, and is soon running for his life.

Amy is abducted and locked away, forced to write essays about the error of her ways. Exposure Exposure Author: Murdoch, Patricia Julie is presented with a perfect opportunity to get back at her tormentor.

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Fallout Fallout Author: Tate, Nikki After the death of her sister, Tara struggles to deal with her guilt through slam poetry. First Time First Time Author: Tilly, Meg While her best friend drifts away, fifteen-year-old Haley must fight off the unwelcome advances of her mother's new boyfriend. It's the landings that I'm having trouble with. Hit Squad Hit Squad Author: Heneghan, James Students in an upscale high school decide to take on the bullies and take back their school, with decidedly mixed consequences.

House Party House Party Author: Walters, Eric Trying desperately to fit in and make friends, Casey and her friend hold a house party when her parents are out of town. Author: Grant, Vicki When Chris finds a wallet, he decides to take on someone else's identity. In the Woods In the Woods Author: Stevenson, Robin After Cameron rescues a baby abandoned in the woods, he tries to discover whether his sister is the mother.

Juice Juice Author: Walters, Eric When a new coach comes to their school, Michael and his teammates are convinced that steroids are the way to compete. Night Terrors Night Terrors Author: Rodman, Sean Dylan struggles with the memories of the death of his younger brother while fighting for survival in a snow-bound resort. No Problem No Problem Author: Gaetz, Dayle Campbell Curt has it all: friends, summer job, a promising career in baseball; then he begins experimenting with drugs. One Way One Way Author: McClintock, Norah When Kenzie critically injures his ex-girlfriend, suspicion grows that it was not an accident, and his behavior seems to confirm it.

Overdrive Overdrive Author: Walters, Eric When Jake is involved in a street-racing accident, he struggles to do the right thing. What will they do? Redline Redline Author: Van Tol, Alex Jenessa uses the thrill of illegal street racing to deal with the tragic death of her best friend. Refuge Cove Refuge Cove Author: Choyce, Lesley When Greg discovers a family of refugees in a lifeboat off the rugged coast of Newfoundland, he risks everything to help them. Responsible Responsible Author: Ryan, Darlene In a new school, Kevin must choose between falling in with a rough crowd or doing the right thing.

Riley Park Riley Park Author: Tullson, Diane The victim of a vicious assault, seventeen-year-old Corbin struggles to get his life back and deal with the loss of his best friend. Shallow Grave Shallow Grave Author: Van Tol, Alex Elliot and Shannon call forth a restless spirit when they are forced to clean up an old boat house as punishment for a school prank gone wrong. Newsletter Signup. Keyword is required.

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